Five Things Microsoft Got Right at the Xbox One Reveal

The Xbox One Reveal was not to everyone’s tastes. OK. It wasn’t to the majority of people’s tastes. Despite the chortling at the name, the look of the console, the fact that Kinect needs to be connected at all times, and that playing a preowned game will cost you more than it used to, we’re convinced that Microsoft did at least a few things right.

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stage881853d ago

Compared to all the things they got wrong, this doesn't seem so great.

fr0sty1853d ago

1. they showed up on time
2. they remembered to put their clothes on
3. they invited members of the press
4. they put up a big tent
5. they had flashy lighting and video production.

from there it was all downhill.

pop-voxuli1853d ago

Thats a damn fine list!!!

OpieWinston1853d ago

I must agree, they did get the stuff that no one would like out of the way.
Several Microsoft representatives in Q&As have already said that Games is their primary focus at E3.
15 Exclusives, 8 Brand new franchises by the end of the year?

I already know I'm getting disagrees for agreeing with anything positive about Xbox One.

One thing I'd add is...Controller is Sexy!

Hope they focus on exclusives at E3. And I'm glad Ryse isn't a Kinect only game "Controller based with kinect features"...Works for me.

I do like Playstation but was more of a fan back in PS1 & PS2 days. PS3 disappointed me, hoping PS4 goes back to some of their epic Franchises.

forcefullpower1853d ago

I agree PS3 controller triggers where bad but I still find the controller better over longer periods. But I do like the xbox as I use it for the PC.

I think if you never picked up a ps3 you have missed out on a lot over the last 7 years.

I will believe it when I see it with their 8 new franchises. I have a hard time dealing with the fact they have 15 games coming out. It would have been more believable if they had just said they had a bout 9 games coming out.

Foxgod1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Well, some of them already have been revealed, New Forza, Ryse, Quantum Break, New crackdown.

And obviously Rare, Lionhead and 343 also have something down the pipeline.

So thats already half of the 15 exclusives covered, and none of them are casual games or live games.
And those games are the sole reason i buy a console.

forcefullpower1853d ago

Alan Wake was my favourite on xbox so was definitely interested in Quantum Break. Sorry I don't like rare stuff and lion head burnt me on fable 2 so will be careful with them from now on plus Molyneux pisses me off. Not played Halo 4 yet but I do like the series. Forza is just an arcade racer so not interested. Drive Club on the other hand makes heart pump just watching the PS4 event for it that GT has not done in a long time.

Foxgod1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Molyneux doest work for MS and Lionhead anymore.
He works for 22cans now, Who are working on Godus, a Popolous sucsessor.

forcefullpower1853d ago

Populous brings back so many memories of the Amiga and me and my best mate doing link up with speed racer at his house. Man such memories.

OpieWinston1853d ago

I did pick up a PS3...But it wasn't the same experience as the PS1 and PS2 for me, a lot of the games seemed overrated TO ME.

There's nothing very innovative about the Playstation controllers, the only thing I see a Playstation controller being useful is when you're playing a fighting game.

(MY OPINION, Disagrees INC).

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Bigpappy1853d ago

I am kind of glad there is so much negative chatter on the internet against the new Xbox. I think it is enough to get M$ attention. This keeps them on their heals a bit and ensures that they try to give gamers a better deal.

But with that said, I do like some of the features and the improvements they made to Kinect and the controller.

I am excited to see Sony and M$ put on their shows at E3, then watch the build up to the holidays. The final result of who did the best job, will be based on SALES. I know most of you think that is irrelevant, but you are just wrong or seriously misinformed.

Foxgod1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I am not very interested in the non game features, i am simply getting the xb1 for the games.

Remedy, Rare, Lionhead, Turn10 are the developers that made me interested in the xbox 360, and they are still around for the Xb1.
So i dont really see much problems with the X1, after all, they will keep delivering the games.

But yeah, i agree on those 5 points, especially the getting the bad news out early part.
It will make people look at E3 a lot more positive if its about the games only.

Angeljuice1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I can't get over the fact that they expect to sell over 1bn of these boxes this gen. If they really expect those kind of sales figures why design the box in a lunch break and not have any fixed policies ready for the reveal?

It all seems a little half-arsed for something they have put such huge expectations on.

forcefullpower1853d ago

I think they where saying that they have invested 1 billion into games for the this gen. Problem with that is they spend 500 million in just marketing Kinect. That could mean they spent 50 million on 10 different games if you include marketing.

Angeljuice1853d ago

That's not the point I was talking about. They have recently said that they expect to sell 1bn Xbone's this generation!!!

forcefullpower1853d ago

I found the article you where talking about and they talking shite. 30% capacity increase each year is just ludicrous. They just added all three consoles together and got 100 millions from each and then predicted from there 300 million plus the 30% increase.

This will not happen as probably quite a percentage had both consoles and a shit load of about 60 to 70 million people bought the wii because of wii bowling and wii fit. That will never buy a console ever again. Even my mum asked if she should by a wii. Never heard that in the last 35 year of me gaming.

There is a market of around 140 to 180 millions consoles to be sold each year across all three. There maybe an increase of about 10 to 15 % each year at most. Not trying to be rude bud just dont thing its going to be true

Zcarnut1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I think a billion is a hugely optomistic. That would be one console for every 7 people on Earth or almost half of everyone with internet on Earth owning a Xbox.

Foxgod1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

The billion was just an example as a reaction to what analysts said.

Analysts calculated that 300 to 400 million consoles could be sold this gen, MS reacted by saying if consoles could do that, then the xb1 should be able to do a billion, as they claim its more then just a console.

Zcarnut1853d ago

OK..That makes alot more sense then. Thanks.

SexyGamerDude1853d ago

The scars, the arm hairs, the rocket science, the transistors, and the dogs!!!

Just kidding. I was severely disappointed. I was so exited at the begining that I was practically glowing and Microsoft ruined that. I lost all faith in MS. Unless they change their policies and wow me at E3, the One is a no buy.

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