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Xbox One: where the reveal went wrong and what Microsoft should do now

Metro - Well, that didn’t go very well did it? With any big games event the best advice is always to assume the company in question will reveal as few details as possible; and that the bigger the venue the less likely anyone is to address core gamers. (Xbox One)

ltachiUchiha  +   800d ago
I'll tell u what they need to do is dismiss all the negative crap gamers are mad at. I could give a crap about shareholders. You dont dismiss them, I say bye bye.
cyguration  +   800d ago
Yeah, this I don't get. Why not just tell us straight up that they will not pursue anti-consumer measures.
How hard can that be? Are they really that indebted to the anti-consumer hivemind of shareholders? It's sad times indeed.
FlameBaitGod  +   800d ago
What part of the event went right ? Oh yeah forgot about the fish AI DUH!
SexyGamerDude  +   800d ago
Agree. Only way I'm buying a One is if they get rid of all those restrictions.
GT67  +   800d ago
"X1 where they went wrong what should Microsoft do now"

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Brazz  +   800d ago
Games, Games, Games and more GAMES!
LOGICWINS  +   800d ago
Whether the reveal went wrong or not is up for debate. The pessimist will say that Microsoft is screwed. The optimist will say that MS got all the non gaming aspects out of the way to focus on games at E3.

What I have a problem with is their tap dancing around questions regarding DRM.
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SexyGamerDude  +   800d ago
Thy answered it in a review with Adam Sessler. Fees and forced installs are confirmed.
NateCole  +   800d ago
Which in itself is the problem. It basically mean they are positioning the x1 to be a media hub first than a gaming console.

You don't introduce a gaming console to the world by highlighting non gaming function first.

Sony will have lots of gaming news as well come E3. That logic of getting non gaming functionally out first does not hold water.
LOGICWINS  +   800d ago
The "world" doesnt know the One exists yet. This was a one hour conference that took place at 1pm on a Tuesday. Only the hardcore know about it at this point.

The Xbox One is just about as popular as the Wii U at this point.

Microsoft knows that their audience responds more to COD/Halo television adverts...hence why conferences like E3 are less important to them.
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Unicron  +   800d ago
What about the guy who thinks the show was awful, but that doesn't mean the console will necessarily be awful?

I know you can be overwhelmed, and I know you can be underwhelmed... but can you ever just be... whelmed?
LOGICWINS  +   800d ago
U pretty much summed up my thoughts. The presentation was horrid save for the first five to ten minutes. But people seem to forget, Microsoft hasnt had a great gaming conference in recent memory, yet the 360 still sells very well.
Unicron  +   800d ago
My concerns lie with yours, what does this mean for nextgen DRM in general? What hits MS is sure to hit Sony thanks to massive publisher control, and if I can't share my games with friends free of charge (I buy a lot of games they can't), then its total BS.

Movies, music, everything else has become more streamlined. Gaming is becoming a nightmare, and no one is stepping back to figure out the actual problem. Sigh.

Thank god I have 10 more current gen titles to pick up and a massive backlog, I can see how this plays out for a few months.
JokesOnYou  +   800d ago
"What hits MS is sure to hit Sony thanks to massive publisher control, and if I can't share my games with friends free of charge (I buy a lot of games they can't), then its total BS." -Unicron

Agreed, well sort of because I liked the presentation because I was just expecting to see the console, specs functionality etc. but I can certainly understand many feeling underwhelmed by the lack of games and focus on tv, but definitely what bothers me the most AFTER the presentation is the used game policy and worst the confusion even micro seems to have surrounding its implementation. I'm not here for fanboy points, I could care less about the trolling going on but truth is this will affect me only because although I buy my games new 95% of the time I still like to let friends borrow games to see if they like them.
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Unicron  +   800d ago
Totally jokes. People are so caught up in the "my console your console" thing they don't see the bigger issue coming.... Oh god, gaming has become just like politics!
NateCole  +   800d ago
Agree Unicron. You can bet if MS gets away with this Sony and others will follow. Fanboysim aside this is a big issue that affeccts everyone and not just xbox fans.

