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Microsoft doubles down on Xbox One games, plans to invest $1 billion

Dan Graziano: "The company did confirm that it has big plans for its in-house gaming studio, however. Phil Harrison, a corporate vice president at Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, revealed in an interview with VentureBeat that Microsoft is investing heavily in the gaming experience for the Xbox One. The executive noted that the company is planning to invest more than $1 billion for new content, including 15 internally developed titles in the coming year, eight of which will be brand new. The Xbox One is expected to help breath new life into the struggling gaming industry when it is released later this year." (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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ltachiUchiha  +   712d ago
I believe it especially with them spending a half a billion dollars on just advertising kinect but the real question is how many of those will be kinect games? We wont know until e3.
dedicatedtogamers  +   712d ago | Well said
At this point, it doesn't matter if they're Kinect games or super-awesome hardcore games, for two reasons:

- Microsoft has ALWAYS supported their systems at launch. That's how they rope you in. My question is will they continue support? They didn't for Xbox, and they didn't for Xbox 360.

- with the almost-always-on DRM and no used games and Kinect required, etc, is it really worth it? Is it worth putting up with that crap just for a handful of neat-o games?

If you buy an XBox One, you are funding the death of gaming. I don't care if Microsoft invests $5 billion into first-party studios. Their anti-consumer practices will ensure I will never buy their console (and if Sony pulls a similar tactic, I will ignore the PS4).
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Skips  +   712d ago


Also... hell, if $500 million was spent on ads for Kinect alone, and $30 million to market Halo 4 alone (Literally the same amount as the game's budget)! http://www.joystiq.com/2012...

...ltachiUchiha's question needs to be asked! How much will be invested on Kinect and ads???...



Gamers around the world are waiting MS....
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Mustang300C2012  +   712d ago
OMG just.....WTF. Some of you just need to find new hobbies.
NewMonday  +   712d ago
The NFL "partnership" alone cost 400$m
Septic  +   712d ago | Well said
"If you buy an XBox One, you are funding the death of gaming"

I'm sorry but what a load of sensationalist bull you've just typed out.

You don't even know half of what you're on about and just make sweeping points on conjecture.

People make a lot of noise on here about being gamers but they sure don't seem to act like them, instead they're too busy politicising everything.

The rational mindset would suggest that you wait for E3 and get clarity on the issue of the requirement to be online/used games.

Microsoft investing this much money on exclusives is brilliant news. If only you blinkered fanboy/ raging keyboard warriors would accept that fact (not specifically directed at you). You guys just love putting a spin on everything.
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BitbyDeath  +   712d ago
@Septic, think you need to catch up on the news if you don't believe MS are destroying gaming.

MS controlling games through the internet means they can flip off your single player access at any time, do you really want them to have that kind of power? Not to mention relying on your own internet to be available, eg moving house and your internet can take weeks to come online. Also means you can't play on it that whole time.

Or used games, why buy a used game if you have to pay the full price to unlock it? That means you are paying more for a new game than something that is brand new. You don't see the problem with this?

And why would Kinect need to be on at all times when your playing a game like Halo? Why do they need to be so intrusive?

These sorts of antics will stop people from wanting to game and then you will see a downfall as less developers can afford to make games when less people are buying.

Their is a giant rollon effect you are not seeing here.
edonus  +   712d ago
You have exposed yourself

You definitely arent a gamer.

$1 billion dollars

do you know how much AAA that buys.

I dont care if you play the game with your toes it bound to be a lot of greatness in somewhere in a billion dollars.

And he also said as long as the market supports their games they will continue with an investment that strong.

i know it doesnt matter to you but the reason MS stopped making all those new ips and exclusives was because the markets balanced out. People were buying sequels of 3rd party multiplat games that they came to enjoy instead of trying out new ips.

Lost odyssey was one of the greatest JRPGs ever made didnt even crack 1 million. Alan Wake is one of the most perfect games ever made (not best but perfect meaning everything in it worked perfectly and its design and was perfect). And it took a long time just to hit 1 million.

Most people felt the Witcher 2 was better than Skyrim didnt even do 1 million.

