The Battle of the Next Gen Exclusives

Clickonline writes: "The three major console manufacturers have finally laid a couple of cards down on the table, so we have an idea of how the next generation is shaping up. We’re mainly concerned with the games and that’s often the deciding factor for buyers, so let’s take a look at the exclusives. More will be revealed in the coming weeks and we’ll provide in-depth coverage as everything unfolds."

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PigPen1794d ago

That's what it will come down to in the end, exclusives.

Unicron1794d ago

I think it'll come down to where people's friends are, as both consoles will have 90% of the same titles.

Sarobi1794d ago

90% of the same titles, but that 10% of exclusives plays a big part for some people.

kneon1794d ago

Friends played a huge role in this gen. The main reason Microsoft did so well this generation was because the PS3 launched 12-24 months after the 360. By then the 360 had already reached critical mass in some regions so people who wanted to play online tended to buy the console their friends already had.

But with a new generation the counter is reset, and they will launch near enough in time that this won't play much of a role initially.

Foxgod1794d ago

Quantum Break and Forza, bring em on.
Looking forward to see what more MS might announce.

deafdani1794d ago

I love how you got disagrees just because you stated you like some Microsoft exclusives.

N4G, never change.... no, scratch that, I hope you change for the better someday.