If things pan out as they are looking like and if MS vision of console gaming is the future then we are fucked.
negative  +   800d ago
The reveal was fine. Get a life.
Mario18  +   800d ago
Fine for Sony that is
M-M  +   800d ago
Dat username.
Jake_the_Dog   800d ago | Personal attack | show
Drainage  +   800d ago
the reveal was so bad i think micro will shut down
Jek_Porkins  +   800d ago
Well it didn't go wrong with the reveal because MS said they weren't showing games, but rather getting the "boring stuff" out of the way.

The part in my mind that went wrong was afterwards and the inconsistent executives who contradicted each other. I think they just need to lose the fee for used games, and focus on the games and giving people a great price point.
M-M  +   800d ago
Go be a "yes man" somewhere else.
Bumpmapping  +   800d ago
Microsoft Defense Force 2 the rescue!
WalterWJR  +   800d ago
Arrogant name, arrogant conference, apparently the majority of gamers are tools now according to Microsoft.
NateCole  +   800d ago
1. Not focusing on games first.
2. Not addressing the negative rumors that has been swirling around that we hoped is not true and be cleared after the 21st.

What we got instead is a complete cluster fuck and really worrying anti-consumer policies we are seeing.
Dannehkins  +   800d ago
There seems a fundamental flaw in the whole TV malarky Microsoft has been saying. The conference was primarily American focused as the Metro article goes on to say. Not a single word about whether or not all these services that they were banging on about will be available to those outside of the US.

It won't come as a surprise that TV habits are different from country to country and a lot of it wouldn't really appeal to people outside of the US. What's even more worrying is that a lot of the functionality that the Xbox One is presenting is already present in a lot of the TVs on sale - this is coming from a UK point of view. We have Sky boxes, freeview HD boxes etc for all our premium viewing, it would be counterintuitive to use the Xbox One when the functionality is present on hardware that the majority of households will have.

It's obviously a watch this space moment as we only got a 1 hour conference. However, I do hope Microsoft realises that consumers will see absolutely no point in buying a console if half the services that were advertised are not even available in their country.
WalterWJR  +   800d ago
I can see a sky xbox coming at some point. They are already in partnership so I don't really see why this would not happen.
Thefreeman012  +   800d ago
Xbox. Call Kenny loggins..... Cause your in the danga zone
SDF Repellent  +   800d ago
Lets all take a chill pill and see what transpire at E3. Both Sony and MS are getting their 2 hours in to talk more about the final planning for their respective system. The jury is also out there regarding DRM, used game fees, and game lineups for both companies.
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C-Thunder  +   800d ago
Come on SDF, you know, deep down you're a gamer. This system is not for us. They want to use us to show this thing off to their actual customers - the fad crowd.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   800d ago
It's too late the damage is done. Xbox go home.
greatness_awaitsps4   800d ago | Spam
C-Thunder  +   800d ago
Drop the pay for live, drop the drm, drop the online requirement .....then I might consider this machine.

But, there's no way that'll happen.

This thing needs to be treated by gaming sites just like any tablet or phone, because just like them, it can play games, but they aren't gaming machines.
Bakkies  +   800d ago
I am sure that MS's PR army is plotting some master plan. I am also sure in a couple of months N4G will be praising the Xbox One. Just remember how many "the PS3 is dead" articles there were on N4G?
C-Thunder  +   800d ago
I remember those articles, it took way more than months. It was years before that junk stopped showing up.
Skynetone  +   800d ago
what did they show, you can control your tv without a remote, but first you'll have to find the remote to turn the tv on, with the remote in your hand you'll be waving at your tv hoping Kinect understands and if the volume is loud you'll be shouting above the volume of the tv hoping Kinect understands you

this is pure genius

this takes 3 gigs of ram
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Bhuahahaha  +   800d ago
sad to say this guys but microsoft cant backout now, even if they want to. im pretty sure by this time production already started (or started months before the official announcement of xboxjuan)

so if you plan on buying xbjuan always remember bill gates is watching you
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