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Submitted by MorfiTM 994d ago | news

Clandestine: Anomaly for VITA – it’s official!

Two weeks ago I have suggested that this Emergent Reality Game should come out on the Vita. Yesterday it became reality. Now all we have to do is put our credit card to some use.
„Wait! What?” – is probably what you’re thinking right now. For those of you that haven’t read my earlier post I will try to sum it up:
[...] (Android, Clandestine: Anomaly, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, PS Vita, ZenFri LLC.)

jon1234  +   994d ago
barry burton voice "what is this?"
hot4play  +   993d ago
"You were almost a Jill sandwich!"
sypher  +   994d ago
That is such an awesome concept! After watching Robotics;Notes AR kind of scares me :/
SlasherXI  +   994d ago
Come on Sony, where are the big ass titles:(
MorfiTM  +   994d ago
Slasher - if Sony don't want to please us with games we have to find them for ourselves. Therefore repost this article as wide and far as possible so more people can contribute!

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