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Gamers could be screwed when they sell used next gen games, not retailers

Gamers might be the ones bearing the brunt of the incoming shake up of used game sales for next generation consoles. (PS4, Xbox One)

zeal0us  +   334d ago
There is no could its more like will be screwed. If publishers wanted a cut of the used game market there are better ways of doing it. Honestly whats stopping the publishers from buying back customers' games themselves? Nothing. They don't want to go through the trouble.

At least that way they would've gotten a larger chuck compared to chuck they will be getting from Gamestop. Then again who knows how much Gamestop willing to give to publishers so that it can remain afloat.
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CaptainCamper  +   334d ago
There is no "could be" screwed about it. They are getting screwed:

ricochetmg  +   334d ago
I will buy a wii u and a pc and say screw Sony and Microsoft.
The important message here, that people need to understand and be perfectly clear about is that YOU WILL NOT OWN THE GAMES THAT YOU PAY FOR!

The problem goes far deeper than the used games issue. If you lose your internet connection for a couple of days or if Microsoft's service gets taken off-line (and I guarantee you eventually that will happen in time, when it's no longer profitable), YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY ANY OF YOUR GAMES! There is absolutely no reason for games like Skyrim to require a constant internet connection. The player gets zero benefit from it.

Imagine if you went into a Toyota dealership, bought a brand new car, and the sales rep told you "Ok, you can only use the vehicle inside the city, you can never use it for long trips". What would you do? You would probably say "F*** that, I'll buy a Ford instead"!

That's exactly the kind of crap we are dealing with here. You cannot treat your customers like trash and expect them to come back for more!

I hope Sony doesn't jump on this train just because Microsoft already did. If that happens... PC it is for me!
NatureOfLogic  +   334d ago
I really hope sony don't follow in the steps of MS when it comes to this anti-consumer used games tactic MS is pulling. I would be forced to choose WiiU as my only next-gen console. I won't support this in any kind of way.
negative  +   334d ago
oh get over it. Be more selective when it comes to your purchases and buy the games new. Support the industry - you should be doing that anyway!!!
SexyGamerDude  +   334d ago
We are supporting the industry. The GameStop owner could never look happier.
USEYOURFIST  +   334d ago
How will being more selective help the industry? It will stop me taking a gamble on games such as neir for example, which incidently is my game of this gen,..this will see a massive reduction in any original games, it will slowly strangle the industry and any creativity as publishers will only want to take on games certain to sell...basically a massive downward spiral
ricochetmg  +   334d ago
If I want to buy it used/new its my choice. A multi billion dollar industry will be okay .
zeal0us  +   334d ago
Supporting the industry is the result of this bs MS and publishers are pulling.

Name one company in gaming industry that used games killed. Go on I'm waiting.

Oh I'll buy them new alright a year or two down the line after the price on them is lower.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   334d ago
This is complete anti consumer BS.

A gamer walks into a retailer and hands over the game they wish to sell. This will only be possible at retailers who have agreed to Microsoft’s T&Cs and more importantly integrated Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure pre-owned system into its own.

The game is then registered as having been trade-in on Microsoft’s system. The consumer who handed it over will subsequently see the game wiped from their account – hence the until now ambiguous claim from Phil Harrison that the Xbox One would have to ‘check in’ to Microsoft’s servers every 24 hours.

The retailer can then sell the pre-owned game at whatever price they like, although as part of the system the publisher of the title in question will automatically receive a percentage cut of the sale. As will Microsoft. The retailer will pocket the rest.

Want to tell where I can go to the bathroom to MS.

Honestly though this is ingenious BS.
Buy X1 games where MS says is okay.
Pay whatever the retailer feels like charging.
Sell your game at places MS says is okay.
Take whatever the retailer offers.
The retailer, MS, and the publisher get a cut while yours is reduced... Hoooooray

Don't like it? That's cool, buy games from X1 members online for full price.

Yeah... Go to hell MS.

I swear if they kill rental...
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Roper316  +   334d ago
can someone explain the difference of paying a 10-15 buck used game fee or paying 10-15 bucks for a online pass for a used game?

