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Why The Next Console Generation Might Be EA’s Last

UPROXX - It’s been a rough month for EA. Their CEO resigned. Yesterday, although EA has been tight-lipped, they fired up to 10% of the entire company. And they just got voted Worst Company of the Year again, despite being more annoying than anything else.

Can EA turn it around? Maybe. But they wouldn’t be the first publisher to hit a skid and not come out of it. Here’s what might do EA in. (EA, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Feralkitsune  +   616d ago
EA has too many good series to simply go away. No matter what they do, people may complain; but they will still drop $60 for that shiny new Battlefield or Madden.
thedon8982z  +   616d ago
True True!!!!!
Cyfyxtfg  +   616d ago
yep yep
guitarded77  +   616d ago
Yup. EA has some great development studios and great franchises. People can hate them all they want, but EA probably has the largest quality portfolio of any third party publisher. Plus they just got Star Wars.
BeZdaBest  +   616d ago
which they been turnig into crap..and you yourself cant deny the crap ea's has pulled near the end of last gen
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edonus  +   616d ago
Yeah EA is way too big and they have franchises that are staple in gaming MAdden, i dont even play Madden but I know its its a juggernaut. They snatched up Mass Effect and Bioware and they are making a serious play for the biggest multiplat shooter with the Battlefield series.
ScubbaSteve  +   616d ago
I'm not so sure that would happen tho. When EA goes out of business it will be similar to what happened with THQ. All the various parts will go up on the auction block and be sold off to different companies. The new metro game, for instance, was sold off but still came out because it was bought up by someone else. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a lot of their franchises in the hands of different people.
tehpees3  +   616d ago
No company is too big to fail regardless of how popular their franchises. Final Fantasy was one of the biggest series last gen and now because it has plummeted SE is sinking with it.

EA (because of how big they are) could be one of those who turn victim to the phrase "the bigger you are the harder you fall".
aliengmr  +   615d ago
EA has been in a barely controlled descent for a while now, since even before DA2. They are not too big to fail.

EA may not crash and burn like THQ, but they are getting very close to the point where a single misstep could cost them.
One4U  +   616d ago
With Games like Battlefield , Need for Speed , Fifa , Mass Effect ! theres no way its going away soon !
SJPFTW  +   616d ago
People need to understand EA has good development studios that produce some of the best AAA games. They are just terrible publishers. So hate their businessmen not their developers, doubt the guys at DICE for example have any say in EA corporate practices
Intentions  +   616d ago
I highly doubt that.

No matter how many people hate them, they're here to stay.
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Cyfyxtfg  +   616d ago
i mean fifa alone keeps them alive
punisher99  +   616d ago
EA sucks. They should have been gone a long time ago. And take their nearly rehashed garbage and strangle hold contracts with them. 2k can make a far better american football game.
Lone_Man  +   616d ago
why dont 2k try there hand in soccer?? i know fifa 13 AI is really dumb and smart simultaneously but still we got excited while winning and frustrated while loosing with of friends and brothers...my point is dont compare EA fifa and 2k sports games....however commentary in nba 2k13 is far more impressive and fresh than fifa 13
punisher99  +   615d ago
Im actually not talking about soccer when I say "yearly rehashed garbage". Im talking about madden. 2k has proven in the past that they can make a better american football game. But they cant anymore, because EA holds some kinda stranglehold contract with the NFL that allows no one but EA to make NFL games.
00  +   616d ago
I really hope xbox one tanks and takes EA with it.
edonus  +   616d ago
Such hate.

You should actually hope the ONE flourishes so that competition stays high and Sony will continue giving you free stuff to compete.
00  +   616d ago
EA tries to buys out all the competition so they can have a monopoly just like with the NFL or the failed hostile take over of take-two interactive.
CaulkSlap  +   616d ago
No it needs to get a slow and painful start to give Microsoft a wake-up call to turn things around. MS and Sony have essentially traded places from the start of last generation and it's their turn to be smacked down for arrogance.
aliengmr  +   615d ago
That is a really outdated notion of competition as the game is entirely rigged.
AngryEnglish  +   616d ago
How stupid, even if your a Sony fanboy you shouldn't want this to happen, there would be no competition, games would become very very stale, developer's would get lazy, as would Sony themselves, competition creates innovation, do you think we would be where we are with next gen with one console...... Not likely no
Agent_hitman  +   616d ago
EA will still be around, even next gen.
FullmetalAlchemist  +   616d ago
EA's sports franchises alone are probably enough to keep them afloat. Even though I don't care much about sports.
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maniacmayhem  +   616d ago
EA just signed a deal with Disney to do the new Star Wars games. I doubt with a power house license like that they will die out anytime soon.
Matt666  +   616d ago
star wars has gone on way too long now
BattleAxe  +   616d ago
If they screw up anything Star Wars related, then I will personally tell them that they are fired :D
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   616d ago
Even though a lot of ppl hate EA they ain't going anywhere
Soldierone  +   616d ago
EA holds a good majority of the titles on shelves and almost all of them sell well, or at least better than other titles. How in the heck do you expect them to up and leave?

This isn't THQ.... EA actually sells. People can pretend to hate them all they want, but you can walk into their home and see Battlefied, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Need For Speed, or some other EA game sitting on their shelf for sure.
BrianC6234  +   616d ago
How about a new Burnout game? And another Black? And the Vita could use a real Bejeweled game. That's three games they should make right there. I don't buy games like Battlefield or their sports games. Need For Speed has been around long enough. Start making games people want.

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