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Microsoft applies for patent on TV achievements

Xbox One maker calls dibs on technique to encourage viewership of shows and ads

Xbox One is intended to combine users' gaming and TV watching in a single device, but Microsoft's plan to merge the two goes beyond sticking them in the same plastic casing. Last November, the company applied for a patent on an Xbox 360-like achievements system for watching TV. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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timmyp53  +   333d ago
Dear god.
bunt-custardly  +   333d ago
My sentiments exactly.
MariaHelFutura  +   333d ago
This system is a joke.

SOD_Delta  +   333d ago
I had a feeling something like this was in the works.

Achievement Unlocked: Watched First Season of Halo TV.
SirBradders  +   333d ago
Achievement unlocked cum multiple times to one x rated vid.

300 GS for hitting the kinect 10 metres away.
maxgamehard  +   333d ago
Achievement Unlocked: Watched Jersey Shore and still able to think
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NatureOfLogic  +   333d ago
Just what the core gamers have been asking for./s
MasterCornholio  +   333d ago
And i thought achievements couldn't get any easier.
fluffydelusions  +   333d ago
Not a #gamechanger but rather #tvchanger
maxgamehard  +   333d ago
Its a expensive remote.

DARK WITNESS  +   333d ago
F.F.S !
stuna1  +   333d ago
Be prepared for the achievement for how much money you pay for pay per view movies you watch, or how many licenses you pay dependant on how many people are in the room.
stuna1   333d ago | Trolling | show
Aceman18  +   333d ago
Now I've heard and seen everything smdh.
darkride66  +   333d ago
Meh. If they're going to make TV a focus, why not give achievements for TV viewing. My Kobo gives me achievements for reading. I don't see the issue with this.

Of course, the whole effort being put into achievements for TV watching could go to, oh, I don't know...maybe something game related for a gaming console? Just throwing it out there.
ApolloTheBoss  +   333d ago
Just took it to a WHOLE new level.
joeorc  +   333d ago
what's funny and ironic.
Is Sony already gave gamer's a unlocked TV shirt for playstation Home if you watched crackle internet streaming tv and movies.

Trophies will also be unlocked for content that is from TV shows..lmao
edonus  +   333d ago
Actually this is pretty cool and I was hoping they did this.

My wifes mother put us on to this. Theres this app called Viggle and it rewards you for watching certain programs and you get points that turn in to coupons and discounts you can use. Like a free pizza, or if you really watch a lot of tv a free cruise.

Its the advancement of advertising and commercials. They are basically paying to watch TV. Right now you get bonuses when you watch the playoffs and you if you get watch like 4 games in a time they youll get bonus points.

Then there are active trivia of the show that you can answer while you watch it almost like a little gameshow and you get bonus point when you answer right.

This is the impact. I dont watch to much TV, I have my shows I like and I like to catch some movies when I havve time. I used to just watch all my show through Hulu and Netflix and DVR my shows and watch them later. I'm currently a big fan of Arrow and Revolution. I started watching them live just because I get points for free stuff, the trivia is a nice little addition and its very social because you are playing and commenting on the shows with other people doing the same.

Its really nice and this is very grab you kind of feature. Try it on Viggle if you dont believe... Its free.
joeorc  +   333d ago
"Its the advancement of advertising and commercials. They are basically paying to watch TV. Right now you get bonuses when you watch the playoffs and you if you get watch like 4 games in a time they youll get bonus points. "

interactive advertising is where the future is heading for many of these ad agency's. Not that i think it should be a big focus, i do know that is the focus. I know many that will slag Microsoft for this but it is very smart business. the reason Ad $$ makes money so by making your platform more attractive to Ad agency's = Generation of money...think NFL what is the most watched sporting event in the USA per year where a vast majority of ad agency's spend money for a 30 sec. TV spot? that's right the super bowl!

I know many may not like it, but Microsoft is being very shrewd, and this is very smart business! what this does for its gamer's that care less for AD income for the xbox platform who knows, but from a business perspective it is a very smart move!
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exfatal  +   333d ago
Wooow... seriously wth is microsoft aiming at with this?
Lmfao!!! Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao! !!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfa o !!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmf a o!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lm f ao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!Lmfao!!!L m fao!!!Lmfao!!!

Xbox gamers rejoice!!
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kenshiro100  +   333d ago

Microsoft has lost it.
JoGam  +   333d ago
Wow.... I love gaming and all but damn, that's a tad bit much. Stay tuned for Pizza Hut achievements.
Prcko  +   333d ago
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   333d ago
Achievements for ADS and shows....

They will use Connect to make sure you are in the room while an ads is on... to earn the achievement you can't leave the room during the commercial....

first1NFANTRY  +   333d ago
Ahh the plot thickens. So now we get an achievement for watching tv?
SexyGamerDude  +   333d ago
I better get some kind of reward if I have to sit through a hour of Jersey Shore or Bad Girl Club. Those shows are something similar to Chinese water torture.

