Teen Taken To Court After Stealing Runescape Items

A teenager has been taken to court after logging into a friend’s Runescape account and stealing all their gold. 19 year old Keiron Belmont used Helen Jenkins’s login to gain access to all of items and gold within her account. The teenager was brought to court under the Computer Misuse act of 1990 , gaining unauthorized access to a computer and making unauthorized modifications to the computer material. Belmont had gained access to the friends account while staying over at the victim’s house. After having a row with his friend, he logged into the account without the owners permission.

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Linko641829d ago

What a criminal mastermind!

Mr_Nuts1829d ago

To the gallows with him my lord

SexyGamerDude1829d ago

People still play Runescape? I haven't played that in years.

xamtheking1829d ago

This is why you read the ToS