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Xbox One: Will Kinect 2 Use Visual DRM?

Microsoft has responded to fresh privacy concerns over a patent from 2011 that suggests Kinect 2 may be used as a form of visual DRM, should the company decide to implement such a measure in Xbox One. (Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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maxgamehard  +   331d ago
I have no words to describe this.

I will use a picture instead.


I hope no one buys this console...

zeal0us  +   331d ago
I wouldn't be surprise if someone takes Microsoft to court after the Xbox One launches over privacy.
Wikkid666  +   331d ago
You're aware that you can disable the camera... right?
maxgamehard  +   331d ago


Have you been sleeping these last 3 days
Wikkid666  +   331d ago
Nope... I haven't.

"You definitely will have the software capability to turn off all the capabilities of Kinect. We want to put the gamer in control. And privacy. The box data information that collects is your data; it stays with you. You are in control of what you want to be collected. Game developers will obviously enable certain features and you'll be alerted when certain things are happening. Putting the gamer in control is really important."

-Phil Spencer

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JokesOnYou  +   331d ago
Nothing like over reaching speculation in the morning....so dig for any patent and of course it must be for some evil Kinect plot.

err uhm wait..."sshh their listening".

Edit: Wikki666 stop it with your logic, we all know micro execs are all in some dark room somewhere underground waiting to see us in our Superman undies, then sell it to TMZ. lol, he got a bunch of agrees too, which shows how much they've been just reading headlines/trolling vs actually reading info.
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Maddens Raiders  +   331d ago
Approved -

Somebody's gotta love this, right?

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Blackdeath_663  +   331d ago
while i don't necessarily agree with hoping that somebody's product fails (that would be a bit of a d*ck move) i do hope that the gamer's disappointment does reflect in the number of sales of the next xbox as a clear indicator to MS that consumers disapprove.
NextGen24Gamer  +   331d ago
From what I've seen on the technical side, the xb1 is truly next gen. Not only that, with Microsoft leveraging their cloud services it feels like the sky is the limit.

Microsoft's vision for the console is really well thought out and looking pretty far ahead. I'd argue much further than Sony is capable of competing with. Off-loading some of rendering or computing to cloud-based servers means that unlike the PS4 (as we've seen so far) there won't be a hard cap on what developers can do. The main constraints will be bandwidth and latency.

I know a lot of Sony Fans have been extremely negative about the console. Though I'd say it's because they don't understand what kind of beauty is under the hood.

Things to look forward to:
A solid digital distribution model. Hopefully we'll see something like what Valve did (and the lower prices they brought us)
Basic IP protection for developers, something that may drive down prices.
Cloud-based computations and graphics pushing the console to compete with high end machines
A well rounded entertainment system
whoyouwit04  +   331d ago
I also Really do think the Xbox is more future proof the The PS4, but Some people think it is coming at a price with having have to connect to the internet once a day. which to me I don't understand.
DevilishSix  +   331d ago
Cloud based computations and graphics is PR talk. There are latency issues that limit the viablity of such activities.
whoyouwit04  +   331d ago
I will say this if microsoft does do this I will be done with them end of story. However, if you foolish Sony fans are giving Sony the benefit of doubt about blocking used games... when we know for 100% certainty that they do have the tech patent; there is absolutely no reason why you can't give it to Microsoft with this patent. That's just 100% real.
Majin-vegeta  +   331d ago
@Max When you compare it to the PS4 one oh boy.
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NatureOfLogic  +   331d ago
Face recognition or something? This is creepy.
Prcko  +   331d ago
Count  +   331d ago
If you gave half a shit about futurism, you'd say that was incredible.
I read a really great book called The Transparent Society which is about how technology is getting to the point where we are sacrificing our privacy for it which is absolutley true. This Kinect 2 is extremely unsettling to me.
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theBAWSE  +   331d ago
Big brother... In your own home

I'm racking my brain as who would buy this machine.. Kinect always on always watching always listening connected to microsofts servers.... Fack me sideways
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duli14  +   331d ago
Keeps on getting better doesn't it?
ApolloTheBoss  +   331d ago
Oh the best has yet to come! /s
Jek_Porkins  +   331d ago
"Microsoft regularly applies for and receives patents as part of its business practice; not all patents applied for or received will be incorporated into a Microsoft product."

This is the same line Sony used when they filed for patents to do in game ads and a ton of other things.

These companies file for patents all the time, we cant subjectively look at the ones Microsoft files and hate on them, without hating on the others. We honestly shouldn't hate on the idea anyway, just the action if it were to be implemented.



Just saying, if you hate on one patent by one company, you need to hate on the others as well. Patent doesn't equal implementation.
Perjoss  +   331d ago
Just when you think everyone has gone totally mad, Porkins comes along and speaks some sense. I admire your stamina.
JokesOnYou  +   331d ago
"I admire your stamina." lol
MasterCornholio  +   331d ago
I only hate on things that have been confirmed.

And in the case of the XBOX One mandatory Kinect and a fine for buying used games are 2 things that i hate oh so much.

If visual DRM becomes true then i will hate it as well and if Microsoft bombs E3 i will hate them there as well.

Same goes for Sony and Nintendo no one is safe.

Edit: Rumors i take as rumors and i really dont pay too much attention to them but there are some that are more positive to me than others.
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ProudGamer  +   331d ago
Wow........... Just.............. Wow.....

I'm speechless.............
SexyGamerDude  +   331d ago
This will only be one more reason not to buy this hunk of junk.
PANTHER1030  +   331d ago
Go back at home Microsoft, you are drunk!
Prcko  +   331d ago
microsoft plz fix all things till e3
stage88  +   331d ago
It just keeps getting worse....
Shadonic  +   331d ago
The heartbeat tracking would be great for horror games or if you jump up or yell when your scared your character in game could possibly yell or freak out.
pop-voxuli  +   331d ago
Dear Microsoft,

As soon as the Xbox One gets hacked, and it will, I and many others are going to pirate the piss out of every damn game available simply because of the way you have screwed your loyal fanbase by taking away our rights. You think you're gonna screw us? Guess again.
Gamer-Z  +   331d ago
This thing seems more like a surveillance system then a gaming console or even a DVR
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Tyre  +   331d ago
This is horror, plain horror. Shall i put the shackles on or would you? We are making our lives into a full blown prison EVERYWHERE. People have to WAKE UP. Don't buy this doomsday device. This DRM can be applied to EVERYTHING if we buy into this. THIS DIRECTION must be STOPPED. We have it in our own hands. Vote with your wallet. Microsoft is giving others the baddest example possible, this is plain evil.
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M-M  +   331d ago
Why does a phrase like "Visual DRM" even exist?
creized1  +   331d ago
It just gets better by the time ;)
alb1899  +   330d ago
IT is just a video game console.......you talk like if Microsoft we're Obama......why so much hope and cry.........don't buy it if you don't want to, I know I will!

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