Please Delay Saints Row 4

Why Being Released 3 Weeks Before Grand Theft Auto 5 is Not Cool.

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FullmetalAlchemist1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

I can totally see where the author is coming from, having both games come out so close together and not leaving players enough time to fully savor each. But I'm so anxious for both SR4 and GTA5 I wish they were both out now!

superkidcupid131073d ago

right...but i dnt see nothing wrong with sr4 coming 3 weeks me enough time to beat the game then get gta5..either way im gettin both even if they both dropped on the same day or weeks of each other

GamerToons1073d ago

Am I the only one that thinks SR4 looks a little too nuts?

I am missing the days of old... even SR3.

Gamer19821073d ago

I dont give a crap as Saints Row is awesome as its loads of fun and not serious compared to GTA. GTA is too serious and not for me. They are completly different types of games. Only thing in common is open-world and guns..

RyuX191073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Have you seen the last few trailers of GTAV. There seems to be a good amount of comedy mixed into this new one. Quirky is how I would describe GTAV right now.

The only serious GTA game was IV so don't act like all the others were completely serious.

SolidStoner1073d ago

For me GTA is about those jokes (TV, radio, people, singn's, internet, funny stuff all around) then there's music, gta taste of music is always best! And how about stealing cars, traveling far distances and do it all in high quality! it is kind a serious but still alot of fun... Saints row is just like arcade version of the game, it has everything that gta have, but lower quality, especially driving, so its no buy for me!

Count1073d ago

I don't believe they are completely different games. But I prefer Saints Row.

1OddWorld1073d ago

The games are direct competitors. Saints Row should release 6 months down the road or suffer bad sales due to going against the reigning champ of sandbox games.

Errol James1071d ago

For real. We have to deal with one delay already. #HoldYourHorses

claud31073d ago

Destroy S.R 4, because it is crap

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