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Samsung Galaxy S4 Changes The Game For Electronic Arts

Forbes - With much of the gaming world still focused on Microsoft MSFT -1.3%’s Xbox One and Sony ’s PlayStation 4, there’s a brand new gaming device that is out right now. You don’t have to wait until this fall to experience the next generation of mobile gaming on the Samsung Galaxy S4. There’s a large library of games from top publishers, including Electronic Arts. And many game developers, including the large number that come under EA Mobile, are optimizing games to take advantage of the new functionality the Galaxy S4 introduces to the burgeoning mobile gaming space.

The fact that the smartphone has sold 6 million units worldwide in its first two weeks will entice even more game developers to bring enhanced versions of games to the platform. Sales are forecast to reach 10 million units globally in record time. (Android, EA, Mobile, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S4)

jagiii  +   990d ago
The Galaxy S4 is an amazing gaming phone.
JokesOnYou  +   990d ago
Yes it is, I'm glad I decided to upgrade from my Galaxy 2, the camera alone makes this thing a worthwhile investment, its hands down the best I've ever seen on a cell phone.
mcstorm  +   990d ago
I have to disagree about the Camera the Lumia 920s camera is better but I do agree the phone is a very good phone though and one of the best on the Market at the moment.
Why o why  +   990d ago

me and the infamous JokesOnYou have something in common. I woulda thought you woulda been an iphone guy....maybe even a htc

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JokesOnYou  +   990d ago
Why o why actually I've never owned an iphone, always preferred the open structure of Android phones. Loved my Samsung G2, waited on the G4, had it preordered, picked it up day 1 and loving it. Nice gif btw.

JOY, lol
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Prcko  +   990d ago
creHEARTive  +   990d ago
The S4 is tempting me to betray apple for the first time since the iPhone 1.
Why o why  +   990d ago
You wont regret it. I know sooo many converts. Iphone is still a nice phone but the s4 takes the absolute piss out of them for actual useful features. If you can handle its form factor everything else will take care of itself.
decrypt  +   990d ago
You wont be disappointed. I have the S3 and i am tempted to upgrade to S4
Kurisu  +   990d ago
Upgrading to this phone next month!
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DDDGirlGamer85  +   990d ago
LAWSON72  +   990d ago
I want to get my s4 today hopefully I can, but still facing the problem of black or white
KrisK  +   989d ago
I am loving this phone so much. Best purchase in a long time. Anything on this screen looks awesome.

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