They just adjusted to what the people wanted. I cant blame them for that.
dedicatedtogamers  +   712d ago | Well said
@ edonus

Funny. I'm not a gamer because I want to actually own the games I buy? Kindly shut your mouth. I was there saying "500 million for Kinect advertisement? You know how much AAA that could buy? 1 billion for RRoD? You know how much AAA that could've bought? $400 million for NFL "partnership"? You know how much AAA that could buy?" Where were you when all that money was being thrown around for non-gaming stuff?

Oh, you were there making apologetic and defensive posts for why Kinect is so awesome, that's where you were.

The reason why I speak out is because I know better. Microsoft can throw out all the numbers they want. It's no coincidence that they announce this on the heels of the horrible Xbone conference. It's double-talk. They ignore gamers during the conference, and then they - literally - throw money at the gamer by saying "but even though we have fundamentally put gaming on the back-burner with the Xbone, we would like you to know that we are investing 1 billion in gaming", whatever that means (advertisement, engine development, game development, R&D, Kinect stuff?)
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DARK WITNESS  +   712d ago
I am really started to hate that word "content"...

1 billion on "content".. what type of content? who will this content be aimed at, core or casual gamer?

At this point I think many people still don't trust this action plan as some sort of showing of commitment.
SolidStoner  +   712d ago
So what, we all know Microsoft have tons of money... and we all know they dont know how to spend it! They only know how to earn it!!!
edonus  +   712d ago
Like I said you exposed yourself....

Some how because they spent half a billion here and half 400 million there and another billion over there..... this some how takes away the investment of 1 billion dollars into their 1st party studio exclusives.

Where was I?

I was enjoying my kinect,
Getting my system replaced from an extended warranty.
and enjoying the NFL.

Oh yeah I read the original story, and he stated the 1 billion dollars was for the games of their 1st party studios for the next 12 months.

And you want to own your games? You are jumping to conclusions and acting like its fact. Who said you dont own your games. Having something licensed to you is definitely ownership. They havent specified any requirements or confirmed anything. I can give you several working models they companies use today that work fine and are far from anti consumer as you can get that is in practice today.

You are making assumptions on fragments of information. Sony hasnt even confirmed their plans but you arent assuming so much there are you.

Come on Dedicated say something true something for once. Let the people in hell have a cold night.

say something like 1 billion dollars at least has potential for some good games.


1 billion dollars does show they are willing to make an investment in their games.
andibandit  +   712d ago

"$1 billion dollars

do you know how much AAA that buys. "

I think it was all spent on that new Dog in COD:Ghosts.
GameCents  +   712d ago
Yes!! Down with anti-consumer policies!

It doesn't matter how much money they invest into the console and its games, they are trying to take away our right to do as we please with the games we buy. I've been a staunch 360 supporter for 5 years despite owning a ps3 as well and have taken alot of crap over the years including online fees and expensive HDD's. However, this is the last straw. I'm not bending over anymore and neither should the rest of you.

Let's not see this as Xbox fans vs Sony and Nintendo fans. Instead let us all band together as Gamers vs Greed.
GamingWorldPeace  +   712d ago
Dawg, I thought this is a gaming site but boy was I wrong. I intend to buy the PS4 at launch and am happy of what Sony is doing with their plan so far but I am also interested in the games that MS are making. The stupid things that people say here and logic that are behind them are just childish! This site is like the Jerry Springer show of gaming. There are already 8 games inadvertently shown from the MS conference if any of you haven't noticed,
They are also going to show a "historic" IP from Rare and the new game from one of MS new studio, Black Tusk will also make an appearance at E3. I think that is a pretty good start already and no doubtz I want to see what else they have at E3.
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TheSurg  +   712d ago
If you would actually pay attention at the reveal and interviews later you would know that there is no requirement to be online. Your comment is full of bull. Xbox One is a console that does other things, like Iphone is a phone that does other things. You ain't a gamer but since you defend sony and b!tch MS you will get tons of thumbs up. N4G...
Anon1974  +   712d ago
I don't know what to think here. I'm a gamer first and foremost so anyone announcing an investment of a billion into gaming is going to attract my attention. I just don't know how I can be expected to support a console that, buy design, will actively stop me from playing games I've purchased, or prevent me from or charges me extra for buying games from certain sources.

