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Destiny to have a big reveal at Sony’s E3 Press Conference

With only less than a month before Sony shows off their PlayStation 4 and the future of PlayStation franchise at their annual E3 press conference, there’s one more thing to look forward to and that’s Bungie’s Destiny. (Destiny, PS3, PS4)

NatureOfLogic  +   675d ago
More PS4 exclusive content? aren't these the same guys that made halo?
CalvinKlein  +   675d ago
I just came up with a good reason too. Probably because bungie know the ps4 is more powerful so they want to show off the best looking console version. It could just be running on a PC anyways but if its running on ps4 then it could be a good reason to want to show the superior ps4 version.
FlameHawk  +   675d ago
I've been thinking because Microsoft and Bungie have gotten into a arguement because of Halo, because if you think about it Microsoft just gave their amazing high selling IP to some other company. If I was them, I would be really pissed off at Microsoft.
The_Infected  +   675d ago
You could be right or maybe Sony treats their developers with respect as they're part of the playstation family now. Unlike some other company.
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One4U  +   675d ago
its funny how ms best fps dev went multiplat and so did sonys best fps dev insomniac !
Jonoc33  +   675d ago
That is so close-minded haha CalvinKlein haha.

I think its a simple case of Sony came to them with a great business deal.
Sovereign59  +   675d ago
Bungie no longer wanted to make Halo games, Microsoft did not take Halo away from them and give it to someone else.
RememberThe357  +   675d ago
Bungie knew Halo was goingh to go to someone else the moment they bought themselves back from MS. I'm sure there are no hard feelings, this is business not high school.

Personally I think Sony has an exclusive content deal and probably an advertising deal with them. I think it also has something to do with what Calvin described above but I'm certain larger sums of money have changed hands.
Intentions  +   675d ago
Some ppl here are misinformed/misguided.

raytraceme  +   675d ago
Actually Bungie had to BUY their independence from MS while Insomniac was always independent. BIG difference there.
Kingdom Come  +   675d ago
Or it could just be that, as they already have the attention of the Xbox Market, they need to win over the Playstation Market.
pixelsword  +   675d ago
Insomniac was Sony's best FPS dev until Killzone 2 came out.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   675d ago
I really hate when Consolee makers bring Publishers of multiplatform games and shwocase their games in their conference as if they were exclusive. Activision with COD in every Microsoft conference Sony with Ubisoft and AC games (and they show they show the same stuff on Ubisoft conference) and now with Destiny and I bet they will show PS3 version and not PS4 version too. Just a pure waste of time and making any conference loosing store just to compensate the lack of exclusive games or whatever. I'd rather watch a an hour-lasting Sony conference filled with exclusive games only rather than two houtrs 60% of it talk and multiplatform games shwocase. It justs gets boring. Be short and efficient is the key to impress and the key to success.
Tatsuya  +   675d ago
PS4 as lead platform
It must be a PS4 gameplay, I couldn't care less about gameplay on PC.

PS4: Greatness Awaits
nix  +   675d ago
Calvin.. the sad truth is it will never happen. PS3 is/was able to have greater graphics than 360 but the third party devs kept the game same so that there are no biases.

same is gonna be for PS4 and One (so tempted to type XBone, lol). what you will get is amazing games from Sony's first party devs.
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cant hate them for loving on the core gamer system!!

Ps4 is ur destiny!!

Sony probably gives them more freedom than M$ most likely.

Sony need a destiny ad with ps4 logo at the end!!

bet ps4 is lead platform.

I wouldn't be surprised if sony been had feed back from bungie during ps4 development.
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Skips  +   675d ago
Lol, the studio that practically MADE Xbox what it is (or should I say WAS) unveiling first gameplay footage of their new AAA IP at Sony's conference???

That's like Sony Sanata Monica or Naughty Dog going multiplat and unveiling their first game at MS's conference... LMFAO!!! XD

Huge slap in the face...
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Pyrrhus  +   675d ago
Yeah, I never thought I would be so interested in what Bungie would say or put out but Destiny is shaping up to be a really interesting game.
Utalkin2me  +   675d ago

While i agree. Don't ever say that last part, just makes me cringe.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   675d ago
Sony just simply provided Bungie with a buisness deal chill.

