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Xbox One: developers have their say on specs, self-publishing and TV TV TV

Gamers have had and are still having their say on Microsoft's divisive Xbox One reveal, but what say developers? (Dev, Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

Arai  +   798d ago
This is relevant to the article, though I've never heard of the game.
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ElementX  +   798d ago
Neogaf is never relevant
NewMonday  +   798d ago
Gamers and developers don't like the XBOne, viral negativity is giving MS the wrong kind of momentum, marketing can't dig them out of this one.


And Sony didn't even have to pay them
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hay  +   798d ago
@newmonday: MS have shifted their main target demography from gamers.
I find it freakin' hilarious that Microsoft targets WIFES of PS4s target demography, and mothers of Nintendo's.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   798d ago
"For now our development focus will be on PlayStation 4. Sony has explicitly stated their support of indie development, and we are already looking at taking Dreamfall Chapters onto their platform.""

Good find.Looks like Developers are already jumping ship from microsofts sinking boat.

Dreamfall Chapters looks really good by the way
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ElementX  +   798d ago
Yeah it looks good, the others were great. I wouldn't want to play with a controller though even if it has MOVE built in with the LED on the front
potedude  +   798d ago
Wow there are some pretty damming quotes here.

"Ironically the kind of blockbuster games that Xbox is going to be all about would be the ones I'd least like to play with a Skype conversation and browser window snapped onto the edge of the screen at the same time, pulling me out of the experience."
BigBit boss Nick Baynes."

This actually makes sense, the only time I skype is when I sit down and deliberately want to speak to someone, definitely not when I am playing a game.

"If your game is going to push the heck out of the PS4, you might have to do some little tweaks [for the Xbox One version]. But if you design your game to work on Xbox One at 60fps, it's going to work on PS4 at 60."
Just Add Water boss Stewart Gilray"

Ouch! This one is saying very obviously one system performs at a far higher standard than the other. Itt comes down to grunt.

"Even if the system is turned off or on stand-by, you come into your living room and say, 'Xbox On', so Kinect is going to be watching all the time. It's not something that sits well with me, frankly."
Stewart Gilray"

This is just plain creepy, I turned by PS eye off for the same reason but you cant turn your kinect off. Kinda like 2001 a space odyssey - HAL 9000

"There's room for things to change or be clarified closer to launch, but for now our development focus will be on PlayStation 4. Sony has explicitly stated their support of indie development, and we are already looking at taking Dreamfall Chapters onto their platform."
Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey developer Ragnar Tørnquist"

BAM! We are going with the PS4 because they are there for us, not TV...
hellvaguy  +   798d ago
Do u were a tin foil I hat too? Fyi no1 really wants to spy on retards like us. Doesnt even make any sense. Using make believe sci-fi movies that are very far fetched, isnt really good evidence.

Bottom line for me is no free online, no ty.
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Campy da Camper  +   798d ago
They do if they want to see if your house is empty to rob.
hellvaguy  +   798d ago
How would they know your address, if your in another room, let alone the know how to hack a closed console system? This is paranoia at its finest right here.
JoySticksFTW  +   797d ago
They do if you have nekkid women in the house...

Or if they want to catch you in awkward situations

I agree with not wanting to be spied on.

There is such a thing as granting too much access
IBleedXbox  +   798d ago
I Love the Xbox 360. But The Way it's going it looks like i am buying the PS4
MariaHelFutura  +   798d ago
The way things look right now, that probably the best idea for the sake of the gaming industry we know and love. I own a 360 (I prefer PS) but regardless I won't be supporting these snakes vision of the gaming industry by buying an X1. Even though I own a 360 I didn't support XBL, because I knew it would only help business concepts like those the X1 supports to become a reality. I was right.
IBleedXbox  +   798d ago
sony actually care. they give their costumers free online. and more exclusives. WTF. Crackdown 3 is announced for the X1. Crackdown is a failure. I have no problems with the Playstation only that the control is small.
Wizziokid  +   798d ago
From all the recent news the only Indie devs MS will see are the ones they pay to make exclusive games. most are hopping on the Sony/Nitendo wagon
MariaHelFutura  +   798d ago
At this point I want the gaming industry to go back to just Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft served it's purpose, they should leave.
MysticStrummer  +   798d ago
So far, it looks like they have left.
DivineAssault  +   798d ago
No way im going to be dependent on the internet for ANYTHING! Im going w PS4 all the way.. Even if sony charges fees for used games, i dont have to be connected so i cant take my PS4 anywhere i want (if i go out of town or anywhere w/o net), it will have the better multiplats of the 2, & ill get more GAME features with the new DS4 & my vita than just standard buttons..Plus i know sony will provide many exclusives 1st & 3rd for me to play.. Im not going to lug around a kinect or have a console that MUST stay in my living room.
SquareEnixFan  +   798d ago
I'm just excited that Dreamfall Chapters is coming to atleast one of the next gen consoles.
Prcko  +   798d ago
same here m8
Godz Kastro  +   798d ago
Core gamers, can you just wait for E3? Is that so hard. Its like 18 days away. They came out, showed the equipment and interface and their direction. Spencer said they have more exclusives in development right now than any other time in its history. The games are coming...

Now that they have this "entertainment" message out the way they can focus on games at e3. You know why? Because E3 is a games convention.

