JP Sales Forecast: Where Vita, Wii-U Might Go From Here?

"Recently, I said that the Vita would sink below 20,000, and then take "another step lower" in the following week's sales charts. This happened, as the charts from two weeks ago saw the Vita move down to 12,000 units sold. The current chart shows it moving down yet again, hitting around 11,000. I do think next week will see an improvement, though, with some actual frigging software set to ship." -GR's Japanese Sales Forecast

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dbjj120881430d ago

Haha, that gif. No way it was unintentional.

knifefight1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

The temperature isn't the only thing rising in that vid!

I do see 3DS as an unstoppable beast this year. thing just can't miss.

TrendyGamers1430d ago

Especially with MH4 and X&Y.

ftwrthtx1430d ago

I see bad things rising....

DwopeMunky1430d ago

Its such a shame considering Vita is a fantastic console in my opinion.

o-Sunny-o1430d ago

Vita is my favorite handheld. T-\\