.... But all jokes aside, this console is a disaster.
Snookies12  +   333d ago
1000+ points for those, AT LEAST.
HammockGames  +   333d ago
This bodes well for public health. /s

Waistlines will also thicken...

... a particular concern in the U.S. (where Xbox has historically been more popular and obesity is already rampant).
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BattleTorn  +   333d ago
Believe it or not, I've been in disagreement with msot of the Xbox One news since reveal. I think, should I say HOPE, that we still can't draw a conclusion on the direction of the console, and namely the amount of games.

But, this is utter nonsense.

*Bing* **You've unlock "TV. . ."

...... ugh, I don't even want to think about what they'd call them..
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kenshiro100  +   333d ago
Achievement Unlocked: Watching TV in your undies.

Seriously, what the...

Idek man, idek.
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NukaCola  +   333d ago
Xbox sees all.... :/
DeadlyFire  +   333d ago
Achievement whores will be tortured to watch bad TV for achievements. This is an interesting way to get TV ratings.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   333d ago
MS has lost touch with reality.
Wizziokid  +   333d ago
Minato-Namikaze  +   333d ago
Dear god why?
joeorc  +   333d ago
most likely because what Sony has already done it was not a major focus, but already in playstation Home for instance Dr. Pepper is giving gamer's unlocked items for playing a flash game, and if you go to Dr. Pepper's web site get a free gift. Sony already gave Gamer's a unlocked playstation Home item's just for watching Crackle!

i would know because both me and my wife both use Playstation Home every day. our Avatars have the unlocked items to prove it. they are virtual physical trophy's.
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MoonConquistador  +   333d ago
You honestly couldn't make this stuff up lol
Roper316  +   333d ago
and the 10-12 year olds rejoice around the world. Adult gamers respond with a stern WTF MS?
Cam977  +   333d ago
I'm speechless. They keep digging themselves in a deeper hole, what would the benefits of this be? Achievements for sitting down and watching TV. I just dont know what to say.
Bwah... sigh... what the **** are they doing? ]
They've gone insane.

This is an absolute dream that has spiraled out of control. The anti-MS crowd will be rejoicing for their huge failure. However, Microsoft CANNOT WIN NEXT GENERATION. This among many other things will be seen as acceptable. If the ONE succeeds then gaming is going down. This is an absolulte disaster.
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solidworm  +   333d ago
Could the last gamer who leaves MS turn the lights out please..........MS dead.
ltachiUchiha  +   333d ago
Are they fu**ing serious? tv fu**ing achievements? OMFGoodness. Man they really must be screwed in the head. Watch tv & get achievement points & the funny thing is ppl will do it just for the achievement points & then microsoft will post a % saying it like this, "We told you our users watch more tv then your average cable company". We are proud to say that 8 million xbl members out of our 10 million user base watch more tv then the whole world put together. We told you we will change the way u game. We want to change the way we play video games by simply letting our users sitdown and watch tv of other gamers from rival consoles playing their games. Why buy a ps4 for killzon shadow falls when you can watch it on our tv service? Is that innovative or what? Lol jokes aside but this is getting ridiculous.
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sashimi  +   333d ago
Lol....gamescore..will mean nothing with this
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Ron_Danger  +   333d ago
Game Score means nothing already...
GamingWorldPeace  +   333d ago
I can't wait to get the hardest achievement for TV, watching "Battlefield Earth" (Achievement unlock, you had watch the entire movie without walking away)

But this is still only a patent and who knows if it is true or not. Fingers crossed that it never become a realty.
Ron_Danger  +   333d ago
10 pts for watching Mr. Nanny (google it)

10 pts for watching any movie where Tara Ried plays a scientist

50 pts for watching the VGA's on Spike
Yodagamer  +   333d ago
1000 pts for whatever's on mtv
The Meerkat  +   333d ago
Sat on my fat ass for 8 hours 50G
Dropped popcorn on the sofa 15G
In my underpants 100G
Clarence  +   333d ago

So you get achievements for being lazy.

Gained 100lbs in 150hrs 200G
Change Chanel 30x in 20sec 50G

Achievements points will be worthless.

M$ actually thinks this is a great idea.
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BabyTownFrolics  +   333d ago
why dont we just stop considering the xbox1 as a gaming machine. then we can stop approving xbox1 articles since they are not gaming related. we can then just talk about ps, nintendo, and pc.
GiggMan  +   333d ago
Wow I think this is the first article ever where as of now (almost an hour in) there has been not one single disagree...
timmyp53  +   333d ago
GiggMan  +   333d ago
On cue with the disagrees. I would have done the same thing too just for the hellzz lol
kingmushroom  +   333d ago
there has to be disagrees or else it would feel like inception, i would feel like im still within a dream
Kayant  +   333d ago
Apart from the idea being stupid the worse thing has to be this. o_O

"Additionally, by tying the awards and achievements to particular items of video or advertising content, viewers may be encouraged to increase their viewership of the content, thus increasing advertising opportunities," according to the application.