@Sonic Not really, but at least a Formerly owned MS studio's game Destiny looks allot promising than Sony's formerly owned studio Insomniac's Fuse.

Sony's in good hands with Bungie.
Skips  +   675d ago
Sony never owned Insomniac bud, and them getting Destiny is a WAY bigger deal than MS getting Fuse.

"Sony's in good hands with Bungie."

You mean Bungie's in good hands with Sony... Considering how much Bungie loves them now being all developer friendly and whatnot. lol
Imagine if Sony and Bungie's relationship grew so well that Sony outright BOUGHT them and included them in their 1st party lineup! Would be CRAZY! lol
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Kal-El-001  +   675d ago
yeah dont sony fanboys hate halo good luck destiny
Action GO FIGURE  +   675d ago
Except this isn't Halo. /eyebrow

I hate Halo but I like Bungie.

See the difference?
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redtideone11  +   675d ago
we don't hate it, we just never needed it. having a franchise like halo is always a + just the same as if microsoft ever got naughty dog.
Action GO FIGURE  +   675d ago
So why did MS go with COD instead of this? Destiny looks more interesting...
ABizzel1  +   675d ago
Because MS bets on sure things, hence why the rarely try to create New IP's. The only reason they're trying hard for New IP's with the Xbox One is because:

1. It's been one of their greatest criticism's this gen.
2. Sony and Nintendo have a better first party than MS, and Bungie just left.
3. New IP's perform (not sell, perform) best at the beginning of a new console generation.

So it makes sense for MS to see what works, and whatever doesn't drop it early on. MS wants sure things.

Do I agree with that, as a gamer no, as a business it makes sense.
Persistantthug  +   675d ago

How the tables have turned.
Gamer1982  +   675d ago
Its actual gameplay for once..
The_Infected  +   675d ago
Welcome to Sony Bungie:) I can't wait to play your game on Ps4!
Enemy  +   675d ago
Lmao dat low blowage.
DrRichtofen  +   675d ago
Meanwhile Microsoft is gonna get back at Sony by announcing that Insomniac Games is going to release exclusive FUSE dlc for Xbox.
fourOeightshark  +   675d ago
Except Sony never owned Insomniac.
FullmetalAlchemist  +   675d ago
He was clearly being sarcastic
extermin8or  +   675d ago
I don't think insomniac would do it after all they still make ratchet and clank games and probably will return to resistance-word was Sony had a new IP insomniac turned down but with FUSE playing how it does and probably selling badly as a result they might rethink that-cant afford to piss off the loyal fan base that keeps them running can they?
Intentions  +   675d ago
Wooooot gameplay footage :D
Errol James  +   675d ago
I still have no idea what this game is about, but people seem excited so I'm excited? I unno. I'll wait til I actually play this game that's supposed to be revolutionary.
One4U  +   675d ago
same here , im excited about the concept but im not really excited about the game since i havent seen anything
ZodTheRipper  +   675d ago
You're excited about a FPS-RPG with subscription service and microtransactions?
I'm not. This way, the game must be super awesome for me to buy it.
Bumpmapping  +   675d ago
Superior PS4 version can't wait.
PANTHER1030  +   675d ago
Amazing game, first day for me!
The_Blue  +   675d ago
Did you even see gameplay yet? lol
S2Killinit  +   675d ago
I think this is going to be good. Bungie is a visionary developer, that is something no one can deny whatever their programming prowess.
Virtual_Reality  +   675d ago
Release the kraken....
r21  +   675d ago
Bungie presenting their game at a Sony presentation. Crazy how times have changed.
SolidDuck  +   675d ago
It makes since, COD goes hard on xbox with timed exclusive dlc, so for destiny to go more towards ps4 makes since for Sony and bungie. And activision sits back and makes money off all of it.
AznGaara  +   675d ago
Yeah smart move on Activision's part. They want to keep relations good so if MS gets Call of Duty exclusives then Sony gets Blizzard and Bungie exclusives.
Rusty515  +   675d ago
Ouch. Need some ice on that burn Microsoft?
Ggame  +   675d ago
This would be a truly BIG news (for Sony) rather MS boasted to have 360 announcement in E3. I wonder how Sony do its best to motivate a developer like Bungie to stand on Sony show.