Even assuming the "internet once a day" connection worked out of the gate, what happens when it doesn't? We've seen XBL go down before and it'll always be a target for hackers, not to mention prone to human error or infrastructural problems. And, as I don't live in the US, I know from past experience that server issues outside of the US don't have the same priority as US servers.

Why would any gamer willingly put themselves in this position if they don't have to? Microsoft couldn't even launch hardware that worked last gen, and we're supposed to jump on-board this gen with a console that could actively stop us from playing our own games based on what? Faith that MS won't screw it up?
JokesOnYou  +   711d ago
darkride your trolling excuses are weaksauce....
will actively stop me from playing games I've purchased, or prevent me from or charges me extra for buying games from certain sources.

-huh? No nowhere has anything said X1 will stop the original owner from playing a game he purchased, UNLESS he sells the game and thus loses the license code, same as now. As for the used game fee, we need clarity, but there are no concrete statements from sony on that matter either.

Even assuming the "internet once a day" connection worked out of the gate, what happens when it doesn't?

-What do you mean, it just needs to briefly connect to the internet once a day, OMG! that's tragic, does your internet go down for longer than 24hrs?....sheesh you need a new service provider.

We've seen XBL go down before and it'll always be a target for hackers,

-uhm down for how long? link please? xbox live has been the biggest, most played and most reliable online service this gen.

Microsoft couldn't even launch hardware that worked last gen, and we're supposed to jump on-board this gen

-ps2 had its issues, sony was even subject to several class action lawsuits, yet you willing jumped on-board last gen, right?
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SecondSon  +   711d ago
Its sad that with the funds for the Kinect advertising Naughty Dog would have made 25 Uncharted games since they only cost them $20 million each :/
sengoku  +   712d ago
more call of duty exclusive DLC??

that another billion wasted.
i'm sure it will buy them some games but the trouble with the one is beyond games at the moment.

they invested 1 billion in kinect and look what that got us
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   712d ago
@Uchiha I can tell you it'll be mostly hardcore. Considering Kinect is built into the console and it has its own processor MS could easily give it voice control or simple hand gestures within its core games hence, "better with Kinect."

Ryse and Black Tusks were originally hardcore Kinect games until MS noticed Kinect was failing as hardcore device. Ryse is now "Better with Kinect and I'm 90% sure Black Tusks is strictly core base with mild Kinect function.

Of course MS will show casual titles but I don't see very many though. Maybe 2 or 3 total. Remedy's Quantum Break looks interesting, combining Alan Wakes story telling and Max Pains brutal destruction seems like perfect fit.

Plus Rare and CrackDown 3 teased dang I can't wait now. E3 is where its at.

EDIT: @Thirty Whatever Kinect comes with it.

Doesn't matter because I'll get unfair BS disagrees anyway like always. Unless I blend in and be a fanboys less of a gamer sheep. But the Sony kids had to come in here and ruin everything like they aaaalways do. This is a good thing not a bad thing. I have to say something that makes no sense to get agrees. One sided, one sided everything always onesided its not fair, at all.

MS had a bad reveal I get it I didn't like it either. The last I checked a unveil doesn't give the other guy the win by default. I want both to do well unlike you fanboys who are less of a gamer.

Say something completely dumb and stupid get a pile of agrees, wow ignorance is bliss and plentiful here. Say something with logic and that's coherent pile him with disagrees. The fanboys and idiots rule this site.

Lol watch the idiots and less of a gamer fanboys will disagree because I'm talking to them and there angry and offended lol.
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Thirty3Three  +   712d ago
"Kinect is built into the console and it has its own processor"

1) It's not built-in. It's separate, but mandatory for the Xbox One to function
2) It has its own processor? Never heard such a thing.
theBAWSE  +   712d ago
Kinect 2 is worse than the DRM ms have implemented

The camera is always watching and listening even when Xboxone is on standby

You have no privacy that is mad scary... You basically are inviting ms into your private sanctuary to log how you behave... Remember Kinect is 24/7 logged to ms servers
TheSurg  +   712d ago
You guys need to get your facts straight. Microsoft won't be watching you if you don't want them to. When you connect Kinect to xbox360 it asks you only one time if you are willing to send samples of voice and video to MS for some analisys etc. You just press NO and thats it! They cant force anything on you. Silly kids.
ABizzel1  +   712d ago
Well if it's all their IP's for the first year that's still over $60 million in funding per game, but I'm sure some will get more than the other which is insane, but what they need to do a 360 after that awful reveal.

