Former EA CEO: Gamers will learn to love always-on DRM

Former Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitello has responded to the outcry of gamers worried about an always-online future. The recently resigned executive believes that, given time, we will all march in step with the industry and embrace the DRM-ruled future his people have envisioned for us.

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Majin-vegeta1792d ago


These clowns want a war?Oh well give them a war by not buying thier games.Causing them to go out of business.


FullmetalAlchemist1792d ago

Showing no mercy as usual Vegeta, I like it.

tachy0n1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Gamers: Former EA CEOs will learn to love always-on Piracy.

^ Fixed.

ALL HAIL THE ALL MIGHTY PIRATEBAY!!!! its the only way we the people can hit them back for being stupid.

damn rich idiots thinking they can do whatever they want lel....

Welcome To The New World Order.

MurDocINC1791d ago

Millions have accepted Steam and apple so he's right.
But I doubt they'll accept DRM from a company with crappy public image like EA.

madpuppy1791d ago

MurDocINC, as for steam and apple, last time I checked you can grab a game on sale OR for as little as 5.00. I don't think that it going to work for a 60.00 and up game. especially when even bad games will retain that 60.00 price tag much longer than they should.

FOXDIE1791d ago

madpuppy, thats not even the problem, the problem is that these assholes dont want you to even play offline. At least with steam you get the option of playing offline!

SHORYUKEN1791d ago

EA = The Joker

To be honest this gen I still don't buy any EA game and I will not buy any EA game next gen.

I got the MAss Effect 1-2 and 3 for free from Playstation Plus. Hahaha.

DeanSanchez1791d ago

Games have changed. ID-tagged players carry ID-tagged consoles,
use ID-tagged games. DRM inside their software enhance and regulate their playability...

Game control.. Information control..
Account control.. Retail control.

Everything is monitored, and kept under control.

Games.. have changed.

dantesparda1791d ago


bubbles bro, that shit cracked me up, its so true though

Dee_911791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

yea, you will love going bankrupt
I love games but not enough to except getting screwed over for them.
Feel so bad for the artist,programers, modelers, and developers.The people upstairs take their wonderful work and make it into a money hungry business.

sengoku1791d ago

EA better stand clear form this mess because, i wont buy any of there games just to F them for it.
even though i'm a big fan of BF4.

pixelsword1791d ago

The particularly stupid gamers already have...

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Blank1791d ago

Yeah he is serious he is bitter about the whole poor launch of simcity and his fellow execs forcing him to step down. In the article he stated something about the "hassle" of taking the disc to a friends house im pretty sure many gamers dont mind I rather carry the disc over waiting for it to download and apply patches. Mr. Riccitello stop your ass from speaking.

DragonKnight1791d ago

@Blank: I also love how these CEO's conveniently forget about things like Bandwidth caps and how expensive it is to pay for internet once you've reached your limit. My ISP charges $2 for every extra GB I go over my limit. That frickin' adds up considering I have a low cap of 60GBs a month.

FOXDIE1791d ago

DragonKnight, where do you live? Just 60GB :O

Bimkoblerutso1792d ago

I'm with you, and we still gotta do what we can, but it's not going to stop the hordes of morons out there from throwing their money at Microsoft because "it's gonna have HALO!1!!"

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Halo, but at some point a very large chunk of gamers are going to have to make a stand, and I just don't think that's ever going to happen. As I said, there's just too many idiots out there...

NatureOfLogic1791d ago

We, the gamers should show that we are a force to be reckon with when we come together. Only if we could open the eyes of the ones who blindly support these companies.

swice1791d ago

I used to be an avid halo fanboy. But after the lame Halo 4 and that embarrassing reveal of Xbox One, my interests have shifted. Dramatically.

Getting Wii U for sure, and PS4 if they don't pull the same crap as MS

Gamer-Z1791d ago

If you want to get the word out to the casuals really all you have to do is spam facebook, twitter, and youtube. Also tell everyone you know, word of mouth can be very effective.

FOXDIE1791d ago

Thats why we need an orginization for this. A dedicated and serious orginization with goals to educate the consumer and demands equal treatment of gamers!

bluetoto1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

"but at some point a very large chunk of gamers are going to have to make a stand, and I just don't think that's ever going to happen. As I said, there's just too many idiots out there"

Oh it's already happening, no matter how they try and spin it. I'm 37 retired and I'm a solo gamer. None of these issues even affect me as I don't have gaming buddies to lend games to,(they're all married with little time to game anymore) ALL my devices are connected to the internet 24/7 anyway and I easily spend 500- 1000 a year on games so it's not about cost, but principle. 5 or 10 years ago I would not have cared and would have said too bad for others, but I'm good.