I buy all my games new so I couldn't careless either way if there is a fee or not but it does seem as the fee was already there anyways in the form of the pass.
USEYOURFIST  +   334d ago
Because instead of an online pass its a whole game pass which also dictates where you can buy n sell the game...and restricts lending to friends etc ....and if you think the fee will be 10-15 then you in for a shock, current mcv reports suggest could be more like 35
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Roper316  +   334d ago
it won't cost me a thing because I have never bought a used game in my life so it doesn't affect me in anyway shape or form. People might as well buy new instead and just wait until the price of the game drops to the used price.
USEYOURFIST  +   334d ago
and have you never lent or borrowed a game to/from a friend. Never had an internet fail that lasted more than a few minuets, and never sold a game?

Spose if you'r willing to relinquish youre ownership and free will to do what you want with something you purchased to a company and not at all bothered about the principles behind the issue then good for you i spose...
Cam977  +   334d ago
That's the Microsoft way.
It seems that the ONE revolves around screwing the consumer.
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Prcko  +   334d ago
SlavisH2  +   334d ago
No gamestop will take a hit. No way they could still give me 10 bucks for a game they have marked at 55 on the counter behind me and expect me to pay a publisher too. they will have to sell their games for less. Gamestop isnt innocent. Lots of great games died because they pay 0 royalities. I think the developers of publisher who make games should get something. M$ and sony(since they wont say) arent innocent because they are trying to put their hand in the cookie jar too! On pc their are 0 second hand games and lots more developers.
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GamingWorldPeace  +   334d ago
Exactly, to blame all this entire on MS is just not fair at this point. No doubt the publishers and developers are are the ones pressing console makers like Sony, Nintendo, and MS to implement this used game policy. There is a reason for the lack of Wii U support on new third party games because they are unwilling to go along with the plan. I expect Sony to follow suit. I am getting a PS4 but I will support it if developers can benefit from this.
thehitman  +   334d ago
Well retailers will get screwed if they depend on used game sales because nobody will buy used games in the first place if they are useless. Then the retailers such as Gamestop will give you less credit for trade ins to make up for it which will cause less trade ins.
Tales RPG addict  +   334d ago
I'm pissed with MS on the XBOX ONE conference, any and ALL things they try to do as Damage control wont work on me. I will still Support PlayStation. I bought the Xbox 360 only to be dissatisfied with it. Then stuck with PS3 most of this gen.
arkard  +   334d ago
Meh, looks like Ill just buy most of my games out of the bargain bin next gen. I wont put up with the hassle for buying used but I am not going to give the devs all my money either, unless its a really kick ass game.
USEYOURFIST  +   334d ago
Im hoping Sony's system for trading etc is less restrictive but yep fully agree if all these reports turn out to be true, which I think they will, then I fully agree and out of principle and hassle I will also only buy once games have had there price cut...which even this gen is only a month or 2
porter470  +   334d ago
There might not be a bargain bin tho, this also gives them the power to keep game prices at the full RRP for how ever long they see fit, because its not like you have any other choice in the matter with this DRM.
Supermax  +   334d ago
Whoever keeps saying there gonna buy a PC to stop used games is um yea.
thehitman  +   333d ago
PC games have had DRM all over them for the longest time lol. You cant even do multiple accounts on a lot of games anymore even from the same PC.
princejb134  +   334d ago
Retailers would also get screwed because they would think twice of purchasing a used game
Terror2k9  +   334d ago
The game companys should work together with gamestop and other rental services and leave everything alone. Charge the retailers a 10% charge for selling used games as we already overpay for certain used games. If they took 10% from them instead of charging us for something we paid for there would be no problem.
Prcko  +   334d ago
i hope some retailers won't die because of this
00  +   334d ago
No one is going to buy anything if there is no resale value,
the people who sell their games generally use that money to buy new, and that will not happen if one corporation tell tells them where and how they can sell it.

this will be the start of the game industry crash.
Sharius  +   334d ago
there are 2 posible way for MS to set this retriction:

1- they will set the price of used game, and take the cut from it, but i belive, this price will be at the point no gamers will pay just to buy that used game

2- they will let retailers set the price themselves and take the cut from it? do you think that a good method? no way, in order to make maxium profit, retailer will lower the sell price and increase the buy cost of that used game

in either way, the consumers will be damn if they do and even more if they don't

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