Games That Defined This Generation: Dark Souls - Dark Souls, by From Software, is an intense open-world RPG that can be defined by the words used to market it, Prepare To Die. Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, only because it brought the beauty of difficulty to more than just one platform. From Software managed to turn difficulty into an art form, through Dark Souls hard-to-master gameplay and die-hard boss battles.

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dedicatedtogamers1765d ago

Anyone notice how Capcom's next-gen "Deep Down" kinda seems like a blend of Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma (very underrated)? We've only seen one trailer (which was probably CGI) but it looks pretty cool.

Dlacy13g1765d ago

Deep Down and Dark Souls 2 both seem like they could scratch that same itch. My guess though is Deep Down is more a spiritual successor to Dragons Dogma.

Insomnia_841765d ago

They showed gameplay in that trailer and looks pretty good!

NateCole1765d ago

Except Demon Souls is better than Dark Souls.

Summons751765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

agreed. I've argued this with myself for a long time before coming to terms with Demon Souls. Demon Souls has a better atmosphere, lore (imo of course) and boss battles. WHile I loved Dark Souls' open world feel and deeper gameplay but the boss battles were weak compared to demon souls.

Both amazing games with great experiences

thirtyandnerdy1765d ago

I agree as well. They've patched the game a few times since it come out, but for me Dark Souls just felt a bit more... rushed (note: Demon's Souls also received patches along its course.) Ultimately Dark Souls felt a tad unpolished by comparison to Demon's. Something about Demon's Souls felt perfect to me. I got 98% of the trophies in that game, but with Dark Souls I stopped after one play-through. I'll definitely be giving Dark Souls II a shot though.

Mister_G1761d ago

Dark Souls feels more refined, and Demons Souls had more atmosphere.

It's hard (for me) to decide which is best.

They're both great games! :)

InTheLab1765d ago

Demon's Souls started it all. Shouldn't that be one of the game's that defined a generation?

Harpers_Ferry1765d ago

It's going to be interesting to see how aspects of the Souls series are brought into more games next generation. A lot of games could benefit from similar co-op and PVP options, as opposed to the standard side options for these modes.