Next-gen Kinect hits Windows PC in 2014

The next-generation Kinect sensor being bundled with the new Xbox One will be officially released for Windows PCs in 2014.

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ceballos77mx1827d ago

So hands free porn navigation, day one.

SexyGamerDude1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

As long as it still has voice navigation, I'm in. Imaging browsing those sites without having to free your hand to use your keyboard and mouse.

One4U1827d ago

so whats the point of getting Xone if everything xbox does, my pc does ! and if kinect comes to pc then theres no point having an xbox

DrRichtofen1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Not only will we have hands free porn navigation, but we could use the kinect to monitor our heart-rate and it can tell us when we've had just the right amount of porn before we give ourselves a heart attack.

This device is gonna save lives.

Agent_hitman1827d ago

not too surprising, since we all know Windows is also MS product.

I will laugh my arse off if they release this on MAcintosh

DevilishSix1827d ago

wow the boxes are as ugly as the console. No character to either just plain.

Jek_Porkins1827d ago

Good thing the consoles looks don't matter right? or so I was told in February. Anyway, indies did fun things with the original Kinect, can't wait to see some of what they do with this one.

SexyGamerDude1827d ago

Don't you read up on your news? The One isn't going to be getting that much Indie support. Microsoft screwed indie devs with their policies dealing with them.

amiga-man1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Jek looks don't matter, but they could of at least tried to come up with something more modern than a rectangular box for gods sake.

I could do that, hell a 5 year old could have.

Jek_Porkins1827d ago


When you say "Looks don't matter", you stop after that point, or they do matter. There is no "but", either they matter or they don't.

I'm sure they didn't matter when Sony unveiled the PS4 without showing it, but now they matter because the Xbox One is box shaped. That my friend is hypocrisy, and those bashing the Xbox One, might be in for some Karma when the PS4's box is shown, we don't know what it looks like, and it's not like the PS3 was such a brilliant design in my opinion.

amiga-man1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Jek there is a but because I really expected something better than a rectangular box, would it be a deal breaker if the PS4 looked like that no but it would be a disapointment.

The real deal breakers for me are paying for online, the crap they are pulling with used games and every 24 hours having to have my system checked, whatever I think about the box is irrelevant compared to those and for you to not say a word against such proposals definetley labels you a fanboy, which is a shame because you come across as a reasonable person.

Whats that your thinking, me a fanboy, let me tell you the difference, if Sony tries to pull any of the shit M$ is at the moment watch me drop any support for the playstation and I wouldn't hesitate in letting the world know why.

see the difference.

Jek_Porkins1827d ago

You do realize the check in every 24 hour thing isn't confirmed? Same with used game fees, but if Microsoft were to implement them, Sony would too. Sony hasn't been clear on used games at all.

Paying for Xbox Live has never bothered me, it seems to bother people who don't like Microsoft, but I've never paid more than $35 a year for it, which breaks down to less than $3 a month, throw in the dedicated servers for every Xbox One game, and it becomes more than a premium service.

amiga-man1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

OK Jek lets give M$ the benefit of the doubt and say all the news coming out from them is somehow being misunderstood, I can't see how that `can be the case but if it is I will be more than happy to give M$ some credit, but if on the other hand the news being revealed is correct then I would hope it would stir some sort of reaction from you, as in no way will it serve gamers to have fees for 2nd hand games, online checkin and hopefully then you will fight against it, trust me if it were Sony no way would I support it and you would hear me say it (well read me say it).

As for paying online to say you have never paid full price does not make it a bargain,you are paying twice for your internet access, once to your service provider and again to M$ who are simply blocking your service provider access until you pay them a fee, it is wrong and I'm suprised you don't see it, if M$ were offering the server service you mention and I had a choice to pay to use it or not fair enough M$ may be offering something that might would interest me, but to take away MY!!!! internet and force me to pay to get it back is very different and shouldn't be defended.

Just wondering should the news about online check in and used games be true are you seriously going to defend it?

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SegaSaturn6691827d ago

Wait a minute...doesn't this sort of reduce the value of the console itself by putting one of it's most advertised features up for grabs? Why would they do that...?

Shadonic1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

considering the boost in popularity the first kinect got from the mods and the interest that innovative entrepreneurs had it in its no surprise. I'n the gaming community kinect is heavily criticized for its downfalls in a majority of its games and even when theres good games that do come with the kinect it s till receives a lot of hate really them releaseing a PC version of the kinect 2 would do more good than bad for them. I mean just look at what that one dude did with the PC kinect and the occulous rift it was literally everything you needed for VR gaming except for room which the kinect 2 allows for a smaller amount of i believe add in the older kinect skyrim demo and other demonstrations of things like finger tracking,shooting, and free movement and you have everything needed to make or mimic every game with kinect controls. It could work but that's my nostalgic opinion from what ive seen kinect 1 can do that's rarely seen by a large margin of the gaming community.

Somebody1827d ago

Not really. It's a ploy to get a lot of developers to make a lot of stuff, apps in particular, for the Kinect before the X1 is out. MS have game devs to dabble with the Kinect but they still need a lot of other non-gaming developers to make apps for the non-gaming features of the X1.

Over a year ago everyone laughed at DX11 in PC gaming for being pitiful (not many games/game dev using it). Then after BF3 and early teases of next gen consoles suddenly everyone's experimenting with the API. By the time next gen is out, there would be a lot of DX11 capable console games and Kinect-based apps ready for MS devices.

sriki0071827d ago

wouldn't buy it even if it released today.

Shadonic1827d ago

I like kinect and i wouldn't either not until I had seen what modders can do with the thing on games like they did with the previous kinect.

LogicStomper1827d ago

Eg/ People used Kinect to print 3D objects.

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