If a moron like my self is up in arms I'm sure much smarter folks are too. We can and will bury these greedy companies. Might take a more concerted effort, but we'll get it done. I was part of the gaming crash before as a child and I'm in full go mode to have another. These numnuts think they can just get away with anything until we close them down and show them otherwise.

we'll use sugar or salt but we will get it done.

dantesparda1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

People are just too stupid and nothing will change and they will fvck us and we'll let them.

Nice try though guys

rainslacker1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Only thing we can do is continue to fight the good fight in the name of consumers and gamers. Educate the morons if you have to. When you talk to one of these morons, explain to him what's going on and what it means. It's annoying, but what else can you do?

I certainly hope you're right. I've never seen the community so banded together on one thing before. This thing has steamrolled into a hate train of epic proportions.

The key is to continue on and not let up. There will still be "morons", but don't let that sway us into becoming complacent.

If anything this whole ordeal shows us that we shouldn't become complacent. Complacency this gen has led us to this.

What will be sad is that if it's still accepted and supported by enough "morons". If that's the case, then it will only prove that we have no voice, and no matter how loudly we speak, it will mean nothing.

Here's a thought....that would mean that Cliffy B was right. We don't want that do we?

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MestreRothN4G1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Sadly, we all know boycotts don't work at all. The only one that loses is who practises it, excluding himself of some decent options.

How many people can we reach? 10? 100? 1.000? The number, in the best scenario, is irrelevant. Until Valve leads the market respecting consumers, there's nothing we can do other than hoping for it.

We asked for this. We bought rehashed games, made preorder for retailer exclusive "bonuses", bought Diablo 3 and tons of DLC (not to mention defending online passes).

Now, actually, it is our turn to suck that big hairy one.

Yay! Justice, after all!

Blank1791d ago

Well no the ones who practice it dont lose nothing at all if they werent considering to get it or just wont get based on principle alone. Also that negative mindset is what dwindles the numbers that can be amassed even if its just one now imagine others with those same thoughts it builds up. It might be because im old school but I feel good turning down things that are anticonsumer even if it fails atleast I did my part.

MestreRothN4G1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )


The thing is: others won't do it. This process of thought isn't followed by significantly many others. That's what I was saying. You can boycott it, really, but it won't affect ANYONE except you, because most people won't do it. They won't even be reached by the complaints.

Think about CoD, the Judas of the self-righteous holierthanthou interweb gamers. It is so ridiculous the trend of saying CoD is bad, even more when people try to be hip joining the mainstream hate bandwagon, even more still when, even trying to destroy the games' reputation, it is by far the most sold game year after year since MW2.

Surely you can boycott CoD: Ghosts. I will boycott it. But it won't change a thing.

DragonKnight1791d ago

What makes you think Valve respects consumers when Steam itself is DRM? Have you tried to get a refund on Steam?

MikeMyers1791d ago

"Have you tried to get a refund on Steam?"

Have you tried to get a refund off of PSN?

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zeal0us1792d ago

They won't go out of business because there will always be someone buying their product regardless of the DRM.

Prime example SimCity. I didn't buy it but others who in-spite of knowing about the always-on drm did.

SexyGamerDude1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

I can't believe it. Everytime someone from EA opens their mouth..... my bull**** meter.... it's over 9000!!!!!!!!!

Maddens Raiders1791d ago

Yeah f*k you Riccitello. I won't do what you tell me.

malokevi1791d ago

Im ready for it, personally. I'm always connected, anyways, so its not a big deal for me. Plus, there are sure to be merits to always being online.

All my other devices are connected, I have no problem with my Xbox being the same way.

Xbox Live will be incredible for it. Not to mention the as-of-yet unforeseeable and amazing things that Microsoft will be able to do in the realm of persistent-worlds with incredibly robust cloud slash server support.

Besides, it will piss off all of those people who spend all their time online complaining about how they will always have to be online. I will rofl. Hopefully it will deter the whiny byaches from buying the system. Prepare to have your PS4 flooded with screaming 13-year-olds.