Microsoft also envisioned using the Kinect motion-sensing camera in tandem with this system. For example, achievements may be tied to viewers performing specific actions while they watch a show. The system can make sure the user is simply in the room while it plays, or it can tell the user to hold up a specific product. The camera would then scan the item held up and reward the user with an achievement.
thehitman  +   333d ago
That plot just thickens..
Jek_Porkins  +   333d ago
I wonder if it'll be more for like interactive TV? I could see if you are using SmartGlass or something like that, or maybe like the whole National Geographic TV with Kinect is used right now, I believe you already get Achievements for using that, or maybe I'm wrong and they want to add those in.

Anyway, it's a nice idea if it's something like interactive television, probably not for just sitting and watching a show though.
mydyingparadiselost  +   333d ago
"Additionally, by tying the awards and achievements to particular items of video or advertising content, viewers may be encouraged to increase their viewership of the content, thus increasing advertising opportunities,"
The purpose sounds more like a system to monitor peoples viewing habits and provide ads based on those habits. Watch Halo TV, then get ads for Halo stuff. Watch Glee, get ads for singing lessons. Watch the Super Bowl and hold up a bag of Tostitos when their ad plays and get points. It sounds like a way to push products more than an interactive TV experience.
Zcarnut  +   333d ago
I would think targeted advertising is a large part of it.Advertisers would love that opportunity and will pay for it.Especially in a day and age where commercials do not have to be watched anymore. How well it all goes over remains to be seen,but if someone wants to give me somthing for watching a show I was gonna watch anyway (IE Big Bang Theory), I dont care LOL.
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Tales RPG addict   333d ago | Bad language | show
mydyingparadiselost  +   333d ago
Really?!?!? HA!
ExtoVert  +   333d ago
oh God i can see it now,......

"You've earn 1000 for finishing a full season of My Little Pony (LOL)"

..........mmmm ya no thanks M$.
DivineAssault  +   333d ago
wtf? smh
imt558  +   333d ago
WTF???? Who see 10 000 NFL matches during life time, gets achievment.:)
mrmancs  +   333d ago
Did they have to mention TV in the title.... Lmao.
Spontogical  +   333d ago
I know this sounds hilarious guys - but isn't Sony doing the same thing on PlayStation home, albeit to a lesser degree?

I do find it hilarious though. *Achievement Unlocked: Watched a 90 minute game on Sky Sports - here is a Free Ultimate Team pack for FIFA 14* - This COULD actually catch on lol hahaha.

kenshiro100  +   333d ago
Yeah, I think Sony may be doing something similar but c'mon, Microsoft is not really focusing on what makes a gaming console...well a gaming console in the first place. All I've been hearing is TV this and TV that.

They're losing it.
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joeorc  +   333d ago
"I know this sounds hilarious guys - but isn't Sony doing the same thing on PlayStation home, albeit to a lesser degree?"

100% yes they are and have been and its been very profitable for Sony!

while it may sound funny in its effect is undeniable, For instance. my example was Dr. Pepper every playstation Home user for spending time get's a few freebies, and a free Dr. Pepper 2 litre. and think about this what lil bit of time you spend means the Ad agency has your attention, if you get a free Dr. pepper for say just doing that what is the chance for you to buy More Dr. pepper...? get a free one when you buy one! its all marketing.

Master chief was on Mountain Dew many times over the years, how much Mountain Dew has they sold just on the off chance you can win something?

this is very smart from a business perspective because if the platform move product for another company that means its working , since spending in Games medium is most likely going to be less but have a much longer time for the spot lite to run its far cheaper for Ad agency's to do this kind of marketing. it most likely depending on the product will push more product at a low cost but have longer time in front of the consumer to be effective because the Ad will run longer. Low investment but much higher ROI. adding incentive's boost's the reasoning to even entertain interaction with the Advertisement. Like i said the Dr. Pepper Playstation Home ad people can see, but since you can interact with it, and gain free unlocked virtual trophy's people are going to do it. that's quite a number 2 litre's of Dr. pepper they most likely not just gave away but sold also.
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PANTHER1030  +   333d ago
Oh boy!

Microsoft is sowing a lot of marijuana at Redmond, only this explains all the nonsenses that they are saying, every day is worst.

LOL....Achievements for watching tv...stupid
Sharius  +   333d ago
ger2396  +   333d ago
Like viggle?

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