Amazon UK: Wii U Sales Rank Jumps 875% Following Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal

The Xbox One’s disappointing reveal has shot up sales of the Wii U on The Wii U was at #390 before the conference, but now has shot up to #40.

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PopRocks3591828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

That's... rather difficult to take in. Like wow. If there was ever a face to describe this, it would be this one. O_O

I guess what people have been saying really holds a lot of water. The poor performance of Microsoft's PR and their XB1 conference was so terrible that it's now made Wii U a much stronger contender in the race.

EDIT: Honest question, how the hell is it that Microsoft just sold the Wii U better than Nintendo did?

animegamingnerd1828d ago

M$ did a better job at selling PS4'S and Wii U'S then sony and nintendo could ever do

aCasualGamer1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Omg lol!

Hahahaha... so true though. Sony stock boost and this news article proves your point.

dedicatedtogamers1828d ago

A few big reasons why it shot up in popularity:
- plenty of people have the mentality of "I'll wait until all three consoles are revealed and then I'll make my choice"
- Wii-U is confirmed to not have used-game fees because...duh, it's already on the market and we know that.

Testfire1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

This is awesome, it's like a big kick in MS's nutsack.

*queue fake applause track*

MikeMyers1828d ago

The Wii-U could be the trump card. The Xbox One and the PS4 could do serious damage for used games.

darthv721828d ago

the more people that get a wii-u, the more devs will likely support it. including...EA and their little engine that could be optimized for the wii-u.

also, anyone know when 90's arcade racer is coming out? I cant find any info on its release.

lilbroRx1828d ago

Huh? Exactly how many PS4s did Microsoft sell?

SilentNegotiator1828d ago

Xbox One: The best thing to happen to Wii U since its birth.

SonyPS41828d ago

MS really did its competitors a favor. That is what you get for using corporate greed as a "selling point" over gaming for your next-gen "gaming" console.

EeJLP-1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Just an FYI to put this into perspective.

40th best seller on Amazon UK means very little.

36th is currently Modern Warfare 3 360, which sold ~4,100 copies Worldwide across all websites/stores/etc. for the last reported week according to vgchartz.

41st is currently Red Dead Redemption 360, which sold ~4400 last reported week Worldwide.

42nd is currently Skyrim PS3, which sold ~2300 Worldwide.

If the Wii U is only selling around 4k per week (which it's not, it's selling around 30k per week), this would be disasterous news for the Wii U.

875% jump in Amazon UK RANK, not 875% jump in sales.

UltraNova1828d ago

Dont worry Ms will get them back by buying everything for their console! They've done it before what's stopping them now?

badz1491828d ago

M$ is not call the master of marketing for nothing LOL!

abzdine1828d ago

Now Sony should open the pre-orders.

batbatz1828d ago

well according to MS the XBOX one is not for gamers any more its for NFL and switching between TV and er playing COD, cant I already do that??

Ju1828d ago Show
nosferatuzodd1828d ago

hhaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
good will always triumph over greed

indysurfn1828d ago

animegamingnerd + 16h ago | Funny

M$ did a better job at selling PS4'S and Wii U'S then sony and nintendo could ever do .......

LOL.......This has to be the Best sales comment EVER!

papashango1828d ago

ummmm if WiiU's are selling like hotcakes.

It's because people aren't seeing anything in X1 AND PS4...

MEGANE1827d ago

Xboxone: nok nok.
wiiu: who is it?
Xboxone: xbox!
wiiu: xbox who?
Wiiu: xbox...go home!

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dark-hollow1828d ago

Easy, some people did plan to buy the xbone and didn't care much about the Wii u since they thought it would be a much better choice on it own or of they planned to buy it with the ps4, but after all the negative news and their abysmal failure of a conference made their choice easier.

For me, from what I saw from their conference and all the pr spinning about used games and always online, ps4 and Wii u is the best combo for the next generation. Unless they have dozens of super awesome exclusive that shakes the industry, which I highly doubt by this point.

DivineAssault 1828d ago

agreed lil hollow.. Nintendo & Sony will provide software.. MS will too but mostly multiplats that sony will receive as well so why get it? To change tv channels by talking? The used game thing, kinect needing to be connected, 99% always online, etc are too many negatives to get around for a game machine..

ziratul1828d ago

I mean its obvious PS4 (for all sport, and other HC games) + WII U if you want something really different and fun.

jc485731828d ago

kinda expected. I will go with my PS4WiiU Combo as planned.

Cam9771828d ago

I want a Wii:U now to accompany my PS4, does it play WII games?

Skate-AK1828d ago

Yes it does play Wii games. Actually the entire Wii console is inside the WiiU.

Wolfbiker1828d ago

yes it does and another awesome feature is the Wii U gamepad is a universal TV remote so it can control your TV and Nintendo's Nintendo TVii service can bring all your streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon instant video) and live TV together in one simple app....pretty cool and less intrusive than Xbox One's set up if you are interested in media features.

AJBACK2FRAG1828d ago

Lol! If your Wii U is hooked up to your hd television via hdmi cable it upscales them!

AJBACK2FRAG1828d ago

A neat little side effect of having your Wii U attatched to your television via hdmi cables it upscales Wii games.

FITgamer1828d ago

Does it play GameCube games? Because i still play SSB Melee on my Wii.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

lol One will be number 3!!!

SOny and nintendo 4ever!!!!!

The original gangstas!!!

I hope M$ fails and Valve take xboxs place.

THamm1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I just bought one too, Target had it for 239.99 and Best buy has mario for preowned 39.99, buy 2 get 1 on all used games, kinda ironic since I didn't like the system

BosSSyndrome1828d ago

Where do you look to find that?

