IGN: The Last Of Us Livestream

19:15 PM - 20:45 PM BST (UK)
11:15 AM - 12:45 PM PDST (Pacific)
14:15 PM - 15:45 PM EDST (Eastern)
Saturday 04:15 AM - 05:45 AM AEST (Sydney)

There will be unseen gameplay revealed with live commentary from the developers, exclusive interviews with Naughty Dog and actress Ashley Johnson, a look at the forthcoming demo, plus a live Q&A which you can submit questions to via Twitter as it happens.


You can watch Replay,just click down on YouTube and skip to 5 minute.

DeletedAcc1070d ago

Only a few minutes folks!! :D

vishmarx1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

media blackout for me...

DeletedAcc1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

media blackout for months ago BUT it's a MP reveal (definitely)

abzdine1070d ago

i prefer to discover everything the day i put my hands on it! i haven't seen anything since the very first gameplay video they have shown.

LOL_WUT1070d ago

Man that was brutal ;)

Ezz20131070d ago

ok i'm weak
i looked and damn the AI is something else
they are scary smart
never in my life seen an AI like that
and that was live by IGN staff....every thing happen in real time just wow

i won't spoil any thing else hehe XD

thechosenone1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Day f'ing 1!

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vishmarx1070d ago

which is why im watching it too

FamilyGuy1070d ago

Wow, perfect timing, 1 minute from supposed showing time, IT JUST STARTED!!!

KwietStorm1070d ago

No thank you. I am not watching any of this. I'll be watching on June 14th.

DCfan1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Watch out people, there probably would be a jerk spoiling the game in the comment section in IGN or YT, or even here

EDIT: I get a disagree for telling people to watch out?? WOW!!

d0nT wOrrY1070d ago


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