Xbox One: 4 features you should be excited about

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom surrounding Microsoft’s next-generation console over the last few days. While the company’s anti-consumer used-game policy and “occasionally-online” vague DRM policy are disappointing (I’m still waiting for a solid answer on both fronts), there is still a lot to look forward to when it comes to the Xbox One.

But looking at the Xbox One from a positive perspective, there’s a lot to get excited about when it comes to Microsoft’s upcoming TV-watching, gaming-playing, entertainment box.

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pat_11_51793d ago

Damn. You beat me to posting my own story. This is only the second time this has happened to me.

SilentNegotiator1793d ago

No feature is worth putting up with Xbone's garbage DRM policies.

MikeMyers1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Really? Tell that to the 50 million plus Steam users. Tell that to the millions who buy DLC and PSN games. None of which allow you to sell your games. The Xbox One will have some form of a used market.

It's obvious people will troll any positive Xbox One topic.

ThanatosDMC1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )


Yeah, because Steam games and online DLCs totally wont have a physical medium......

SilentNegotiator1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Except I typically buy games on sale at Steam for $5-20.

And DLC is supposed to extend games you already have. And don't typically cost more than $20.

And PSN games also usually cost <$20.

HOWEVER, a (1)fee being there to block (2)PHYSICAL copies of (3)$60 games, with (4)mandatory installs for EVERY game...that's a completely different story. COMPLETELY.

MikeMyers1793d ago


I have spent hundreds of dollars on games for my PS3 like Journey that I can't sell. Microsoft already said they will have used games. Steam games are also locked to my account and they sell $60 games too. In fact when new games come out they are top of the charts. Not everyone waits for sales. Sony also sells new games in their store for $60, you really think nobody is buying them. Sony has also been very vague about how the PS4 will deal with disc based games.

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Maddens Raiders1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )


1.) The future is in the Cloud.

2.) You can save at any time

3.) A Halo TV series could be amazing

4. 15 exclusive titles are on their way.
============================= ================

Yeah I'm excited about the 4 features.


Grown Folks Talk1793d ago

You're still around. I see a few old timers here now & then. System will be a day 1 purchase for me. I like the features & I know it will have games I enjoy. Hope the 8 new IPs are interesting.

NextGen24Gamer1793d ago

From what I've seen on the technical side, the xb1 is truly next gen. Not only that, with Microsoft leveraging their cloud services it feels like the sky is the limit.

Microsoft's vision for the console is really well thought out and looking pretty far ahead. I'd argue much further than Sony is capable of competing with. Off-loading some of rendering or computing to cloud-based servers means that unlike the PS4 (as we've seen so far) there won't be a hard cap on what developers can do. The main constraints will be bandwidth and latency.

I know a lot of Sony Fans have been extremely negative about the console. Though I'd say it's because they don't understand what kind of beauty is under the hood.

Things to look forward to:
A solid digital distribution model. Hopefully we'll see something like what Valve did (and the lower prices they brought us)
Basic IP protection for developers, something that may drive down prices.
Cloud-based computations and graphics pushing the console to compete with high end machines
A well rounded entertainment system

jerethdagryphon1793d ago

the idea of cloud computing is very nice indeed however remember onlive, if you dont have reallygood stable internet, which not all the world does then those functions become less usefull especially if a game is designed for it from the ground up
imagine a game that uses only cloudl ighting and your 1 meg connection falters or cant keep up the data rate the entire experiance will crumble.. its a great idea just not yet

Godz Kastro1793d ago

Their not streaming the entire game only pieces. Plus onlive did not have the financial muscle to push it. Your internet is only part of the puzzle.

JokesOnYou1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I'm not buying in to "cloud computing" just yet, I want to see what independent devs say and to see it for myself in action(a game). That said, as I've said since the presentation although there were some things that were dissaponting overall the tech, the platform, the 1 billion investment in games, the direction with a all-in-one console is a good future thinking direction.

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ThanatosDMC1793d ago

GFWL games tells you how much you'll be paying for PC games. They dont go down in price nor do they go on sale.

6DEAD6END61793d ago

But the PS4 has all that and more exclusives, so what's to get excited about for the Xbox One.

Jek_Porkins1793d ago

How do you know the PS4 will have more exclusives? Microsoft did set aside 1 billion for game development for the Xbox One, and Xbox Live will feature dedicated servers for all Xbox One games, which offers a distinct advantage over the competition.

Majin-vegeta1793d ago

*Microsoft did set aside 1 billion for game development for the Xbox One, and Xbox Live will feature dedicated servers for all Xbox One games, which offers a distinct advantage over the competition.*

How the hell do you know that??When Sony still hasn't announced everything.Quit talking out of your arse.

OT:If i was dumb enough to buy this crap.But since i'm not guess i'm not excited.

6DEAD6END61793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Sony has had dedicated servers for a long time man, and last time I checked Sony has way more first party studios than M$. But hey your just a blind fanboy I would expect you to understand lol.