Granted, Ill be grabbing a PS4 as well, but XBone will almost certainly be my primary console. I love everything about what Microsoft is doing with it. multi-tasking, always matchmaking, snapping, instant switching, improved Kinect and voice commands, Massive server support, media hub and social services, TV integration...

Now all I'm waiting for is the games. I have it in good faith that MS will deliver big time... 2 weeks... 2 weeks.

DragonKnight1791d ago

You're one of those people that corporations pay to go around the internet spreading false praise/hype for their anti-consumer tactics aren't you. Don't lie. EA were caught doing it using an ad agency to talk up SimCity during its terrible launch.

malokevi1791d ago

Lol... oh my! I was not expecting such a negative response!

Oh wait... yes I was.

How many times I've been called a shill for being excited for something, I've lost count. Where do I pick up my paycheque?

I don't think MS or EA give 2 craps about what the online community thinks... because those people are such an infinitesimally small fraction of the people who actually buy these things. You think you're special.... but you're not. Plain and simple.

I'm not trying to convince you, I'm simply stating my opinion. I've long since learned that pessimistic cynics can't be detered by anything other then self-experiance... which we are 7 months away from.

So, I will idle, watching the online community get its knickers in a twist, and I wi'll balance the crying with a different opinion.

Which... believe it or not... people have.

MikeMyers1791d ago

According to DragonKnight anyone who buys anything off of Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, IOS devices, supports Netflix, goes to see a movie at a theater, all support anti-consumer tactics and should be boycotted at all costs.

Sounds like someone who will pirate any chance he gets.

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LeRise1791d ago

I'm with you, bro. I promise here that I will NEVER buy a console that forces me to use always online. We can't prevent everybody from buying it and this is enormously hard, but we must tell all news we've read last days about XBOX to our friends, family and even gaming people we don't know. This will really change the situation, trust me.

By the way, I promise not to buy PS4 too if it has the same DRM. We will go the PC way. But I hope for better, and I think that now (I mean NOW) Sony people are reading many of us and we can show them that we really NEED a console without always-online, spying Eye, and blocking used games.

I hope Sony will listen to everyone of us and change their plans for E3 if they wanted to show the same things as Microsoft. EA will be upset if Sony changes their plans, but we, gamers, will reward them for this decision.

ginsunuva1791d ago

We don't really feed them. Casuals do. We just buy used games and make Gamestop money instead.

rainslacker1791d ago

A casual is much more likely to buy a used game than a gamer. A gamer is much more likely to trade in a game to finance that day 1 purchase of those new games they want to play. Casuals rarely seek out titles. They get them when they're bored.

On launch days, it's gamers I see in the store picking up their pre-orders. At midnight releases, it's gamers waiting in lines to be the first to play a new game.

We may not be as massive as the casual base, but we are consistent.

ATi_Elite1791d ago

14 million PC Gamers bought Diablo 3 along with it's Always online DRM.


In the 21st Century, being connected to the Internet 24/7/365 is NORMAL. I can't imagine NOT being connected to the Internet, that's like day time with No Sun or Peanut Butter with no Jelly.

P.S. if your ISP provider SUCKS then i suggest you SWITCH.

malokevi1791d ago

Finally, someone who understand the modern world.

Pretty sure everyone else is resisting for some lame, poorly conceived principles. How can all these people constantly complaining on the internet really be so opposed to constantly being on the internet?

Some people just want to sit in a dimly-lit room beside a flickering candle, whilst reading a Charles Dickens classic and listening to swing music.

To those people I say: have a blast.

Why o why1791d ago

Some people just prefer the thing called ....choice. ...smh

DragonKnight1791d ago

"14 million PC Gamers bought Diablo 3 along with it's Always online DRM."

All of them brain dead morons.

"In the 21st Century, being connected to the Internet 24/7/365 is NORMAL."

Tell that to those countries that don't have internet.

"I can't imagine NOT being connected to the Internet."

That's because you're a spoiled child. Those of us old enough to have been alive before the internet even existed, or who have parents that raised their children to have an actual imagination, can easily live without being connected to the Internet.

"P.S. if your ISP provider SUCKS then i suggest you SWITCH."

Sure thing. Give me your address so I can have the monthly bills sent to you.

M-M1791d ago

@ATi_Elite, you used to have a lot of bubbles, I wonder what happened? Also, if my ISP sucks and you suggest I switch, what if I can't afford a better ISP or if the service isn't available in my area?

