Metro: Last Light DLC To Be Released This Summer - Gamerhub TV

Silver Games will release new DLC for Metro: Last Light this summer! Are you ready?

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creHEARTive1796d ago

Metro looks great. I can's wait to play the DLC.

Utalkin2me1796d ago

I just hope they at least fix the AI in the DLC.

Rivitur1796d ago

Yes apparently Deep Silver has changed their names...unless they haven't.

Skate-AK1795d ago

In the description it still says Silver Games.

Nigel_kilby1792d ago

You can't edit an article after it is approved..

Skate-AK1791d ago

Ahhhh I see. Was not aware of that.

KrisK1796d ago

Lets hope that the developers have better conditions now that it is getting good reviews.