Captain Qwark 91793d ago

6DEAD like most other n4g users it seems, has seen the future. they already know everything MS is bringing to the table.

unfortunately those of us who cant tell the future are still waiting for E3 to see the rest of MS's hand, sadly im in this group but i have some faith that ill get to be as knowledgeable as folks like 6DEAD after the show and ill have all the details i need to determine which system to buy first!

if* you can 6DEAD, i still have questions about both, since your all knowing perhaps you can answer them for me....

what are MS 15 exclusives?
what third party support do they have besides what was shown?
please detail exactly how their used game policy will work ( for both because sony hasnt been that clear either )
how are achievements going to work, any upgrades or additions?
how about the trophy system, upgrades and additions?
price and release date?
new xbox live features?
new psn features?
how is kinect going to enhance my games this time around if at all?
whats the UI like on the PS4?
whats the two middle buttons on the 360 pad?
what does that little touch screen on the ps4 pad add to gameplay?
i dont remember seeing 16 exclusives from sony at their conference, please list the rest.
MS was very vague on the hardware descriptions, please give me the full specs
is Ms going to do anything to compete with PSN Plus?
what games are launching with each system?
what can the ps4 do besides gaming, is it comparable to X1?
draw me a pic of what the ps4 looks like
provide me a few more details about the playstation eye and what it can do?
are my ps3 controllers and hardware able to be used on my ps4? sure i have more questions but ill leave you to answer those for now, thanks!

Godz Kastro1793d ago

Whoa dude, are you kidding me! Dedicated for all games... whoa... that alone is worth price of admission.

Thanks for the links...

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6DEAD6END61793d ago

@ Captain

Look I am not all seeing but I go by the evidence that M$ has shown over the years and every year we get less and less games from them. But we get more and more media crap. I bought a 360 year before I finally got my PS3 and I have to say Sony has been pumping out games like crazy, the same cant be said about M$. And you know it's the truth, I'm sorry but M$ has left a really bad taste in my mouth.

It's Halo this and Gear that and some Forza there, come on man there a real pattern here they don't care about us. All they care about are the casual gamers, the moms, pops and kids who love kinect. But what about us gamers just throw us the usual games here and there and that should shut us up, HELL NO!!! That's not enough anymore they need to listen to the people who made the 360 successful us hardcore gamers not casual fuck tards who buy one kinect game every year for their five year old.

Captain Qwark 91793d ago

^this i actually agree with to some extent. i agree 100% about the lack of support with games over the last couple years but thats exactly why im waiting until E3 before i write them off completely. many people have voiced their displeasure with the lack of exclusives, including myself ( although in all fairness most of my fav games are third party for either system, Dark souls, mass effect, the witcher 2, dragon age, etc ) but still its an understandable complaint i agree with. that said, clearly someone is listening to some degree based on the evidence otherwise they wouldnt have made it a point to say "15 exclusives and 8 new ips" & "E3 will be all about the games" so with that in mind, rather than throw my arms in the air, start raging and trolling every article with my hate and displeasure for what they show, im simply waiting patiently to see if they follow through. im not forced to pledge my allegiance to either manufacture now or ever really but i will buy one on day one after i see "EVERYTHING" that each offers and that wont be until E3 so i have to wait.

now another point i do agree with and is still a concern is will they more or less drop first party support and experimenting with new ips like they did with the 360, idk time will tell. unfortunately since i cant tell the future i cant base any of my decisions on that so again, i will just wait until E3 and decide then based on what i can expect for the first year or so.

One thing i will point out though is MS is not full of stupid people like everyone seems to think. while they are def trying to rope in the casual audience with the multimedia capabilities ( which i am a huge fan of anyway so this is a plus for me ) im sure someone over there has recognized that the casual audience is not long term support for a gaming system just judging from how nintendo has fallen between the wii and wii u, im certain us gamers are not the only ones who see that so i will be willing to bet they will be more focused on the core than anyone is giving them credit for at the moment. also if you can rope in casual and core support then you increase potential sales as well and when your competitor is clearly going for just the core ( which i give props to sony for, its def nice to know were appreciated ) i see no problem with an all in one machine like X1 and a dedicated games console like ps4 both on the market at the same time because as far as im concerned, thats a win/win for gamers and surely beats the nearly identical systems we have coexisting right now with ps3/360

Number-Nine1793d ago Show
Theyellowflash301793d ago

The Xbox One charges a fee to play used games. This system fails....plain and simple.

DigitalRaptor1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

There are at least 3 more anti-consumer instances. The games are one thing but when a greedy, money grubbing, slimy, dishonest corporation , treats their consumers like idiots, your meant to stand against that, not support it.

The fact that people here are actually looking forward to giving Microsoft money, when they've actually been told that they're going to bend them over, shows how weak these people really are, and how they have zero concern about the impact it has on the industry.

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