Battlefield Bad Company Beta Access

Battlefield: Bad Company BETA Starts March 25th for USA, Canada and Europe only. Get Your Codes now from the site below....NOW!!

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TrevorPhillips3623d ago

ohh thats not fair when will the beta come out for aus and nz :(

aceitman3622d ago

i got my key from ign just know thanks

THESWAT3623d ago

i say f*ck the americans

ASSASSYN 36o3623d ago

Jealousy alert. Level 9 Jealous haters detected.

DRUDOG3623d ago

Oh, don't get your panties all twisted the f'in site wouldn't work for me either and I'm in NA.

sak5003623d ago

It sucks its not for Asia as well. I found the torrent for BFBD anyway. The iso is 1.07GB.

PureGamer3623d ago

??? have you got in? if so can you give me a pm please as im in asia aswell.

the_gaming_guy3623d ago

Am I not allowed access in the UK?

Because last time I checked, the UK was in Europe...:(

KyonoRocks3623d ago

Same has happened to me, I'm in Sweden and I get the restricted message

the_gaming_guy3623d ago

Anyone else getting the same message?

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The story is too old to be commented.