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Hardcore Console Gamers Don’t Want Much, Just the Impossible

Microsoft announced the Xbox One this week, and the reaction from hardcore gamers is that the sun is about to fall from the sky.

“Oh my God, where are the games? Can you believe they spent so much time talking about television? Who cares about sports? Shut up about Game of Thrones! Aren’t there any games besides Madden and Call of Duty? Microsoft is dead to me!” (Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

MysticStrummer  +   413d ago
It's impossible to talk about games at the reveal of a gaming console, apparently.

I've noticed that Wired's coverage of this has been very slanted in favor of MS.
Count  +   413d ago
It's not like Sony showed much games in theirs. Apart from Infamous and Killzone? What was there?
Count  +   413d ago
Disagree all you like. Where are the answers?
Killzone, Infamous,Knack,Deep Down, Destiny, Drive Club, The Witness, and Watch Dogs. You were saying? Sony made all about the GAMES before anything dude.
wantonGamer  +   413d ago
Destiny, Driveclub, Knack, Deep Down, Watch Dogs, The Witness, Diablo 3.

There where actual developers coming on stage talking about games and game tech. All the social talk had to do with gaming. In a 2 hour presentation they showed exactly one slide for a few seconds about the TV stuff Microsoft apparently needed an entire conference for.

And you know what, it got the point across just as clear without bashing your skull in with it.

The rest was pure games. You're talking like the PS3 conference should've been a two hour montage of game trailers. It all had to do with gaming.
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Count  +   413d ago
You mean all those multiplatform games that WILL be on the nextbox?

I'm not talking about the clutter. I'm talking about the REAL Ps4 games.

It was just Killzone and Infamous. That was what was substance. The rest was either multiplatform or trash.

So stop kidding yourselves with this lack of games shit. Cause Sony haven't even shown much from the start.


Drive Club - trash
Knack! - trash
inFamous - already said it was substance
Killzone - already said it was substance
Diablo 3 - multiplat

I'm sorry, you were saying? Did you even read my comment?

''and a few more''

that you don't even know

Wow. You sure showed me.
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Cam977  +   413d ago
Er... yes they did.
They showed:

Drive Club
inFamous:Second Sun
Killzone: Shadow Fall

And a few more.
MysticStrummer  +   413d ago
Sony showed a lot more games than MS did.

Are you joking with that comment, Count?
wantonGamer  +   413d ago
Zip it Count. I don't care that some of those games are multiplatform titles. The point is Sony presented games at an unveiling of a GAMEconsole.

Something Microsoft pretty much failed to do.
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Blastoise  +   413d ago

So you ask for games and when someone replies you say they're trash?

What looked "trash" about DriveClub and Knack?
Blank  +   413d ago
To see the answers you would have to watch the ps4 reveal video which I doubt you did they showed more games in their revealed compared to the xbox one reveal with GAMEPLAY. But on topic yeah wired has been pretty proxbox one whatever though they are more tech oriented site than a reliable gaming source.
HeavenlySnipes  +   413d ago
The whole conference was about how the PS4 can improve the gamers experience playing games. From the sharing feature to help the video commentating community, to the being able to watch other players live in game, to the new controller features to the social aspects and the enhanced trophy system. EVERYTHING was about gaming

They had developers speak on how the hardware can improve gaming and how their input shaped it. From Epic to Naughty Dog

Then they showed Driveclub, Killzone SF, InFamous, Knack, Diablo (maybe more to come), a promise from Square Enix to release something special (E3 maybe?), exclusive content for Destiny and Watch_Dogs.

MS spent 30 min discussing how the Xbox works with TV and cable boxes, announce a TV series for Halo, a partnership with NFL, features on how the XBox One can improve the TV watching experience with the trending and favorites tab and then to satisfy us gamers they show a 30 sec live action trailer and COD.....

If you don't see the difference I don't know what to say....
Brutallyhonest  +   413d ago
Bottom line Count.
Sony showed "Actual" game play footage and focused "primarily on gaming". MS showed only trailers and cutscenes and focused "primarily on tv, sports and social networking".