MikeMyers1791d ago

"Tell that to those countries that don't have internet."

Then they will miss out won't they? You think Netflix is worried? Not everyone has cable either but that doesn't stop TV studios from making shows now does it? Does Valve care? They have over 50 million subscribers and have made more money than Sony off of games. Explain that one.

"14 million PC Gamers bought Diablo 3 along with it's Always online DRM."

All of them brain dead morons."

Really? Why, because morally you will never support DRM and will actually support piracy? Because you think those who don't really care about all this drama you expose us to day after day should be as emotional as you? It's a $60 investment, this isn't like buying a house and being stuck with it and unable to sell it. I go and see a movie and pay $12 and leave the movie there. I have my 2 hour experience and move on. If Diablo III provides me with so many hours of enjoyment then my investment has been worth it to me. How many times have the community here gave props to the game Journey? Most people are stuck with it aren't they? So now what, because it was only $15 it's not relevant?

Microsoft is also going to have some form of a used market, what does Sony provide when you buy games off of PSN?

MRMagoo1231791d ago

they didnt sell 14 million copies of diablo 3 a massive amount of ppl like me got it for free getting the yearly pass for WOW and most of them dont play it anymore, the ps3 and 4 version dont need online.

rainslacker1791d ago

For a much desired title, you are right. No amount of DRM restrictions is going to really alter it's sales that much, or at least affect the company making a profit. But that doesn't help the majority of games that don't sell more than 500K.

Power to the big boys I guess.

BOLO1791d ago

Adam Orth is that you.

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ElitaStorm1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

i wont buy EA:S games so iam with you

its time that we gamers say what we dont like before its too late

someone should make a facebook page for this

LeRise1791d ago

There is page for MS, by the way:

kreate1791d ago

Microsoft not gonna go out of business becuz of gamers.

BISHOP-BRASIL1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

That's not what anyone said... This people want MS (and EA) to change plans, not to go out of business.

EDIT: Oh, I see you are replying to the first poster (which indeed said he wanted 'em to go out of business), my bad. But still, this is not what most people are talking about.

Campy da Camper1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Always on sucks but not a deal breaker. What kills this for me is mandatory kinect. I will never ever use it so having to put the thing on my TV pisses me off. But that's not as bad as knowing some ahole might hack it and be able to see inside my house. What if they want to rob me? Now they know when no one is home. And let's be real, we all know some perv in IT is gonna be able to access your camera. All its gonna take is one hot milf who was spied on nude and pics made it the the chans.

As for the put a towel over it argument, ms has not said if it has to be able to read the room for system to work. If u can't cover it then I will never buy a xbone regardless of games available. No way.

Modestmex1791d ago

read it in vegetas voice.

One4U1791d ago

sorry but im oldschool ! i grew up with the PS1/2 and i just want gaming to be as simple as putting a disk in and play ! No restrictions , no drm , no extra paywalls to play

MRMagoo1231791d ago

i wouldnt really say old school talking about ps1 but still the premise was the same for NES atari's and sega systems, even the old sinclair, amstrad c64 and spectrum pcs.

ziratul1791d ago

Let's ALL buy Wii U (since it's the only console supporting used games) Let's make Wii U PRIMARY gaming console on the planet.

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theBAWSE1792d ago

Suck a big hairy one you greedy tosser

MestreRothN4G1792d ago

Nops. We will suck it. More than that, we will pay to do it.

Reality is a "beach", right?

theBAWSE1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

@mestre that is where your wrong.. I will not be buying the Xbox one with its big brother style surveillance in my living room even when the consoles turned off

I will not buy any EA games

And I will not pay to play online I made a stand against not buying the 360 because of it because I knew it would encourage Microsoft to see how far they can push things because of greed and I was right the Xbox one is the worst thing to happen to gaming

EA and Microsoft need to get the fucked out of gaming they are ruining it

LostDjinn1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Well, seeing as Mr Riccitello commands about as much respect from gamers as a turd in a swimming pool does from swimmers I'll just say:

I don't think your statement's having the desired effect John.

Edit: The pic would have looked creepier if they didn't alter it.

rainslacker1791d ago

But, but, but...EA listens to it's customers and fans...

DCfan1792d ago

And thats why i stopped supporting EA a looooong time ago