BosSSyndrome1828d ago

I feel the same way. It's just that after all this time I sorta got used to the crappy sales. It was like a routine thing everyday. Then this happens and it's almost too good to be true.

WiiUsauce1828d ago

Microsoft: bringing together Sony and Nintendo gamers since 2013.

WiiUsauce1828d ago

This poll is also pretty damn astonishing. The majority of these votes aren't even trolls. All the Microsoft hate at the moment is damn well warranted.

Tetsujin1828d ago

I vote for Microsoft to drop out, and Sega to come back in the console business, so it can be the mid 90's all over again; Sega, Nintendo, and Sony.


I'm half tempted to get a Wii U myself for a few exclusives however I'll wait for some sort of price drop. I'm actually glad in a sense because now Microsoft will HAVE to make $ sacrifices to keep the fanbase at least for another generation otherwise they already lost before even starting.

Ju1828d ago

Same here. I'll wait. It has to go down in price...but it'll also depend on PS4 pricing how this fits relative to the PlayStation. Would be a nice addition to a PS4 when priced right.

showtimefolks1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

To start with many gamers wait till all the consoles have been revealed before making decision, ms has done more damage to next Xbox than either Sony or Nintendo could have in a year

Why are they waiting till E3, this is such a big mess that it will escalate to bigger issues, if your system can play used games come out and explain now why wait

Also confirm or deny the online every 24HRS

Come on who he ECC is running Xbox?/MS

I been saying this since I saw the conference

2 things

MS just made Sony and nintndos job much easier to advertise and sell heir systems

And I hope and pray MS isn't as dumb as their conference made them look. Any of you Xbox fanboys still want to deny Xbox one's first impression was rather lackluster?

At E3 ms better show something or take back some of this mess otherwise 3rd place awaits before even the race begins

Elit3Nick1828d ago

I don't deny that the reveal was horrible, but it shouldn't decide which one you buy until microsoft shows everything

alb18991828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

So the people doesn't care about SONY, they were just waiting for Microsoft to announce and boom!


Or wait, maybe the people in UK didn't like PS4 and waited for the new XBOX.....didn't like ether so started to buy the WIIU......IS LOGIC......THINK ABOUT IT!


Syntax-Error1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Just the fact that 2 people bought a wii-u after May 21st would send it up 100% considering they weren't moving regardless. The presentation wasn't bad enough to make me buy a last gen system in present day. There's no way someone can sucker me to buy an underpowered system that a few developers have no interest in developing for. Keep that shit right where it's at

@Tetsujin-Sega can't even make software and you want them to make hardware? You are so out of touch. They lost the console war for a reason and secondly, you should ask yourself why they wont finish Shenmue. Sega has NO DAMN MONEY!!!! Those idiots are so dumb that they wont sell the IP, but they want someone to split the development costs with them to finish the game. That's how idiotic Sega is especially when the creator YU SUZUKI stated he would finish the game.

PopRocks3591828d ago

Clearly you're the one who is out of touch if you call the Wii U a last gen console and say that Sega has no money right now.

routerbad1827d ago

The only developers not interested in developing for it have contracts with EA or are first party developers with Sony and Microsoft. There is nothing underpowered about it. It is head and shoulders above what last gen systems could do, both power and feature wise (talking about GPU features, it supports DX11.1 equivalents). Sony and Microsoft's systems are doing a lot more behind the scenes than Wii U. This takes cycles, as well as memory, to accomplish, there is always a performance hit with ancillary features that are always running.

The amount of RAM in the Wii U is perfect for what games need today, enough to get a solid 30/60FPS at 720 or 1080p, the framebuffers aren't getting much larger than they were last gen, and they only take up a couple of MB's anyway, hence the 32MB of EDRAM. The rest is just for texture mapping, which is not bandwidth intensive, and can also be streamed from disk with very good results.

Oh I forgot the additional physics, AI, etc engines, that the CPU needs access to, which DDR3 is more effective for, thanks to much lower latency than GDDR5, hence the choice to use a unified memory architecture based on DDR3.

Oh, that CPU, by the way, is stronger, core for core, than Jaguar. It has better IPC, shorter pipeline stages, EDRAM caches for EACH core, PowerISA2.06, a super low thermal signature, and clocks can be adjusted to above 1.24GHz if needed, underclocking was necessary, as there was no time for IBM or Nintendo to fully stress test a brand new custom design based on Power7 with PPC750 code compat on one of the cores.

malokevi1827d ago

I gotta say, in spite of how much I'm actually excited about the Xbox one... thats pretty impressive. MS hasn't really sold off, but Sony and Nintendo are having a hayday.

I think the market's response to E3 might be a bit different. But, we will have to see.

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animegamingnerd1828d ago

just wow pretty much sum's now i think this next will go first place with either be PS4 or Wii U and this will be M$ final or second to last console gen

Theyellowflash301828d ago

Honestly it doesn't matter...... The Wii U will be just fine as a main console for Nintendo fans and a secondary console for Xbox or PS4 fans. Cheap price, quality Nintendo games, BC, used games, Wii Mote and CC support on Wii U.

The Wii U is built for gamers.

gamer421828d ago

and they said no one was interested in the wiiu. :p

kirbyu1828d ago

"Amazon UK: Wii U Sales Rank Jumps 875% Following Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal"

So, the xbox 1 reveal, made people want a Wii U. That is awesome.

sway_z1828d ago

I knew this would happen!!!

n4f1828d ago

proof or your just saying for hits

sway_z1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

You want me to prove what or I'm just sayin for hits???? Am I a website tho? ...are you quite young?

anyhoo...feel free to read my past comments regarding 'Xbox One making Wii U more appealing'