You can spin, defend and damage control all you want. Hardware analyst have made it clear MS sacrificed power on their console to make it a more efficient multimedia hub instead of a gaming console 1st and everything else as an after thought.

I am a 360 and Xbox gamer, but unlike you, I am keeping it real. IMHO MS can go kick rocks. I am not into DRM, social networking, tv viewing or talking to a device while flailing my arms about with a gaming console. I sure as hell am not into parting with even more cash just to share games or if I chose to rent instead of purchasing them.

I want the games I purchase to be mine and to with what how I please. That includes loaning them out to family and friends.

If I want to do anything but gaming? I have tablets, smart phones, smart TV's and broadcast receivers for that.

Microsoft more so than any other manufacturer, publisher or developer has taken milking and diming to a whole other level. Now they are taken it to an extreme that most should stand arm in arm with and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" This greed has to stop. At some point in time the product has to equal the value.

Just look at Activison with their COD series. They are using an ancient engine from last gen that they carried into this generation (PS3/360/PC) and they are taken the same tired old engine into the next generation. When are gamers going to demand value for their coin instead of falling in line and asking for another boot up the @zz?
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maxgamehard  +   413d ago
Don't worry bro you just butthurt because you got a water cooler for a games console.


On top of that you butthurt cause you got a "cablebox for your cablebox" for a games console.

Why o why  +   413d ago
One was for gamers

The other was for consumers

You're wrong n strong attitude just wreaks ignorance. Please, Just open your eyes. Can you not see the difference between opening your gaming console conference with tv tv with a sprinkle of pre rendered footage vs gaming gaming with gaming related services?.... you are being laughed at.
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BigFnHooters  +   413d ago
"I've noticed that Wired's coverage of this has been very slanted in favor of MS."


Hardcore Sony hater.

Remember him from the 2006/7 days constantly trashing Sony all over the net. Must really suck to be him.
Maddens Raiders  +   413d ago
^^ man you're old school. -
I remember it vividly. I got in a huge battle w/ him in the comments section after he tried to sh*t on/troll the KZ2 full reveal. Dude's a full on Sony hater working at Wired.

Also they used the word "might" too generously in the closing argument of the article. At the end of the day this is just supposition on their part, but moreover Wired is just running cover for their corporate brother Microsoft. Don't be fooled by the polish and fancy charts folks. It's all an illusion.
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negative  +   413d ago
hahahahahaha anyone who likes MS and the Xbox One is now a Sony hater!!!!

Prcko  +   413d ago
nothing is impossible
CalvinKlein  +   413d ago
I dont even care about the games as I know they will be coming and most games I care about are multiplats.

What I learned is that it needs to connect to the Internet at least once a day, comes with a kinnect that is mandatory, probably cost alot to use a used game, is LESS POWERFULL THAN A PS4.

The last one is big for me to determine what I will get first. I mostly play multiplats and will get the stronger console first. Infamous is also one of my favorite exclusives now and I already have a vita as well.

Im actually impressed with the number of exclusives they said the new xbox will have in its first year but I know some will use the mandatory kinnect and there is no guarantee they will continue to support these new franchises/games as exclusives if they dont sell tons. Not to mention I wouldnt be surprised if they slow down on getting exclusives down the line as they rely on 3rd parties alot for exclusives.

Like them or not sony will continue to have alot of exclusives from the studios they own and will get all the multiplats too. I think ps4 will sell the most easily and will be guaranteed the most support because of that too.
panbit86  +   413d ago
Jack of all trades master of none.
MasterCornholio  +   413d ago
Gamers wanted games at Sonys unveiling and they got them.

Gamers wanted games at Microsofts unveiling and now they say thats impossible?


Sony showed a lot more than that.

1. Knack
2. Infamous
3. Killzone Shadow Fall
4. Deep Down
5. Drive Club
6. The Witness
7. Square Enixs announcement of a PS4 title (wasnt shown at the conference but was confirmed for E3)
8. WatchDogs
9. Diablo 3
10. Destiny

Thats way more than Microsofts at least.

Edit: Yeah XBOX fans and if you dont believe me you can watch Sonys conference again.


