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Next gen console comparison: PS4 already ahead

We just published a next gen console comparison from James Graham, our resident British game critic. Unsurprisingly enough, PS4 is ahead. (Next-Gen, PS4, Tech, Wii U, Xbox One)

Alexious  +   326d ago
At least from a hardcore gamer point of view, I couldn't agree more. Of course, mainstream gamers could be interested in Xbox One and WiiU as well.
claudionmc  +   326d ago
Everyone that like games will be interested in the three consoles... but the way that Sony is taking is by far the best one. Free online, easy community, no limits for indie developers and... GAMES
insomnium2  +   326d ago
LOL @ people disagreeing with you. I smell butthurt.
bullymangLer  +   326d ago
Its 2013 and ps4 still with spLit-sceen?

yeah, sony is very ahead.
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claudionmc  +   326d ago
hahaha... disagree people, please remove the peppers from the rectum carefully

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Pintheshadows  +   326d ago

It is 2013 and some people still haven't figured out language and grammar.
hellvaguy  +   326d ago
Hopefully ps4 will still be free online but they arent commenting on that or the used games policy. Usually that's a bad thing.

But we do know ms stance on those 2 items so it cant get worse (Though the sceptic is thinking they will have similiar policies).
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The_Con-Sept  +   326d ago
It's 2013 and people still play split screen? Sounds like someone who likes to cheat against his friends by screen looking..... Ignorance aside I'd rather watch my tv without being interrupted....
Muerte2494  +   326d ago
PS3 already
does what the Xbox One is trying to achieve but you don't need the cable box.


Ps3 torne says hello Xbox:One. Now what's the excuse on why you can't deliver games when Sony came up with this while release blockbusters after blockbusters?
OlgerO  +   326d ago
Microsoft will win this generation hands down. You people overestimate the human intelligence when picking a console. PS4 will win the biggest percentage of the gamers. Both will be happy with very good sales.
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infamousinfolite  +   326d ago
I have no doubt that both the Xbox One and PS4 will do well but for me I'd prefer the PS4 for it's exclusives like KZ Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son and more.
MysticStrummer  +   326d ago
It will be virtually impossible for MS to win. The One is very US oriented, and all the talk about increasing it's power through cloud computing is meaningless for most of the world, if it works anywhere at all.

MS appears to not be competing with Sony and Nintendo anymore. If you don't compete, you can't win.
OlgerO  +   326d ago
@Mysticdrummer I have to say that I agree with you, I think that the real winner will be the one that sells most gaming hardware because that platform obviously captured most gamers.I still think that the xbox will win more gamers in the US. ON reddit gamers still seem to be planning to buy an xbox even though there is a ton of bad news. After E3 the console will be looking a hell of a lot better as well with all those exclusives and deals that they made with 3rd partys.
MysticStrummer  +   326d ago
Yeah I agree that E3 will save MS somewhat, depending on what they show of course. If it's very Kinect game heavy, expect more of the same reaction MS has gotten since the first reveal.

It was just amazing that MS had all that time since the PS4 reveal, and said what they did about that reveal, then showed up with the presentation they did. It was a joke beforehand that MS would talk mostly about Kinect and have Call of Duty, then that's exactly what they did. I'm not a MS fan, but I expected them to steal PS4's thunder on the 21st. I'm still blown away by what they did, and not in a good way.
OlgerO  +   326d ago
@MysticStrummer I know man even as a sony guy I expected much more from microsoft then what they showed. It also makes me think on whether E3 will be really that great of a showing after they fucked up that conference after 3 months of preparing and having all the PS4 information.

I still think that the sony press conference will be better at E3 then that of the xbox and will at the least match them in exclusives, which should help them to capture most of the gamers with all the other advantages like gaikai, 50 percent more power and more. Its also very important to know the prices of the consoles and which will release first. If PS4 has it better on at least one of these two then i bet on them
Prcko  +   326d ago
GraveLord  +   326d ago
No, not just with the HARDcore. A casual gamer who likes to buy used games is pissed right now. PS4 is obvioulsy the best system, for anyone.
PopRocks359  +   326d ago
A casual gamer probably doesn't know anything about it right now.
Nocando  +   326d ago
Your comment should have been 150% pro Sony, I hope you have learned your lesson from the disagrees.
Belking  +   326d ago
lol..another worthless article on N4G.
Starbucks_Fan  +   326d ago
Why don't you gtfo if you don't like this site?
infamousinfolite  +   326d ago
He doesn't want to. Like most he wants to have a say.
BabyTownFrolics  +   326d ago
who will you yell at if every one agrees with you?
Crystallis  +   326d ago

if the title said this

""Next gen console comparison: Xbox One already ahead""

would the article still be worthless??
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Belking  +   326d ago
yep. since 99% of articles here are lame and just for hits. How the hell can you compare two consoles that haven't bee released yet? Heck, we've only actually seen one of them and have no confirmation of the price, launch titles or the date. Its lame and it's what this site does the best. Only about 1% of articles here are actually news. Just observe and you will see.
GamingWorldPeace  +   326d ago
It is all about the games and function of each console. I will Initially buy the PS4 first. If Gears of War 4 is released on XB1, there is no way I am skipping that game. When a new Zelda is out, I will get a Wii U too. It is all about what game each individual gamers love, spec means very little in the regard.
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Alexious  +   326d ago
That much is true, but not everyone can afford all consoles. I personally always stuck to one system plus my trusted PC.
Shadowolf  +   326d ago
@ GamingWorldPeace

This may sound far-fetched but Epic Games is a 3rd party developer so what if Gears of War becomes a multiplatform title available on PS4, do you still purchase an Xbox One for Gears?

