Game Revolution: Major League Baseball 2K8 Review

Game Revolution writes: "I have a confession to make: I love baseball. I love the aesthetics of the game, the poetry of the game, the drinking of beer during, before, and after the game (and on off days too!), but mostly I love the numbers of the game. In fact, baseball was my first love. (Okay, and more than a little to do with not yet having discovered the fairer sex, but I digress...). For me, there was always something inherently pleasing about baseball numbers, the core of the sport, and I don't even enjoy math. Because of the nature of the game (the consistency through the decades of one pitcher, one hitter, 90 feet between bases, 60"6' from the mound to the plate, etc.), many of the most famous records in sports are of baseball. In no other sport do the numbers mean as much.

I also happen to enjoy video games, and baseball has always seemed to me to be the one sport that should easily translate to the video game world. The language of numbers, baseball numbers, is one computers speak fluently. In fact, there are a gazillion baseball sims based solely on these numbers, but the best baseball titles seem to be those that can marry a baseball sim with an arcade-style baseball game, where the gamer can have realistic representations of how the game looks and the numbers it produces. Sadly, MLB 2K8 is not that game."

+ There's lots to do
+ It's baseball
+ Good graphics
- ...but bad player movements
+ They're trying
- ...but putting their energy in the wrong places
- Frame-rate issues
- Inaccurate numbers

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