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Arai1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

They did address the "world" during the PS Meeting and of which it stated "coming this holiday".

Further reports on the net stated they are pushing for a 2013 global release.
The console has also been spotted on numerous European online stores, here in Finland you can pre-order the system already for but for 1000 euro.

Since the price isn't known yet I suppose that makes sense, though be it Dutch, Finnish, French, Swedish or British websites....they all list it for November 2013 as the release date/month.

majiebeast1667d ago

Sony is going in for the kill this time. Then tommorow they will probably have a Champions League commercial. Some banners to promote the PS4/E3 unveiling like they did with the meeting. Yeah i think Microsoft stands no chance in Europe not even the UK.

The reason Xbox even won in the Uk was because it launched 18months before ps3 and was 100 pounds cheaper.

Arai1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Yeah prepare for total annihilation!

The timing couldn't be better either, XO being pounded left/right.
Commercial of sort during the Champion's League is a big deal, hell this news itself is a megaton.

Sandmano1667d ago

Your right tommorows dortmund vs Bayern the CL final their going to show something for sure!

seanpitt231667d ago

If this is true this has just made me a very happy person.


I belive it is. On may 7th they had a PS conference here in Brazil to announce our local factory starting to produce PS3s, by the end they had a Q&A where they basically confirmed the console will release here the same day as US and the rest of the world.
(about 44 minutes or a bit before if I'm not mistaken, don't worry, it's practically all in english)

Everything pointing at a worldwide release.

g-nome1667d ago

Thought that was confirmed a while ago already.

Angeljuice1667d ago

Yes, but they usually say that then hold back the European release for several months. If they're publishing adverts then it may just happen.

d0nT wOrrY1667d ago

I'm eagarly waiting to see the PS4 ad in tomorrow's UEFA final :D

imahustla191667d ago

i don't know that flyer looks like its printed of a computer probably fake.

Pyrrhus1667d ago

If you look towards the left of the picture, thats what is normally situated in a legit piece of newspaper.

imahustla191667d ago

ur right i totally missed the part about it being a newspaper ad. congrats UK you get to join in on the new gen fun this year!

Arai1667d ago

It's as real as it gets...

In the Netherlands Metro newspaper used to be free (handed out or lying around at the train/bus stations).
Not sure how it is in the UK or Sweden though.

grassyknoll1667d ago

It's free in the UK too, normally situated in train stations.

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The story is too old to be commented.