Out of Control – Fears Overs Privacy Strike the Xbox One & PS4

With the PS4 set to get an Eye and the Xbox One to get a Kinect Two, Daily Reaction’s three hundred and sixty staff members, Seb and Dan, discuss whether inviting big brother into your living room is a good idea. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1371d ago

They should have called it the Xbox Sauron.

Foolsjoker1371d ago

yeah, always watching till it dies.

Williamson1371d ago

My 360 just got one this month....

sengoku1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

i'll bet you none of the xbox execs will have and xbox one in there living room. they cant have there own workers spying on them.. LOLz

jaredhart1371d ago

Seriously, I don't want a camera and microphone "always on" in my house.

knifefight1371d ago

Same. I already have a TV audience that lives inside my brain. I don't need it to become real. I am a jackass in front of them. :(

Foolsjoker1371d ago

That is what I told the FBI.

BitbyDeath1371d ago

Just watch out for those audible claps.

ftwrthtx1371d ago

If I can't unplug it, I don't want it.

insertnamehurr1371d ago

You can unplug it on ps4, they made a different port for that, same as the xboxone, but, i heard you have to have your kinect on always to play anythin.

T21371d ago

I doubt pseye will even be boxed with the ps4

T21371d ago

Stop looking at me swan ....

ceballos77mx1371d ago

Aww now ill have to wear clothes to play, thanks a lot next Gen :(

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The story is too old to be commented.