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Submitted by doctorstrange 918d ago | news

1 New PlayStation Plus Free Game, 2 Day 1 Digital Titles

Representing the last May PlayStation Store update, May 28th delivers us two Day 1 Digital titles, a brand new title entering the Instant Game Collection, and, later in the week, The Last of Us demo. - PSLS (Fuse, GRID 2, PS Vita, PS3, The Last Of Us, The Warriors)

dbjj12088  +   918d ago
Free games are free. PS+ > XBL
PANTHER1030  +   918d ago
Plus you are great, the next week Blazblue for Vita.
CalvinKlein  +   918d ago
oh yeah awesome free vita games is why I got ps+. I even started looking at the ps3 games and got sleeping dogs free.
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TrendyGamers  +   918d ago
Yep :)
Lockon  +   918d ago
knifefight  +   918d ago
Hot damn, it's like, why even buy games anymore?
BeZdaBest  +   918d ago
i knew waiting to get blazblu would payoff in the long run..
(wish i could say the same for the first few ps+vita games(-_-)..
this is the second free vita game i get(been psvita+'d since day one) now to get a new memory card cause blazblu is a big game..(size wise)
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last of us..... demo...
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supraking951  +   918d ago
ikr but you forgot that Last of Us wont only be amazing but...lsadfkjwoeit234oihj08oi 45ty reg serg w45y erg sdgf re 5 ywierojewriogjewirgjowt!!!!!
Ilovetheps4  +   917d ago
I'm actually not going to be playing the demo even though I have GoWA. I never play demos for games which I already know I'm buying. I like the experience to be completely fresh whenever I play it for the first time. I mean I've already gone on a media blackout for the game. I don't read any stories that are related to The Last of Us. I find it better that way personally.
that is what i should, but simply cannot do
BlmThug  +   918d ago
Most of my games are from PS+ :D

HOLY MOTHER OF F***, The Warriors is finally coming! OMG!!
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ftwrthtx  +   918d ago
Still haven't played Dogs yet.
TheRacingX  +   917d ago
Its a really good game, check it out, and at the deep deep price of $0 you wont go wrong....
ftwrthtx  +   916d ago
That $0 price tag just barely fit my budget. LOL
SageHonor  +   917d ago
I wish blazblue was free for the ps3 as well. Dammit
Wedge19  +   917d ago
Gotta love the PS+ free games. And the updates in the middle of the night.
erikthegman  +   917d ago
I want disgaea 3 for eu. make it happen Sony

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