As far as game break down, I'm pretty sure the 15 exclusives will be like this.

9 Retail games
4 Kinect games
2 XBLA games

After looking at what all their studios are working on this seems to make the most sense. Based on sales / reviews / studio games in development the Kinect games should be Kinect Aventures 3 (or something similar), Kinect Sports Season 3, Dance Central 4, and Kinect Fitness (possibly one of the New IP's).

The retail games we know thus far are Halo 5, Forza 5, Ryse, and Quantum Break. We know Lionhead has a game (Froza 4 / MMO), Black Tusk game, MS LA is working on a core game, Platform Next Studios is working on a core game, and Rare is working on a game so that's 9 likely retail core games from 2013 - 2014.

The remaining tow unknowns I believe are XBLA just for a well rounded start.
BeZdaBest  +   712d ago
1 billion psstt.

how bout *puts pinky under nose*

100 BILLION dollars muwhahaha..

The_Infected  +   712d ago
Wow they invest 1 billion in games and everyone is still complaining. Is anyone ever happy? They are spending 1 freaking billion dollars on gaming and yet still people are complaining or calling them Kinect games. Be happy they're spending that much money on games hell I'd be happy they are.
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jessupj  +   712d ago
Maybe it's because they're suspicious because they've been lied to before.

Maybe it's because ever since MS released the first kinect they've virtually completely abandoned the hardcore market.

How much of that 1 billion is going to be spent on advertising? Or kinect games?

Or maybe, regardless is MS release 100 games on release, the Xbone will still hide used games behind a paywall, still required kinect to be install at all times, and still require you to sign in every 24 hours.

It's becoming a joke. What the fck does MS has to do for you xbox fanboys to wake up and stop defending them. It was funny at first, not it's just sad. If you support MS and buy a Xbone you get everything you deserve.
The_Infected  +   712d ago
I'm not getting one but I know how they throw their money around. I'm getting a PS4 100%
Ausbo  +   712d ago
i expect probably about half of these 15 exclusives to be kinect/arcade games. Despite that, i think 7 to 8 legit exclusives in the first year is pretty damn good. Only question is will these titles deliver?? Cause Sony's exclusives always do. If Microsoft can really bring it at e3, i might get thier console since i don't care about used games. I buy new games discounted on amazon.
Loki86  +   712d ago
Really... Sony exclusives always do huh?
Ausbo  +   711d ago
Yeah pretty much loki. And this is coming from someone who doesnt own a sony console
BlindGuardian  +   712d ago
X1 used games system requires them to know when you sold a game so they can remove it from your HDD remotely

the only way to do that is to force online on you so they can check your HDD

otherwise I could fill the HDD with games and then sell the discs and keep playing them directly from the HDD

KingKelloggTheWH  +   712d ago
I wonder what amount of this will go into things that matter for gamers,I bet most will be rights for shows and advertising.
OlgerO  +   712d ago
This is incredible big news people!! One of the biggest games like Skyrim cost only 85 million ( which includes marketing ) This means that at least 10 extra absolutely massive games can be expected on the xbox One. This is the first time im actually wavering in my decision for PS4.
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DeadlyFire  +   712d ago
No. This means Microsoft is investing heavy into Cable companies to allow their TV service to work in every region likely.

Games will still have the standard budgets. Maybe extra millions thrown into advertising here and there for Halo, but that's about it.
M-M  +   712d ago
Remove all the restrictions/spying and extra subscriptions, then I'll buy it.
BeZdaBest  +   712d ago
theres a fee for that..

just kidding..

or am i O_o??
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Why o why  +   712d ago
Trust me. I even cover the built in cameras on my laptops, even after I've disabled them. Same for the mic. I just re enable if I ever need them. With the kinect I'm guessing there must be some type of off feature.
whoyouwit04  +   712d ago
You sony fans just do what you can to try and down play any thing positive about the xbox; it's really just sad. they already said that 1 billion was invested in the games and there are more games being developed in the history of xbox how much do you fools are for the actual development of the game.
Soldierone  +   712d ago
They didn't mention what games are being developed. For all we know, all 15 or whatever number they said, are kinect dance games.....
Septic  +   712d ago
So what? It's still 1 billion bring invested on games alone. So you naturally assume they'll be Kinect titles?

