Evil Avatar: The Club Review

Evil Avatar writes: "If you are a Jason Statham fan (and who isn't?), then you've probably seen the movie Crank. In the movie Statham's character is injected with a lethal poison; the only thing he can do to stay alive is keep moving... and to keep killing. This same basic concept applies to Bizarre Creations's latest game The Club. Imagine a video game version of the movie broken up into bite size pieces with a splash of arcade flavor, and you have The Club. The game is made of adrenaline rushes, flashy overlays, motion blur effects and a thumpin' techno soundtrack.

The best way to describe The Club is a genre mash up between a racing game, a 3rd person shooter, and a classic top down shooter. What defines The Club is the focus on speed and combos. Combos are gained by killing enemies in quick succession; that with every body that hits the floor, your combo meter ticks up. If you wait too long between kills your combo slowly bleeds out until eventually may be lost. One way to save it is to shoot the skull and hidden badges that are conveniently placed around the levels."

The Good:
+ Adrenaline filled gameplay
+ Siege Mode
+ The arcade feel

The Bad:
- Style of game not for everyone
- Level variety doesn't exist

The Ugly:
- Nobody is playing multiplayer

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shadowghost7523920d ago

This game was released a month ago this review is outdated