Defiance Goes Free On Steam, Sale, And Memorial Weekend Events

Experience the game for free with a PC trial on Steam, and watch the show from the beginning on Syfy! All this and more in a Memorial Day Weekend Event.

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SexyGamerDude2002d ago

This games isn't that good. It's full of bugs and Whatnots. Not worth your time, even if it is free.

RavageX2002d ago

Nonsense. The game was quite enjoyable on my PS3 during beta. Lots of fun.

Eldyraen2002d ago

I'm all sad... I went to get on Steam and free weekend isn't up yet :( I have it on the 360 but was going to give it a whirl on PC just because I could. I'll have to wait a little longer I guess.

Its is on sale already though.

r212002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Im still waiting for the F2P version on ps3. You all know its going to happen.

Eldyraen2002d ago

It will probably be a PS+ freebie first though--or should be from a business standpoint. They can use it to see how well received a free version is and what kind of money they see people spending on DLC/in-game purchases.

PS+ has a lot of possibilities for games with 'extra' costs as it can entice a few customers it wouldn't had gotten otherwise (Guardians of Middle Earth is prime example).

r212002d ago

That and seeing as the game didnt do as well it was expected and the closure of the studio behind the game, pretty sure they're gonna go into the F2P business model if they wanna fulfill that 2 season deal with the TV show.

Eldyraen2002d ago

Didn't know they closed the studio--will have to look into that. Sucks for them as actually liked the game but far from great as either an MMO or TPS.

DeadlyFire2001d ago

If the studio is closed my hope for the game goes into downward spiral.