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What the Playstation 4 can do to win the next-gen battle

These step by step instructions will almost ensure Sony a win in the next-gen console war. (PS4)

KillrateOmega  +   572d ago
What the Playstation 4 can do to win the next-gen battle
All they have to do is keep up the good work. God knows they've been knocking it out of the park these last few months.

Stick to your game plan, Sony.
GT67  +   572d ago

compare to MS conference only thing Sony need to do is laugh and show off their exclusive AAA titles.
Home-run out the ball park!
bullymangLer  +   572d ago
seriously now gamers, who will break Nintendo without the FLEX capacitor ??

none can out-shine nintendo regarding ENHANSIVE game-CHANGING gameplay mechanic exclusives? = Metrod Other M < ? etc etc .. ?

For how long will Nintendo reign supreme?
rataranian  +   572d ago
Make a gaming console.
The_Infected  +   572d ago
And that they are:)

Sony is such an amazing company!
andibandit  +   572d ago
Theres Nothing they can do, to not win
Gamer-Z  +   572d ago
Really all Sony has to do is come out and say we are not blocking used games with a fee and they will win the next gen battle.
BeZdaBest  +   572d ago
but they do with the online pass... even though its not the whole game
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nypifisel  +   572d ago
That's no different from last (well current) generation!
BeZdaBest  +   572d ago
i was basically trying to say that they may try to take it a step futher (and get bashed on) or remove it all together...(i hope they remove it)

i usually try to stay away from those games until they drop in price under 35 bucks
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kneon  +   572d ago
Release games
_-EDMIX-_  +   572d ago
Show up at E3......thats about it. PS4 is a easy day 1 for me, after the mess that happened this week.......W....Wii U looking pretty good right about now. LOL! Serously, I see me getting PS4/Next Box now its PS4/Wii U.

THINGS CHANGED FAST! At this point, I've made up my mind. NO game can really change it now.

PS4 will be more then fine.
IBleedXbox  +   572d ago
Playstaion already won. I just wish they made a controller like the xbox
Brazz  +   572d ago
Custom controller can be a good answer for ya sir (Razer controls for ex.). Plus i think this DS4 is gona be a level up in the confort departament.
edit: you can get used to DS4, it's not that hard...
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SexyGamerDude  +   572d ago
Don't follow in Microsofts footsteps with the Used game fees and the online requirements. Look at the boost in sales the WiiU got after the MS announcement.
thehitman  +   572d ago
Only screw up Sony can do is say they canceled the PS4. Other than that the competition is doing all the work for them and making it very hard to not win.
DCfan  +   572d ago
Sony has to clarify the used games issues, if they do not follow MS's steps which i hope not, they'll definitely win the next gen of gaming
I trust sony to do the right thing
If they'll follow suit, i will not buy the PS4, sorry, i will not give my money to a company who blocks used games
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RiPPn  +   572d ago
I wouldn't get my hopes up. EA stopped their online passes because they know they don't have to worry about resellers on the new consoles. Not to mention Sony also has online passes on their current gen games. So I'm pretty sure they are following suit.
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_-EDMIX-_  +   572d ago
Sony and EA both stopped the whole online pass thing.

Sony has confirmed that you don't need an internet connection to play there system.....at all. Thus no drm, no "blocking" of used games. In order to do such a thing, you NEED internet verification. How else would they check and monitor such a thing?


Another thing to note is Sony's stance internationally, they make money WORLD WIDE NOT JUST IN THE US LIKE MS, they have no reason to block used games in such a fashion, the markets they sell to often don't have internet at all. MS is losing really only the Japanese crowd (again) and a whole lot of foreign countries.

Sony loses MORE then MS in this situation so.....why would they? Another thing most MS fanboys seem to forget in wishing sony to slit its own wrist is that do you think in 3 weeks they can just up an take EVERY PS4 UNIT BEING MADE AND START....hmmm

-locking in HDD's by accounts
-making it internet required and buidl a system for DRM checks

-build servers to start doing this
-make the system install only (ie software changes in the OS code to actually verify a code)

etc? I mean....I just don't see that happening. First off Sony has began production of the PS4.


Though a rumor just like this


mind you with them launching in UK THIS YEAR I just don't see them stopping production to add all those features. How this is being controlled is quite complex. MIND YOU Sony's stock went up....I'm sorry but all signs point toward Sony just letting MS off themselves. I see no reason to delay your system, lose stock etc when you can launch in all territories ON TIME and get a major sales boost from MS screw ups.
RiPPn  +   572d ago
They've already got the most powerful box. They've modified the DualShock 4 to appease a wider audience., Now all they have to do is stay true to most of the things they promised in February. Especially the part where they said they are focused on gamers and developers and I don't know how they can lose.
cyguration  +   572d ago
??? They don't need to do squat, they already won.

PS4 + Wii U ftw.

I don't care what games the XB1 has because if you have all that crap spying on you and preventing you from playing what you want when you want, what good is it having uber-cool exclusives?
RiPPn  +   572d ago
Plus with Microsoft's lack of focus on gaming, they will just give gamers what they want the first couple years to sell these boxes, then pretty much coast just like they did on the 360.
S2Killinit  +   572d ago
have to agree with you. you are right on
Drainage  +   572d ago
they need to show that they are doing dedicated servers for all online games like xbone is doing . thats all, they win.
Brazz  +   572d ago
My list:
1º) Good price > Make it at 400-450 price rage.
2º) Good games > you are doing good, keep things like this.
3º) No used fee bullshit > online pass is the maximum you can do! $10 to play online and full acess to offline contend, this is fair for all parts.
4º) Good Network and cloud service! I realy want free PS network, but if you need, i would agree to pay for a top level service... but only top level like my PS+!
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Williamson  +   572d ago
Continue to make amazing exclusives! Announce kingdom hearts 3, versus 13, Agent, and the last guardian as ps4 games at E3 and that would leave people speechless.
cclass0623  +   572d ago
Hey guys thanks for all the feedback keep it coming
PigPen  +   572d ago
Sony will have to fight for its place. Some thought the PS3 and Vita would be clear winners. I don't like what Microsoft has done with its next gen console, but 15 exclusive with 8 of them new games is hard to overlook. Nintendo CEO of Japan Iwata now also holds a office in America. With the Wii U hardware already out, Nintendo will focus on games and have the money to do so. Make no mistake, Sony will have to fight.
ginsunuva  +   572d ago
Release the console.
DivineAssault  +   572d ago
I encourage everyone to watch sonys reveal again & refresh your memories about what sonys bringing to the table.. They have a completely redone console thats awesome! The UI, features, games, controller, etc are all fantastic.. Not like the xbones cable services..
ylwzx3  +   572d ago
Sit back and watch everyone commit suicide.
strigoi814  +   572d ago
Just focus on games and do a barrell roll..
babis1974  +   572d ago
If they want to win they have a good advantage now. If they will announce that the price is over 450-500$ they will have trouble as well as the issue about used games. They have great IPs but they must give us clear answers about some things.I also want to say this: my 1st PS3 died by YLOD. IF THERE IS GOING TO BE A SIMILAR PROBLEM WITH THE PS4 SONY IS DONE FOR ME!
FrightfulActions  +   572d ago
Honestly after the Xbox One announcement and all the negatively its been receiving a better question would be what would PS4 need to do to LOSE the next gen battle? Really it seems like they'd have to actively try to lose if they can get beaten at this point...
Albie360  +   572d ago
It does not have to do much more!!!!

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