Sony pushed the boundaries of play while Microsoft pushed the boundaries of digital television.


"It was just Killzone and Infamous. That was what was substance. The rest was either multiplatform or trash. "

Whats the matter did the XBONER conference cause you to go cry in a corner?

Games are games no matter if they are exclusives or multiplatform titles. And if theres one thing that Sony did that Microsoft didnt is show a ton of games. Because true gamers dont buy consoles to watch movies or chat with their friends on skype, they buy them to play games.

Greatness awaits. Monday June 10th @ 6PM PT


Sony showed the games last February and they will show even more games during E3. Sony made that business decision because they were ready and they knew that gamers were craving for new consoles so they decided to announce their console 3 months before Microsoft. If Microsoft was ready they would have had a conference a while back and shown off a lot more games at it.

But like i said many times before Sony and Microsoft are catering to different Markets which is why Sony is marketing their console as a gaming machine while Microsoft is marketing theres as an ultimate digital television box.
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cl1983  +   413d ago
There's a big difference between having a reveal 4 months before a major game conference and 20 days before. Do I wish they showed more, yes, but I understand the business decision.
If a tease for a single game at e3 is fine then the tease of 15 games for e3 for microsoft is also just fine. So by your math microsoft had more games.
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maxgamehard  +   413d ago
This is recap of what i saw at M$


This is a recap of the features they have

Mandatory online checks, mandatory kinect, no upgradeable hardware, indies gotta find publishers, mandatory hard drive installation, paid online play, used game fees and it won't allow use of xbox 360 headsets

Microsoft had more games...


I love how M$ says 15 xbox exclusives. They just throw this large number out there to bait people.

Anyone remember E3 2010.


At minute mark 4:27

15 launch titles for kinect. They like to use the word 15 a lot. How many of those 15 were good?

From that dashboard of games leaked we saw Halo, Fable, Crackdown, Forza, Quantum Break and Ryse.

I am not saying there won't be good stuff, M$'s last three E3s have not been good. They have a terrible track record.
The_Klank  +   413d ago
I'd just like to point out that Microsoft chose the date for the reveal, that's completely on them.
rainslacker  +   413d ago
Yes, having one 20 days before can give you a lot of hype and have people salivating for what you have left to show at the big show. Why didn't that happen again?

Seems maybe MS should have done one 4 months before because the above actually worked for Sony.
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maxgamehard  +   413d ago
I would totally buy this.


On topic:

Sony and Nintendo will take care of the gamer at E3.
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CerealGamer87  +   413d ago
Very well said indeed...
Tenkin  +   413d ago
Is not that hard to release interesting games
EasilyTheBest  +   413d ago
Microsoft said 3 times and numerous times since that the games are being kept for E3.
They even said there will be 15 Exclusives 8 of them being all new IPs.
This site is nuts!
Its not as if E3 is 10 months away....

If they would av shown 25 games Im sure there would be something wrong with that...
SexyGamerDude  +   413d ago
They also confirmed that they will be going ahead with their anti consumer practices.
MysticStrummer  +   413d ago
If they had shown 25 games, a lot of the negative reaction would be gone.

There would still be the used game thing, but MS has backpedaled some on that, so we'll see what happens there.

The negative reaction is MS's own fault. They made snide remarks about the PS4 reveal and implied that they'd change gaming on the 21st, then they barely talked about gaming at all. Most people expected more. I know I did, and I'm not even a MS fan.
maxgamehard  +   413d ago

I love how M$ says 15 xbox exclusives. They just throw this large number out there to bait people.

Anyone remember E3 2010.


At minute mark 4:27

15 launch titles for kinect. They like to use the word 15 a lot. How many of those 15 were good?

From that dashboard of games leaked we saw Halo, Fable, Crackdown, Forza, Quantum Break and Ryse.

I am not saying there won't be good stuff, M$'s last three E3s have not been good. They have a terrible track record.


For most people no amount of games would fix the following.