Cheer-up Sony.
Sevir  +   675d ago
I was hoping that Bungie would announce when and where
They'd debut their game play, with a possible PS4 demonstration. And OMG, after watching the trailer I was pleasantly surprised.

Sony Want a hand in making this game the Next big thing on their platform, like Watchdogs and Assassin's Creed and Battlefield.

There was a chance that Sony would partner with Bungie and Activision to secure association with the title. After all Bungie was at the PS4 conference and they did announce exclusive content for the PS versions but I suppose it was telling when Bungie's lead said Mark Cerny Visited them Several times to help them get an idea of what the PS4 would be and how bungie would be apart of that, and now it seem Sony is making sure that this game becomes every bit as big as the Halo and COD franchises. And having debut on a ps console after 2 generations of fame on a MS platform, I'm sure people must be wondering how MS let a move like this happen, given the relationship they have with Bungie and Activision...

Either way, Sony made some moves and the PS4 seems primed to have an impressive show. I'm hoping its 3 hours long.

Opening up with New Killzone Demo, Assassin's creed 4 demo, Battlefield 4 single player Next gen footage demo, Infamous second Son Demo.

announce that Deep Down, FF15 are exclusive to the PS4. Show off new footage of Knack and Driveclub with a stage demo of GT6 and the Last of Us Multiplayer.

Announce more PS4 exclusives from the studio,s and new ps3 exclusives and vita.

drop the price of the PS3 and Vita then announce the price, launch titles and the date of the PS4 and that 20 ps4 exclusives are launching in the first year of the PS4's release to counter MS and then close the conference off with Destiny's gameplay Debute and the consoles design...

that there would be the most epic day for Sony in YEARS! XD

FullmetalAlchemist  +   675d ago
Hopefully Destiny lives up to peoples expectations. It certainly looks like it'll be good.
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Sarobi  +   675d ago
Oh I can't wait!. I'll be attending the Press conference this year~
ginsunuva  +   675d ago
Nooo, it looks average. Let MS show the multiplats. We don't care. We just want first party jaw-dropping awesomeness,
NateCole  +   675d ago
Good but my eyes will be on ND and other internal devs.

Feels weird having Bungie on a PS console.
a_bro  +   675d ago
Well ND and bungie have a good relationship, seeing that bungie is now independent they'll probably pass more input to each other
Tatsuya  +   675d ago
Come 2014 I will know my Destiny
Can't wait to play Destiny next year on my PS4!
jay2  +   675d ago
Lol says it all re Xbox one when devs working with them for a decade treat them like that
Septic  +   675d ago
Oh wow, you've become remarkably quiet about Destiny now. I remember how you were on a mission, hating in every article when it was thought to be a timed exclusive for the Xbox. Oh how fickle fanboys are lol
6DEAD6END6  +   675d ago
It really feels like Sony is making all the right moves with this system. And we all now it will have Skype( because the Vita has it ), Netflix, Hulu Plus, web browser, multitasking and many more media stuff like the XBOX One. But like Sony has been pushing in the last press conference this a game system first and foremost, and a media device second. Hell I bet money it will have a dvr/cable feature like Xbox One( since the PS3 has it in Japan and EU ) but not as the main focus.
DJ  +   675d ago
And this is what happens when you treat developers well.
redtideone11  +   675d ago
now all we need is Rare to sign a deal with sony! banjo kazooie 4 ps4 anyone?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   674d ago
Big reveal for a multi platform title.
DeadlyFire  +   674d ago
Depends on which platform hardware is your base platform.
o-Sunny-o  +   674d ago
They to came Sony to make a game not a tv show like Halo Tv Series. I fully welcome Bungie I'm glad they are bringing content to the PS4 which I will be buying.
PS4>XB1. ^~\\
GdaTyler  +   674d ago
Destiny of Spirits Vita!!!

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