Xbox fans please don't hate the messenger, I'm just asking a simple question.
SDF Repellent  +   326d ago
Gears is a valuable exclusive for MS and I don''t see how MS will let one of their biggest franchises on xbox get away. I like GWP take of getting games that he likes and not based on alligence to any one company.
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GamingWorldPeace  +   326d ago
Oh, the very reason why got a xbox 360 is solely for Gears. If somehow this game comes to the PS4, it is game ova my brother! No, I would not get a Xb1 unless there is another new exclusive franchise that attracts my attention. I am looking forward of seeing the Black Tusk game though.
FullmetalAlchemist  +   326d ago

You kinda remind me of a guy I knew, we used to call him Envy.
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MysticStrummer  +   326d ago
He's loyal. Gotta give him that, I guess.
DivineAssault  +   326d ago
Well of course.. If PS3 won current gen (wii excluded) with its complex structure that devs struggled with, what do you think will happen nx gen? PS4 is super easy to develop for & has more power than xbone.. Unless casuals get obsessed with it & really want it for their living rooms, its not gonna take off.. People have such busy lives that all those features in todays world are useless.. Not too many ppl watch TV like that or care to use talking instead of the press of a button..

Lets take military ppl for example, they take their consoles with them overseas sometimes or to different areas & they arent going to want to lug around a kinect camera, install all their games, or want to be dependent on the internet to use the thing... If PS4 is smaller (it seems so), doesnt require the PS4 eye, doesnt require internet, doesnt require full game installs, etc, they will choose it over xbone.. I think MS made a huge mistake designing that console but we will see how it plays out @ E3.. Even if they have TONS of games, i dont see it changing many ppls minds about getting it due to its design & the fact PS4 games will look & run better.
millzy102  +   325d ago
you can't ignore the wii to make your argument valid, look I love ps3 and it will sell more than wii eventually but only because Sony is keeping it on the market for longer, so it hasn't won this generation just yet, wii has, if your playing that game because of lack of power, n64 was more powerful than ps1 can I exclude ps1 out of that gen and say nintendo won, no I can't. I hate fanboy spinning on facts and truths to make there argument valid, I'm a gamer I play games, any game on any system as long as it seems fun to play. shame more people are closed minded.
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DivineAssault  +   325d ago
Im not counting the wii because its not a direct competitor.. The wii didnt recieve the same games just like wii u wont get the same games as PS4 & xbox one
josephayal  +   326d ago
I wouldn't put too much though into it, just pray that the games won't cost $80 or more
Abriael  +   326d ago
There's absolutely no reason to believe that.
edonus  +   326d ago
Well first issue is we dont know what the games line up for the ONE or the Ps4 so thats to early.

Next the ONEs features wipes the ground with Ps4s features.
SexyGamerDude  +   326d ago
Yes, the One can restrict and nickel and dime players way better than the PS4 can.
Angeljuice  +   326d ago
Xbone's features are irrelevant to gaming!
Derek-Flint   326d ago | Spam
Half-Mafia  +   326d ago
From what I've read over the last few days is that the PS4 has a lot more power.

-5GB(DDR3) for games 3GB for OS vs 7GB(GDDR5) for games 1GB for OS.
-PS4 has 50% more raw GPU power.
-10% of X1 GPU goes towards the OS. PS4 unknown atm.
-X1 has 6 CPU cores for games, 2 cores for OS. PS4 is unknown but that 2nd chip does alot of background tasks.

From that power difference I've read that you should'nt be surprised if some games are 60fps on PS4 vs 30fps on X1.
Gr81  +   326d ago
This is True
But with greater power also comes with a greater expense. In this economy who is going to be able to afford such consoles? If PS4 is 450-500 hundred dollars do you really think it will fly off shelves?

Also how do we know Sony won't implement many of the same features the has Box1 plagued? If that happens then what?
S2Killinit  +   326d ago
you know who could use the Xbox one?... My mom. She can't get the input thing right. Alas...she also doesn't speak english well, she probably will forget what to say to the xbox when she wants Tv
Brasi1989  +   326d ago
This article is poorly written and clearly takes on a biased view. He uses speculation for most of the article as that is pretty much everything we know about PS4 and XBOX1.
ChrisW  +   326d ago
Which is why I decided to just read the comments to see if there was a good reason to read the article... I guess not.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   326d ago
Will somebody please explain how the ps4 is ahead when they havent sold a single console.
vigilante_man  +   326d ago
Perception is 9/10ths of the truth.

Sony build stronger gaming system and focus on games, developers and the gamer.

MS build a multi-faceted hybrid system and don't even mention developers and trots out a sub-par multi plat trailer.

So without a single unit sold people have an idea what to expect from their future purchase. There were small differences last gen - hence the console wars got hotter.

We don't need such wars of words now. There is a clear separation of focus this time.
MNGamer-N  +   326d ago
PS4 and WiiU are going to clean up shop nicely. I still have some concerns about some important PS4 details (used game policy & price) but it looks like it is the more desirable console over the XB1.
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SpinalRemains  +   325d ago
It certainly seems ahead in every area that matters to gamers.

It also will not need 6 years to surpass xbox this time since launches will for all intents, coexist.

SONY is in prime position to control the gamimg scene again.

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