It's just pessimism borne out of fanboyism that's all.
SonyPS4  +   712d ago
Well the XOne does require a Kinect to use (as it looks, good luck getting by without it, really) so yeah it is safe to assume most of these games will at least make use of some gestures of the Kinect, even if these games were full-fledged AAA games.
BeZdaBest  +   712d ago
so what..

if thats you type of game no prob..


Why o why  +   712d ago
Fool me once septic...

Lets be hopeful and optimistic, yes but to expect those who predicted this same crap and seen it realised to have zero doubts is dumb. I'm a core gamer. So believe it or not I want more core games. I understand these super 15 will be a mix of core kinect and xbla games. My concern is the ratio of each. Ms, since kinect, have released around 10 kinect exclusives for every core game....alarm bells nah
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BitbyDeath  +   712d ago
We already know 2 of the 15 -
Kinect Fitness
Kinect One




Kinect is mandatory so naturally it'll have a lot of Kinect titles.
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GamingWorldPeace  +   712d ago
Yo hommies, 8 games were leaked already if any of you are paying any attention.

1. Quantum Break
2. Crackdown
3. Forza 5
4. A game based of water physics by Rare
5. A new Halo
6. A new game from Rare with Pixar style graphics
7. Ryse
8. A new Fable

Another Rare game that is a "historic" IP will be shown at E3.

Black Tusk will show their big budget IP at E3 as well.

More might be shown as the exclusive Respawn rumored game Titan might make an appearance and Epic haven't even show us what they got. I bet you they will use E3 to show off a game made with UE4 (Please be Gears 4 with the return of my man, Cole Train!).

Lets just wait for E3 and we will know foe sure.
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DeadlyFire  +   712d ago
If you consider the franchises we already know are coming including Kinect ones will likely sequels coming. That leaves room for about 4-5 of those 15 games to be new IPs.
Hicken  +   712d ago
And, again, with the Kinect being MANDATORY, it needs to be asked: HOW MANY OF THE GAMES ARE FOR KINECT?
Mkai28  +   712d ago
That's not your concern.. To be honest, even if the X1 was to do everything right for the gamer sake. People would still have the same reactions, just lest mess to talk about. You don't plan on getting it, so why care?
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SDF Repellent  +   712d ago
Hicken, oh no not you again. LOL

quote Hicken
" with the Kinect being MANDATORY, it needs to be asked: HOW MANY OF THE GAMES ARE FOR KINECT? "

potentially all games could use Kinect. Ryse is a perfect example of a core game that used a controller with the Kinect. That is the beauty of having Kinect in every system as third party ports can be made to take advantage of that added feature. An example of this is in a COD, for example. When you are in close combat situation, you can move your controller and perform melee attacks and the action will be display on-screen or use hand throwing motion to throw a grenade, for example.
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maniacmayhem  +   712d ago

Like you care. You claim you're still on the fence about purchasing a 360 after SEVEN years of it being on the market. Why would you care now that Kinect is mandatory or any of the X1 games?

You stayed on this site like a pig in sh*t yelling and ranting about how MS left their gaming core, how they didn't have any exclusives, how they didn't have enough vested in games, how they didn't care about gaming or the gamer.

Now here's an article telling you just the opposite of what you ranted forever about their new system, PLUS the announcement of them having 15 new games which 8 are new IP's and STILL you complain ... about KINECT.

Kinect is what they invested in, yes there will be games that utilize Kinect that we can all be 100% sure of. There will also be games that use a hybrid of Kinect and the controller and I'm sure there will be games that don't use it.

Instead of being the class A d-bag that you usually are about MS (and anything non-sony), you should at least be giving them some high marks for investing that much money alone into gaming.
kenshiro100  +   712d ago
They showed Kinect titles last E3. If the focus is on media and entertainment, then you can't blame people for doubting that they'll show core titles, based on this new console disaster and last E3.