Mandatory online checks, mandatory kinect, no upgradeable hardware, indies gotta find publishers, mandatory hard drive installation, paid online play, used game fees and it won't allow use of xbox 360 headsets
EasilyTheBest  +   413d ago
But there is a Gaming negative reaction. Here in the UK the daily newspapers seem to be giving it the thumbs up.
The games negative will be addressed at E3.
Also like someone else have posted, the Videogame landscape has changed. People are playing games on Phones plus tablets.
The Wii U doesnt seem to be doing too well or is the Vita sales particularly good.
How many PS3s and 360s have been sold in 7 years? Around 77 Million apiece.
These numbers may never come again with the increased competition.
I sometimes think I am the only person on this site who thinks Microsofts reveal was done well. The console makers need more than gamers to be buying their console.
Who knows, Microsoft could sell 500 Million X1s within 7 years if they put the money into TV entertainment Skype etc.
When a Big AAA game title comes out then or a fun AA title comes out how many will they sell when they have that audience.
You think there wont be Big Big amazing games then? Every software maker in the land will be on the X1.
Microsoft as usual is playing the long long game.
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Shadonic  +   413d ago
So wanting the next step in console gaming to actually focus on what brought it this far in the first place gaming is impossible. Kind of like wanting a Car show to focus on the Car's or wanting a stripper to focus on looking sexy or something ( i dont go to strip clubs or do those kinds of things) or wanting the pilot of the plane your riding to focus on getting you and your fellow passengers to their destination safely. Well then I guess humans do the impossible everyday well except for Microsoft.
CaulkSlap  +   413d ago
It's the entire direction Microsoft is taking Xbox that people are having a problem with. Kinect and TV functions are the centerpiece. Completely anti-consumer policies on used games. Aside from Halo/Gears/Forza, 360 pretty much dried up completely on core gamer exclusives a long time ago. What makes you think that will change now?

So now PS4 has an advantage in every area of a game console that matters most. Most 1st party game studios by far. More powerful hardware. More consumer friendly policies (used games, free online play). More open to developers (indie and likely PC port hybrids). I'm guessing we'll see tons of ports of games like Diablo 3.

Microsoft's only advantage is this extraneous multimedia crap that no self respecting gamer would make a priority over quality games and hardware. And by the way PS4 is capable of mostly the same things. Just not as a priority over gaming.
madpuppy  +   413d ago
As much as I hope that Sony will leave the used game market alone, they haven't been very clear on what their policy is. saying that they are going to let the individual publishers what they want them to do is not a good thing. who do you think MS is in league with this used game scam? the game publishers.

This needs to be addressed quickly, we need the EFF and consumer rights groups on board to put pressure on these companies as well as everybody contacting their representative in congress or government outside of the US. to protect us from this violation of our consumer rights and the circumventing of the first sale doctrine.
CaulkSlap  +   413d ago
Well they easily circumvent that legally by selling us "licenses" instead of an actual game copy. The only hope is Sony remaining consumer friendly and enough consumer backlash to make Microsoft give it up.

But honestly the problem isn't really used games so much as the closed nature of consoles. PC gaming is thriving with digital distribution. The difference there is the prices are actually competitive. I don't mind buying games at Steam sale prices without an option to resell.
SOULJER  +   413d ago
(WOH) I'ts going to be a GOOD life. I got to pay for online. No REAL exclusive in sight. (OH) It's going to be a HARD life. WTH my headies no longer work right? I got to buy new ones tonight. (YO) It's going to be a SAD life. If I buy pre-played game. They make me pay twice. (FUCK NO) It's going to be a raw life. The Kinect is watching me at night? There no privacy for my wife. Their fantasizing about my life. (MICROSOFT WOES)
unicron7  +   413d ago
These articles are just getting ridiculous. Ah, Chris Kohler. No more explanation needed. This guy straight up has a beef with Sony that he cant let go of. I'm fairly certain Microsoft could shit in this guys mouth and he'd ask for seconds.
smashcrashbash  +   413d ago
I think the main problem is after everyone insisted that Microsoft was going to one up Sony's reveal and 'bring it' they really didn't bring anything at all. It was basically 'wait until E3' only a lot more vague and and with less gameplay or developers talking or anything like that.So I am not sure what is the big rush to jump to Microsoft's rescue saying 'They will have more at E3'. That is basically what we said about the PS4. And to add to it Microsoft had lots more time to prepare at least a few demos or something.People swore Sony threw togeth'er their reveal but Microsoft just came on stage and said here is the Xbox One we are trying to compete for your television goodnight'. It's like you come to a rock concert and they come on stage and show you their equipment and instruments and walk off without playing a single song saying 'don't worry we will play music tomorrow'.

