Evil Avatar: Bully: Scholarship Edition Wii Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Bully: Scholarship Edition has been released on the Wii and 360 mostly for people that never picked up and enjoyed the original PS2 version of the game. When Bully first came out it was right before the release of the Playstation 3 and Wii and just about a year after the Xbox 360 came out. It was decidedly a last generation game in terms of graphics and loading screens from the company that produced the Grand Theft Auto games. Much like the original Manhunt, I believe Bully went largely unnoticed and wasn't picked up by the game playing public. I personally picked up the game simply because I was looking for something a little less mature from Rockstar, but in the vein of their major moneymaker. Now I receive the Wii version to review having already beaten the PS2 version so long ago and I have to say I enjoy most of the changes they've made to tweak it up to Wii standards."

The Good
+ The Wii controls for the most part, especially in Biology and Music class
+ The story is top notch
+ If you missed the game originally, you have another chance
+ The voicework is top notch

The Bad
- The nunchuck controls not registering consecutively when fighting
- Aiming with the slingshot via the remote can be tough
- The loading times are still annoying

The Ugly
- anyone in movies or games named Eunice ever pretty?

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