I have no faith in Microsoft to blow me away atm.
GameCents  +   712d ago
No friend. There are no SONY fans right now. The next gen has not begun yet (sorry Ninty) and so there are no divides.
There is no need to commit yourself to a company or console that will enslave you for 10 years to come. Right now we are all fans of gaming and this console is a threat to the hobby we love.

I know the other side seems to be taunting you about this and yes it isn't right how they are going on about it but this time they have a point and we have to join them.
I'll miss Forza Motorsport horribly, that sexy controller too! But nothing is worth losing our rights to the games we own and being able to just game whenever and wherever we want, not even sweet beautiful Forza 5 *looks back at SONY crowd for confirmation* *crowd nods*

Won't you join us, brother?
NateCole  +   712d ago
Well that is a great start MS. It was long overdue.

I want real exclusives and for the love of god develope a bloody Killer Instinct!!.
kenshiro100  +   712d ago
Thank you. I've been waiting for years for a new KI.
tehpees3  +   712d ago
And when those who live in ignorance see it needs an internet connection just to work it will go right back to the shops. If they are advertising it that much they need to make it clear that everybody knows what they are doing with it.
Imalwaysright  +   712d ago
Too little too late. Im not supporting their anti-consumer practices. I'm not like a drug addict that would do anything to get my fix and I refuse to bend over.
NateCole  +   712d ago
I am just going to assume they will change their plans come E3.

If the publishers forces both MS and Sony to go this route though then i am going for the WiiU and upgrade my PC.
Imalwaysright  +   712d ago
I too am waiting to see what Sony will do and if they go the same route as MS I will only get a Wii U and keep my PC
Kayant  +   712d ago
I wonder how much of that was spent on the servers, the partnership with EA and Activision on sports and COD...

Edit- Hopefully they saved a lot for development of games that will be great for Xbox gamers even though am no longer one ;).... Also it better not be a FPS minefield because the Xbox one needs variety in its exclusive line-up.
#8 (Edited 712d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ComBaTs0uL  +   712d ago
^^ completely agree, its getting sad and pathetic how much they really want Microsoft to fail..
#9 (Edited 712d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
kenshiro100  +   712d ago
So criticizing Microsoft is wanting them to fail? People actually care about games. I want to make the right next gen console choice and so far the PS4 is looking to be my first choice. Unless MS comes up with new IPs that blow my mind or Killer Instinct, I will be skeptical.
#9.1 (Edited 712d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
NateCole  +   712d ago
Oh come on guys. This is at least some good news. This is what i always wanted MS to do. Spend money on talent to create the best gaming experience they can which leads to

1. More diverse games for gamers
2. More quality games
3. More business for the industry which is good for the industry.

So i do applaud them for this. They need to do more though and they can and they should since they have a lot of money.
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SonyPS4  +   712d ago
It is good news. Kudos to Microsoft!

Too bad it doesn't fix the daily online connection DRM or the anti-used games technology. That makes playing these theoretical quality games much less enjoyable.
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Intentions  +   712d ago
So, there's like 15 exclusives for the year Xbox One launches, 8 are brand new IP's, 7 are prob sequels etc

So far we know there is Forza 5 and Quantum Break, most likely some other ones are Kinect Fitness or something if you look on the Microsoft Studios Wiki page (Even tho it might not be accurate info).
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maniacmayhem  +   712d ago
Well I guess it makes sense that they would have too. Considering almost every small dev and indie dev are pulling out of developing games for the Xbox.

Lets hope they are able to make it up with games that are just as exciting and creative as the games they could have gotten from the people who are claiming they will pull out.
vega275  +   712d ago
MS needs to change their policy on self publishing before many dev's will return to making games for the platform. lets hope with all the negative responce to the showing of the xbox one will humble them down and start making smarter moves.

this is definitely a step in the right direction and hope they also continue doing it thru out the xbox one life cycle. as for the use games issue. i think they need to be straight up with their customers and fans and stop with the double talk. same goes for sony.
PigPen  +   712d ago
I knew they was going to do something like that. Sony can't compete with the exclusive. I also think Nintendo will go after exclusive too. They have three with Sega. Multiplatform is multiplatform, but its the exclusive that's going to set them apart. Microsoft throwing a billion at it, that's major.
Why o why  +   712d ago
jessupj  +   712d ago
I think you're a bit confused there, buddy.

