The Five Possible States of Xbox One Games Are Strangely Exciting

Kotaku - Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One will bring console gaming to the present this year by allowing users to suspend the games they're playing. Save points can be a thing of the past on these consoles. Games don't really have to be turned "off".

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SuperSteve1792d ago

The ability to suspend your game indefinitely and pick up right where you left off is a nice feature that Vita users have been enjoying for a year now and one of the best aspects of that platform.

4Sh0w1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Yes 3DS too, but this is info about consoles, specifically X1, which wasn't possible last gen on consoles, I'm curious if the wii-u and ps4 also have this feature? -Its not a big deal just cool/convenient.

vvv Thanks its also mentioned in this article.

dedicatedtogamers1792d ago

Yes, it does. They announced a similar feature for PS4 months ago.

C-Thunder1792d ago

Sony announced this same feature at their PS4 reveal.

-Falaut-1792d ago

PSP had it too, you just couldn't do anything else while the game was suspended.

Cirehpsa1792d ago

Unless you had a PSP GO or a hacked PSP with save states.

Arai1792d ago

This is interesting...

"The game has full access to the reserved system resources, which are six CPU cores, 90 percent of GPU processing power, and 5 GB of memory."

So Xbox One can only access 90% of the GPU resources for games (1.107 TFLOPS) instead of the full 1.24 TFLOPS.

That makes it even weaker than it already is (in comparison to the PS4), the PS4 GPU is 66% stronger then (for now at least).

dedicatedtogamers1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Xbox One: there are five radical ways to pause your game. More games coming to E3! Please be excited!

All joking aside, this feature isn't necessarily going to be flawless. The idea of "pausing" your game and switching to another app is available on every single smartphone, it's on the Vita, the 360, the PS3, and every PC since Windows 95. And every single one of those platforms has taught us that multitasking and switching around between programs can cause stability problems.

SOULJER1792d ago

AH. This last comment was a joke right.

wishingW3L1792d ago

if people only knew what's written in there this article would be on 1000 degrees right now. But now let's just wait for a smaller site to dissect it and then write an hyperbole tittle with it. CAN'T WAIT!


C-Thunder1792d ago

So, according to this, a game only has access to 5 gb of the ram, 6 of the 8 cores, and 90% of the gpu. All of which are already reported to be weaker than the equivalent components on the PS4..... Makes me wonder how many cores games on the PS4 have access to.

The PS4 is already more powerful, if their games also get a greater amount of the PS4s available resources (there's no reason to think they won't) then this could make a really big difference on performance between the two systems.

Bigpappy1792d ago

X1 has the ability to turn core on or off as the game requires

Nocando1792d ago

The memory footprint of the windows kernel can also be minimized during gameplay, in addition to shutting cores on or off as you stated.

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