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Xbox One: No Games Edition

What is a console without it's games? A media device? A glorified overly expensive paper weight? Remember back when a console RELIED on it's games to sell and if it did not have backing it would fail? (Xbox One)

Silver360  +   495d ago
Does not know what games are coming to xb1 and doesn't like game selection. At least wait until after E3 to whine.
ReillyC  +   494d ago
I'm not whining though. Just because you do not agree doesn't mean you can claim I am just whining.

I put plenty of valid reasons behind it. If you want to buy a console that does not rely on games first and foremost, have fun. Sports and Call of Duty are not my thing either. OPINIONS.
Silver360  +   492d ago
I have no argument with what your reasoning. I am just saying you are jumping the gun. Wait until June 10, look and the games then complain about lack of games. I just want you to see what they have to offer before you make comments about them having no games. You are acting like people did this generation before before Playstation3 started rolling out the the good games.
Supermax  +   495d ago
Here's what's comeing to Xbox one,every game that's on ps4 except first party ips and vise versa.every multi platform game will run exactly the same on both consoles,as it does now this gen.
ReillyC  +   494d ago
The thing is that I don't care about cross platform games. At this point the PS3's hardware is better quality, PS+ is becoming a better service then Live ever has and they actually are talking about exclusive games. I already want a PS4 more then the X1 so If I get that, why would I worry about getting games for s X1?

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