It's MS that can't compete with Sony's exclusives.
PigPen  +   711d ago
I think your confused, Sony has no money.
cyhm3112  +   712d ago
seriously, not impressive. I doubt it will be different after they show their games, most likely the games will be shooters, small arcade games, kinect games, and 1 or 2 from other genres. MS just don't get it.
MasterCornholio  +   712d ago
Sony already has 4 1st party exclusives at launch and I'm wondering if Microsoft is capable of surpassing them.

Motorola RAZR i
urwifeminder  +   712d ago
Nice they could buy a lot of sony buildings for that <s great to hear of this massive investment into games.
Bumpmapping  +   712d ago
Billion down the drain :(
Jdoki   712d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
raytraceme  +   712d ago
They said $1bill for content including games not just games. So since nfl cost$400mill and their other app deals that leaves about $4-500 million for games. Good number but unlike this gen will u continually support it with new ips and good sequels?
edonus  +   712d ago
I have been telling people this for like 2 days now.

And for the hating sonyfanboys crapping their pants right now.... just to make you more uncomfortable with reality.

I read the original and he said this 1 billion dollars was only for their 1st party studios not exclusive DLC. and ya'll better prey that the new and improved kinect that tracks at 1:1 and and has a system that was bulit with the power reserved to use it to its fullest capability that now come with every single system doesnt bridge the gap and start getting some of the core gamers to see its greatness.

Because a few AAA kinect/hybrid titles would be something Sony couldnt compete with from what we know about their camera. It will be a murder.
#20 (Edited 712d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
jessupj  +   712d ago
I'm not crapping my pants.

What I am doing is face palming when ever anyone defends MS.

Enjoy your used game fees and daily DRM. I'll be enjoying amazing games on a superior machine and thinking about all the stubborn little xbox fanboys that just refuse to see the facts and are stuck with their anti-gamer console.
edonus   712d ago | Personal attack | show
awesomeperson  +   712d ago
"We all know you have know idea of what you are talking about."

You were shown next to no games at the console unveiling.

You were shown a system targetted towards the general entertainment and television market as a way of announcing a console.

As a gamer, you were shown almost no feasible reason to make you in any way, shape, or form, want to buy the console, in my opinion anyway.

Great - they set aside $1 billion. I wonder how much Sony and Nintendo invest in their core exclusives?

So far I know of many core exclusive games coming to Playstation 4, and I have no doubt more will be announced at E3.

Except for Quantum Break, which looks like a good concept, I have been lacking any reason to consider buying the next Xbox.

So edonus, your complete disregard in weighing up the pros and cons of buying your next system seems to more show that you are being ignorant to the bigger picture. Microsoft are moving more towards diversifying the XBOX to being the "One" main component of the living room, not focussing on games which, as a gamer, you should be looking for.

I don't like having to go on a rant, but when you say things like "your failure is complete", it's hard not to bite the trollbait.
SDF Repellent  +   712d ago
to be fair jessupj,

The constant b!tching about MS and DRM this and Fee that, what if Sony does the same thing with the PS4? Yes, they have claimed they won't block used games and won't required alway-on-line, which is similar to what MS had said about the Xbox One but Phil Harrison just reveal a tad bit more information. If the used fee benefit publishers and developers because they will get a share of the money, why is it hard to believe that Sony won't be doing the same thing as well?

And what would your excuse be if both are going to implement the same used game scheme?

and @edonus,

Even when I am down on MS right now, I still don't like Sony fanboys trolling on every xbox related articles with their stupid and silly comments. You are a true warrior, props. I still got some SDF repellent canisters reserved for these Jabronies.
#20.1.3 (Edited 712d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
Why o why  +   712d ago
'Even when I am down on MS right now, I still don't like Sony fanboys trolling on every xbox related articles with their stupid and silly comments. You are a true warrior, props. I still got some SDF repellent canisters reserved for these Jabronies.'

