1UP Feature: Legion of Suck

1UP writes: "As society grows more and more nerdy, we're forced to break off into nerd subsets to maintain our individuality. Nerds who can't admit they're nerds have fantasy football. Nerds interested in genital atrophy have anime. And nerds simply interested in being awesome dress up in animal suits for sex. Comics, however, suffer from simply being generically nerdy. Which may be why I have an easier time boning a giant human-shaped duck than I do finding a second person who reads comics. Even if no one reads superhero comics, we've agreed as a people that we love superheroes. Every summer a superhero movie breaks box office records, and these movies aren't even good. Every lingerie store in the world sells a Wonder Woman costume, and those come as big as a size 25. Although, honestly, if you're a size 25 and someone's sleeping with you, that person's understanding enough to forgive any underwear choice you make.

In fact, you might as well wear salmon fillets and braise them as you exist. Back to the subject at hand: I've put together a group of terrible superhero games -- heroic titles that have combined their forces into one unstoppable Legion of Suck. I'll discuss each game's role on the team and how it's used its fantastic abilities to make the lives of you and your videogame systems worse. And for the minority of comic readers reading, I'll also rate how well the game captured the original comic -- a rating useless except to show an extra aspect of failure".

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