So why exactly should we go easy on Microsoft again? Because they are out to compete with other people besides to gaming community? That reveal wasn't for gamers. That was for them and their new competitors.It is supposed to be a gaming console and they put gamers on the back burner for the reveal.And you don't see any problem in that? But people make a huge deal because Sony didn't show the casing the PS4 is to be housed in.And to add insult to injury,people are saying the games that Sony showed don't count.How the hell don't they count?
MKDA_Scorpion  +   413d ago
It's just pretty funny. All of these Xbox Fanboys saying how shitty the PS3 was, when the Xbox 360 only had 2 exclusive IP's left that were getting it money. Gears of War and Halo. Now everything is being turned to Call of Duty trash and dumbed down.

Now I used to be a 360 fan, until I realized how much better the PS3 was and I was too blind to see it. Using cheap tactics such as paying Activison and EA millions of dollars to code a game like shit for PS3 so 360 can look superior. They did this on Call of Duty 4 -> Black Ops II and Mass Effect 3, which Mass Effect 3 runs at 19FPS max on 360 Constant and 7-15 Variable on PS3.

Now you can rant and rave all you want, I know that the quality of online services is better on 360. But that's as far as I will agree.

The reason Ps3 games look and run better not counting games MS pays people off for. Is because the PS3 has Bluray, which allows for uncompressed Audio and Video and better textures and more space, instead of cramming it all into a 8.7GB DVD-DL. Also because the PS3 has more processing cores, it's not that the PS3 is an inferior console it's that the architecture is so complex that people can't wrap their heads around it. It's still ahead of it's time console wise.

So now you all say the new Xbox is going to be better because it gets Bluray, when I see that every one of you Xbox fanboys has said that the PS3 was a piece of shit and that Bluray was garbage.

Sony actually made Bluray not Microsoft. Microsoft was HDDVD, or do you not remember that? When there was a media format war, Microsoft lost with HD-DVD and Sony won with Bluray, that's why Bluray is the standard for high quality optical disks.

Microsoft has really shot themselves in the foot with this new "console". I just wish that Microsoft would stick to PC gaming so they could actually have an Operating system that can say it is a successor to Windows 7. PS. I'm using Windows 8 and it sucks.

Nintendo needs to show some games at this year's E3 and show gaming that their console is not irrelevant to gaming. If they focused more on removing that kid friendly image and got rid of deals with say, Hannah Montana, iCarly, and all that bloatware. They could actually establish this console as nothing short of decent.

3DS has come a long way. The games on it are so much better than what it used to be and now all the really good JAP exclusives are being ported over. IE, SMTIV, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem Awakening, Dragon Quest. They are doing pretty good with that. Only complaint is they need to remove Tax on the eShop, because Wii/WiiU doesn't have tax, and integrate your credit from all the other systems together. So if you had $5 in your Wii acc, you would share the same $5 between the three.

Vita needs some games, it seems like Microsoft has been doing the marketing for them. If they would split the company up and have their own handheld team, have their own console team, and let the TV and Mobile Phone/Tablet team merge, they would do a lot better than trying to balance everything into one group.

Person 4 Golden is awesome, Uncharted is really good, so is Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush. It's problem lies in IP's not remakes.

I just finished P4G a few days ago, and I would gladly buy a Vita for it, which I do own a Vita/3DS.

I don't really like the Vita over the 3DS or the 3DS over the Vita, I like them both the same. The only difference is games and graphics.

Btw, I'm a PC gamer, own a Wii, PS3, 3DS and a Vita.

All of this was posted at a technical perspective. No biased information was used.
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