Now imagine if they didn't do this initial reveal and did it at e3. That would have been disastrous. They did the right thing. They have caught the eyes of non-gamers and will come to e3 (a gamers convention) to show off its games.
Kayant  +   798d ago
If that's so true why did they bother to show the 15 mins of CGI trailers that they managed to shoe in... You know since this event was only supposed to be about hardware (which was vague as hell) and features.
Eldyraen  +   798d ago
Because gaming is still a facet of the console's demographic--just not the only one they are focusing on this time. The reveal had a little for many demographics but not enough for its existing one (gamers). It was basically more what I would expected at CES than just weeks from E3.

The big problem was many were expecting a game conference when it was actually more on par with what MS does with any consumer electronic device they have made. Unfortunate and disastrous from a PR perspective though (from gaming point of view which built the brand) but not really different from many MS reveals.

They need to release/"leak" something to get gamers attention preE3 IMO. If its good though I can overlook this conference but more difficult to just swallow some other mechanics they won't explain sufficiently.
DragonKnight  +   798d ago
Why should anyone have to wait for E3? Look, Sony showed as many games as MS did with their 2 hour reveal. But you know what the difference was? There were a few actually. First of all, someone actually PLAYED some of the games. There was a controller in hand as the game's were played. MS showed CG trailers and who's to say that their voice command videos weren't pre-recorded to make it look like the voice command works?

Secondly, the bulk of Sony's conference was talking about how they focused on developers and giving them what they need to make the best gaming experiences possible. The developers themselves came forward to talk about how their input was used for the PS4, how much they look forward to developing on the PS4, and that gamers should be excited for what they're going to get.

Finally, even the Social, Networking, and Tech aspects of Sony's conference were about gaming. The Share feature is to share gameplay videos with the world. The Networking features such as video chatting are for gaming as well. Gamers will be able to watch other gamers as they game. Networking will allow you to ask a friend to help you out with a part of a game you're having trouble with. The whole console is designed with gaming in mind and it shows.

So here you have two conferences, both with the same amount of games and both with similar features, but one did their best to showcase their console as being for games and gamers first while the other did their best to showcase their console as being for anyone but gamers first. The negative surrounding the Xbone comes from slighted gamers who feel they've been abandoned. MS will be going into E3 needing to absolutely blow everyone else out of the water, or quite frankly they'll fail yet another conference.
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MikeMyers  +   798d ago
Sony shows 4 games that can't be played on the Xbox One in 2 hours and Microsoft shows 2 games in their hour event that won't be playable on the PS4 and the world has now ended.

Somehow those Xbox One games aren't real games because they didn't show a live demonstration but did DragonKnight blast Sony for when they showed the new Infamous game? No.

When we have members who have a history of never saying anything positive about a certain company they will thrive on any mistakes they make. How is anyone going to get a fair representation of a product from someone who is the hardest to please and the harshest critic? This guy has written blogs and has repeatedly suggested he knows all the facts about how used games will work on the PS4. Adam Sessler doesn't, nor does anyone else within the actual industry. But hey, we're supposed to believe some anonymous member here who has a grudge against Microsoft and very rarely even makes Sony accountable to get our facts from? Sure.
S2Killinit  +   798d ago
no body is saying that xbox wont have games. They will have plenty come E3. But I still have to insist, I don't think Microsoft is taking gamers in a good direction. I believe their focus is shifted elsewhere. They will have games for the early adopters (the gamers)once they have them on board and that market is saturated, they will stop catering to them (like with the 360?) and try to focus more on the applications and kinect/casual style gaming. Thats why MS's plan is to purchase games and exclusives, because it is not a long term endeavor. They only need to do it long enough to get the hardcore gamers on board, then once they have them, these guys wont notice that others (people with Playstations) are having a different experience. They think all is gravy while MS cashes in on them and the casuals alike. (nothing wrong with cashing in, its just that gaming as we know it will take a back seat to casual market) Just my opinion (:
mmj  +   798d ago
"Microsoft is attempting to be the one device in the living room, but at the same time as doing that you have to have a secondary device, like a TiVo, to HDMI into the Xbox One to be able to use the TV side of it, which to me defeats the entire purpose," he said. "It's very confusing."

MasterCornholio  +   798d ago
Just calling it XBOX One will confuse some consumers.
GraveLord  +   798d ago
Long Story Short, XBox One sucks, PS4 rules.

You'd have to be a fanboy to think otherwise. How anyone can defend these anti-consumer and even anti-developer.
horndog  +   798d ago
Different strokes for different folks. Its an option which im sure will be used not by him but perhaps by others who like to play and chat at the same time. Guess this dude is never heard of a pause button before.
KingKevo  +   798d ago
This is definately not the unveil you want as a games developer. They do not have a reason to make a game for Xbox One or to consider it, whereas on the PS4 developers get a lot of support, especially indies. From slef-publishing over lower to no fees for patches and help during development form first party studios (like Santa Monica Studios that was always working with idnies) to a promotion of the game on the store and other places and the possibility to be part of PS+. It's a much safer space for developers and indies in particular. Indies need a safe space and the ability to take risks, because usually taking risks is not an option for indies, but Sony is definately supporting them to do so and that's probably why we'll see very different and amazing indie titles in the PS4, because Sony ensured that those games could be made. I, unfortunately, do not see this happening on the Xbox One.

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