Gaming History 101: 9/9/99

This week Fred and Trees set out to talk about console launches and instead dedicate an entire show to the Dreamcast launch. There were a shocking amount of great games that assisted the launch of Sega’s most successful, albeit final, console.

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Fergusonxplainsall1853d ago

I remember that launch night i got it at midnight with Sonic Adventure, Ready 2 Rumble(extreme fun) and Blue Stinger.

The two games were fun but Blue Stinger had a disc problem were no data was on some and i had one of them.

I had to wait a week to get a new Disc..Still great times.

thirtyandnerdy1853d ago

Interesting little tidbit: Final Fantasy VIII came out on the PSOne in North America on 9/9/99 also. I remember I was all hyped for the Dreamcast launch and sort felt like, "Grrrrrrrr" as the FF8 release was obviously meant to steal some of Sega's thunder.

spydersvenom1844d ago

Awesome point, I never noticed that these released on the same date because I wasn't a big JRPG fan at the time. Oh Sony.

thirtyandnerdy1844d ago

Same here actually. I don't think I discovered the joy of JRPGs until sometime late 2000, wherein I fell under FF7 and 8's spells simultaneously, pretty much playing them in parallel. =)