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PS4 vs. Xbox One: What Will Win Them the Next Generation

Almost 30 years after the NES hit North American shores there is still one problem companies haven`t solved for gamers. It is a problem which will win the next generation to whatever company that solves it. (Culture, PS4, Xbox One)

Walker  +   517d ago
PS4 all the way
edonus  +   517d ago
That doesn really answer the question but ALLLLrighty then.

OH and you got some agrees too.

On topic.

I say there are 3 things



and uniqueness.

Truth is Nintendo is a shadow of their former self so Sony is going to have Japan all to itself so you can sat sony is starting with a15 million head start.

MS is going to have to really focus on dominating the U.S. again and if they can capitalize on the casual market Nintendo abandoned or confused the hell out of.

Europe is up for grabs they should both do pretty well in Europe. I think MS should try and make some big content partnerships there like they have in the U.S. They could then exploit their uniqueness.
Septic  +   517d ago
Games will win this next-generation pure and simple.

If MS think they can win by worming their way into the whole tv/cacble aspect, they will be in for a shock.

Sony are already in a very big lead at this very early stage.
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edonus  +   517d ago
Well in a real tally comparing what we know the ONE has better features than the Ps4. If you compare just the features I think in a showroom with people looking at both the ONe outshines the Ps4

Next we will compare games. That will be at E3. Fanboyism is destroying the industry. This is shaping up to be one of the greatest E3s ever. We have the 2 biggest most respected consoles coming out at the same time showing of in some depth the games they have head to head. We should rejoicing and sending the videogame stock market through the roof.

Also the uniqueness or X factor should be on display at E3 as well.

Games are always a giant part but dont forget they share 90+% of the same games. That was the thing this gen there was no shortage of games even though sony kept pumping them out and MS let the 3rd party handle content. That is why uniqueness is so important this gen since we will have lots of the same stuff how we interact with it or what makes it different is going to be big. Quiet as kept if Nintendo pull their heads out their ass they could be in this again. The WiiU controller can provide that x factor but they really need some games. Since 3rd party is going to start moving away.
theBAWSE  +   517d ago
LMFAOOOOOOOOO at edonus saying fanboy is destroying the industry

Then look in the mirror... We've all seen your posts talking nonsense defending the shite that is Xbox one

The only thing destroying gaming is microsofts greed, DRM, and the crap that is Kinect 2 which is always on and always watching and listening
Typical-Guy  +   517d ago
Sony Facebook integration...
Microsoft NFL woooow!
AJ Hartley  +   517d ago
Ide say we know pretty much whos got it , I mean im with sony all the way since day one but lets not compare them right now lets just sit in awe and admire the fact that next gen is upon us and so so so many games are nearly here. P.s GTA !!!!!!
ape007  +   517d ago
PS4 look definitely hotter at the moment, the DS4 look fantastic (as well as X1 Controller)
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mcstorm  +   517d ago
I don't think there will be an out right winner next gen. I think the PS4, Xbox One and WiiU will all sell well come the end of the next gen and I expect all 3 will offer us some amazing games that we will all want to play.

So for me the Winner of the next gen will be us gamers.
sly-Famous  +   517d ago
Sony has already won the next gen simply because the Xbox one comes with a BD drive. Game, set and match Sony. I will get some disagrees from xbox fans for this but like it or not you will be supporting Sony from now on. The bottom line is only gamers and gaming journalist sees it as a console war, Sony and MS sees it as making money, why else would MS get BD drive? There "dissing" each other, for gamers, its a serious attack on one another, but to them, its just playfull banter which attracts publicity.
Jek_Porkins  +   517d ago
Sony wasn't the only creator of Blu-Ray you know right? Also, Sony has patents in CD's and DVD players, so Microsoft used those before, and Sony uses Windows on their laptops. I think you are of the belief that they never work together? Which isn't the case.
ziratul  +   517d ago
Wii U is for Gamers, PS4 and XBOX NONE is for COD, NFL fans.
sly-Famous  +   517d ago
Hahaha!!!.........Oh wait, your serious.
ziratul  +   517d ago
No Im just kidding,
PS4 is for gamers,
Wii U is something between HC and Casual with different gaming approach,
XBOX NONE is for .... I don't know help me?
C0MPUT3R  +   517d ago
PS4 will due to MS destroying their brand overseas by making a cable box that needs to plug into your cable box to function. That is the Sales War.
PS4 will win in games with the largest collection of 1st party studios in the world, combined with excellent 3rd part relationships. The best of both worlds. Nintendo has 1st party, MS has 3rd party. SONY has both. That is the Game Wars.
PS4 will win in graphics due to having x86 architecture with a +50% more powerful GPU over BONE and 7 GB GDDR5 176 GB/s memory bandwidth vs. 5GB DDR3 68 GB/s memory bandwidth in BONE. That is the Graphics Wars.
Profit Wars MS will win that. They are going to rape Xboxers to hell and back lol. That isn't anything to brag about. so it is actually a loss.
ltachiUchiha  +   517d ago
Im putting my money on tv. Thats the future mate. Shareholders believe so, so why dont we? /s
SugarSoSweet  +   516d ago
t.v is dying and so r cable suscriptions
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SugarSoSweet  +   516d ago
Games will
medman  +   516d ago
Microsoft is far too focused on reaching into our wallets at every damn opportunity, and too many among us are willing to continue to let them fleece us. Sony is focused on delivering great gaming content, not turning the PS4 into a microwave, which is apparently about the only thing Microsoft is claiming the Xboxone won't do. I'm a gamer, I want great games at reasonable prices. I want an online component that is comfortable and not excessively overpriced for what it offers. I want the tech in my gaming device to be devoted to delivering the best for my games, not splitting off resources for functions I will use once for the novelty then forget about. I want a PS4. At this point, I see nothing from Microsoft that I want. That may change if they blow me away with exclusive titles at E3, but considering their recent history, I'm not going to hold my breath in anticipation.
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Stoppokingme  +   516d ago
We need the XB1 to succeed. If it didn't then what would the diehard fanboys have to bitch about?

Oh that's right, there's still the Wii-U. Or maybe the sun, it's last solar flare was crap, the Betelgeuse solar flare was far more powerful, and at 60 fps.

Or maybe A4 paper? rumours say that A3 delivers a far better paper cut experience.

I love the Playstation, and always will. But I will not resort to degrading M$ just because everyone else is doing it.

Only time will tell. If they don't deliver the games then they deserve to get their asses kicked. And if they do good luck to them.
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