New Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Screenshot Leaked

Alive Game Zone - A possible new screenshot from one of the most anticipated games of this year, Grand Theft Auto 5, has been leaked by a member of GTAforums.


[UPDATE: What we guess is that the user (We ti terun) from the forum might be the winners of the Epsilon contest, and that Rockstar would have instructed him to post it.]

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MattMawko1664d ago

Underwater exploration sounds neat, i hope there hidden weapons or easter eggs down there, how awesome would it be if they included a lock neck monster or a alternative? That be so cool!

aCasualGamer1664d ago

Can't help but feel that this game would be so amazing on a PS4. I know they haven't said anything about nextgen consoles, but wouldn't it be awesome to start a new gen with a GTA game? Maybe they'll announce the complete package with all the DLC etc and enhanced visuals for PC/PS4/X1 when the game has been out for a while.

Imagine GTAV with the new social aspects of PS4. Live stream, sharing videos etc.

If GTAV doesn't get a X1 and PS4 release i'm pretty certain the next Red dead will...

Fyflin1663d ago


I'm fully expecting them to release it in 'HD' for the next consoles at some point but I really hope we hear something at E3. Even if it didn't look as good as next gen games it would still be a hell of a lot smoother on PS4/X1 than it would be on PS3/360.

steve30x1664d ago

But why would you weant a waterlogged easter egg? wouldnt it taste bad.

SniperControl1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

LOL "lock neck monster", are you series?

Sounds like something you would get trying to give yourself a blowey.

Loch Ness Monster!

FunkMacNasty1664d ago

"lock neck" = Loch Ness

"series" = serious

Hey if your gonna make fun of someone's spelling and grammar, at least prrofread your own xD

Fez1664d ago

"prrofread" = proofread

NukaCola1664d ago

Lol your all dumn and shood go to collage.


On topic I think the use of the underwater space is brilliant. I hope if there really is 1 to 1 space above and below we will get some really wicked deep sea levels. And yeah I want a monster down there.

Nafon1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I hope your both joking ;)

I hope they aren't compromising the above ground areas to make room for the sea. Just doesn't seem like it would be nearly as fun spending time in water compared to running around on land.

zippycup1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

good thread i laffed my ass off now i cant find it

creeping judas1663d ago

Best thread all day long, thank you guys!!

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ThanatosDMC1663d ago

Oysters like in San Andreas, but since we can dive down deeper, i hope it's a lot more awesome.

DG901663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


Angeljuice1663d ago

Surely you mean 'Loch Ness' monster (unless it suffered a whiplash injury)!

tubers1663d ago

lock neck monster? Did I miss something? xD

GuyThatPlaysGames1663d ago

We already knew about underwater exploration. Is every "leaked" picture newsworthy now on N4G? Come on guys, quit looking for hits on your sites!

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vishmarx1664d ago

starting june gamers are gonna be many great games coming out this year

Am_Ryder1664d ago

The fact that there's no HUD or anything makes this pretty useless as a screenshot. It's basically just an image like they've posted before, only a little less interesting.

Snookies121664d ago

It would be neat if there was an option to turn the HUD off.

itz_zombies1664d ago

Don't most games have that?

Am_Ryder1664d ago

Is that sarcasm? Or a genuine misunderstanding? I always play GTA with the HUD off. Makes it way better. You can turn it off in all of them.

If sarcasm, I don't understand how that's in any way relevant to what I said.

animegamingnerd1663d ago

GTA 4 has that i bet there will be away

robby661664d ago

Awesome! Rockstar surely know how to play with the fans!

SexyGamerDude1664d ago

What is with Rockstar's fixation on screenshots? I don't want to see screenshots, I want to see actual gameplay footage. Come on Rockstar!

alivegamezone1663d ago

Well, the trailers are gameplay footage.

SexyGamerDude1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I mean someone from Rockstar with a controller in their hands showing us a section of the game.

Pintheshadows1663d ago

Good luck with that. R* don't really do gameplay prior to a GTA launch. Don't hold your breath is all i'm saying.