Battlefield 4 Deluxe Edition costs £64.99, is exclusive to GAME

GAME has released details on Battlefield 4: Deluxe Edition, a retailer-exclusive edition of DICE's upcoming shooter "packed" with additional in-game content.

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Cam9771828d ago

I noticed the GTA:V special edition was also priced £64.99.
Personally, I believe that steelbook games with DLC should retail for no more than £49.99 as you're essentially paying for nothing.

gedapeleda1828d ago

A better move is to wait until complete edition.

SirBradders1828d ago

Any other game i would agree but i do feel like i get value for money with the battlefield dlc. that's just me though and ill day one this on PS4.

Sam Fisher1828d ago

Not GAME…stop right? I personally boycott those motherf$&@ers
The only i like from micropenis is the fact that they are f$&@ing that franchise over, i hope sony ruins gamestop too

Remember i hate gamestop :)

gameforall1828d ago

.....then pay £39 plus for DLC. Up yours EA