LMAO...I love it.... To be fair though if the 'other' side has a bad day at the office, those from the 'other' side make noise. Swings and roundabouts. Dont give it if you cant take it or you're straight **** *cough* ill say no names*

'I still got some SDF repellent canisters reserved for these Jabronies.' as a 30 plus i shouldnt be saying this but the rock is a beast..He really is a franchise saver.. Go watch some 'brain at door' fast and furious 6 for some fun..
#20.1.4 (Edited 712d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
GrumpyOla  +   712d ago
I think that MS want a shares of the tablets market and sees the future there, and not in hardcore gaming. With tablets you don't just sell games and apps but also you sell more hardware since their life cycles are alot shorter than those of consoles.
outsider1624  +   712d ago
there you go xbox gamers! congrats!
6DEAD6END6  +   712d ago
I'll believe it when I see it because for all we know those could just be a ton of kinect games all over again like they did with the 360. I haven't used my 360 Since Jan 2009 because there no real exclusives worth playing for me. I'm not a big Halo fan, I can't stand fable and nor do I care for forza since I don't play racing games even GT series. The last game I played and bought was gear 2 and that's because my wife got me a 360 for Xmas. I just don't trust M$ and I just don't care much for the games on the system.
CapsLocke  +   712d ago
Lol, M$ are so desperate.
porkChop  +   712d ago
Knowing Microsoft, I wonder how much of that money will go towards buying timed "exclusives" and DLC. It would be smarter long-term for Microsoft to stop with the timed exclusive crap and throwing money around, and instead start investing in new first party studios. That would allow them to have a steady stream of first party titles coming throughout each year.

Of all the hardware manufacturers, Microsoft has the weakest first party catalog, and that's because they shut down most of their studios. They only have 3 relevant AAA franchises. Halo, Forza, and Fable. According to Epic, they own Gears of War, so that isn't first party. 3 games... that is unacceptable for a console manufacturer. They need more studios.
monkeyfox  +   712d ago
My sister earns $2187 a second online madly bashing keys at random...

I think Microsoft need to be careful with this. I mean all the next gen consoles will have similar functionality it seems but you have to understand that Microsoft are only going after what sony, apple and google are ultimately .. living room dominance... and its all to do with how these companies flex and change to the current markets needs. I still believe they can all co-exist but when you have every console being able to stream media, films, music and have access to netflix, iplayer, you tube, internet, emails then it doesnt matter what console you own it comes down to one thing.. GAMES.. and it appears microsoft are doing what they did last time.. spending money on timed exclusives and all that kind of rubbish. i mean, do we really even care about COD DLC content anymore? Sony on the other hand have been steadily buying studios for the past 10 years and fostering real creativity within that framework.
#26 (Edited 712d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
first1NFANTRY  +   712d ago
Why couldn't they invest this amount of money into the 360 to begin with? I just hope half or all that money goes into building IP's and studios.
hiredhelp  +   712d ago
8 new ip's thats all well and good but how many are kinnect.
Gerchi-san  +   712d ago
How delusional can people be to still have faith in Microsoft's Xbox Division? THIS is nothing but damage control.

They spit out vague numbers about specs and investments to overshadow their bad reputation. I'm not saying they won't invest that much into it, but "gaming content" is pretty vague if you ask me. Like timed exclusivity for example.

I'm sure they'll have wonderful games early on in the Xbox Ones lifecycle, but will it be enough to justify those DRM-issues, always "kinected" force and 24h internet connection need? They even toy with ideas for a "pay-per-viewer-policy&qu ot;.

I'll say it again: Even if it's just an idea they are playing with, it shows better than anything HOW far they WOULD go if they could, and they're tryin' very hard to push into that direction, and if they succeed, many will (have to) follow, or die trying.

Is it worth supporting all this in order to play mindlessly along for a bunch of games? I am as far from a fanboy as can be, as I owned pretty much every console before, so I'm not speaking out for a single company, but for the entire videogame industry.

Every true gamer should be aware of by now, that Microsoft did not enter the videogame industry in order to compete and thrive in the industry, but to conquer it.
joefrost00  +   712d ago
I laugh when I hear the ignorance come out of people mouth about MS practicing anti consomer practices
BlindGuardian  +   712d ago
X1 used games system requires them to know when you sold a game so they can remove it from your HDD remotely

the only way to do that is to force online on you so they can check your HDD

otherwise I could fill the HDD with games and then sell the discs and keep playing them directly from the HDD
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