PSP Extreme: Warriors Orochi Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Koei's Warriors Orochi came to consoles in November of last year (it released for both the PS2 and Xbox 360), and while it may have been sub-par, it probably satisfied many an action/strategy fan. The game merged Dynasty Warriors and Samuari Warriors by allowing players to use familiar characters in an epic quest to bring down the demon lord Orochi. It wasn't a bad game, per se, but its biggest failing centered on the following issue, which has plagued Koei for years: same ol', same ol'. Yep, we really didn't see anything even remotely new with Warriors Orochi, but we're hoping that's not as big of a problem with the PSP installment, slated to arrive this week. Granted, it probably won't be as big as the likes of Dark Sector, but for gamers on the go who have always appreciated Omega Force titles in the past, Orochi might just fit the bill. Thankfully, it popped up at last month's Game Developers Conference, so the last bit of hands-on and finalized info has been released to the Internet. Wanna know what to expect from this one?"

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conswella3917d ago

No more square grid map! Full map freedom- like in the ps2 games! ON PSP!!