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Game Over: Why the Console Wars Have Ended

By Jillian Scharr

In George Orwell's dystopian novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four," the world is divided into three megacountries that are constantly at war with one another.

The book  later reveals that the perpetual war is just a pretext to keep the countries' citizens in a state of constant patriotic fervor and to distract them from the real problems plaguing their governments.

This is the point we've reached with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo — makers of the PlayStation, Xbox and Wii consoles, respectively. (Industry, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

ltachiUchiha  +   873d ago
Pretty good read. It definitely seems like all three companies are looking at different areas or should I say focused on different areas. We will find out when all systems are out but microsoft aint making anything easier for themselves. Let the wars begin.
Skarlett   873d ago | Spam
Ya know.... since you've been on n4g, every time I read a new article, i think Ive already commented on it. XD
ltachiUchiha  +   873d ago
Lmao I know what u mean, I scrolled down and thought your comment was me haha. I should change the sharingan.
badz149  +   873d ago
it's still far from game over
as far as the launches are concerned. What MS presented on the 21st are mainly policies and policies can change as they can modified their OS and software to do different things!

but for the XB1 to compete as a tv box? all I can say is good luck as there are MANY MANY more affordable boxes out there and there's no need to pay $60 for XBL on them too to say the least. The competition will be fiercer there and here's hoping for M$ to bring back the XBOX brand where it belongs.
GribbleGrunger  +   873d ago
I agree. I think we have 'related' interests now rather than 'competitive' interest.
Bumpmapping   873d ago | Trolling | show
Supermax  +   873d ago
I think peeps made up there mind before all the reveals don't you honestly.people that have ps3 will buy ps4s and the same goes to Xbox users,some will buy both.so who wins then it stays the same as it is now.
Rusty515  +   873d ago
Actually, the ps3 would have sold a lot more if it wasn't for its terrible launch marketing, launch price, and lack of games for the first two to three years. Yet, they still sold slightly more than Microsoft. If they don't fuck up E3, their launch is certainly gonna give them a headstart and possibly sell significantly better than the X1. Yeah a lot of 360 fans are staying loyal to Microsoft, but I know even the most hardcore 360 fanboys who are actually thinking about switching to ps4. We'll just have to wait till E3. Then that'll decide everything...
skipper  +   872d ago
I had made up my mind that I was getting a PS4. I am not the biggest Microsoft fan, but I was even shocked at the direction Microsoft went. If anything, maybe they should make like a basic version that pretty much only plays games and does what the the 360 does now.
6DEAD6END6  +   873d ago
I'm getting a PS4 day one and just wait for some must have games for the Wii U to get one. As for the Xbox One Godspeed.
PANTHER1030  +   873d ago
PS4 = 4 the love of the game
Tatsuya  +   872d ago
XBone killed by PS4
RIP Xbox One
mamotte  +   872d ago
The console wars ended long time ago, when every company get it's own exclusives. It doesnt even have to be the ones everyone loves. If you want Halo, Forza, or Gears, buy an Xbox. If you want Nintendo, Zelda, Or Smash, buy a Nintendo console. If you want Disgaea, Infamous, or Jojo, buy a PS3. If you really love to play, make an extra effort and buy more than one console. The console "war" is as easy as this.

What isn't ending soon is the stupid fanobys wars, wich just cannot acept other human beings have different tastes than their own.

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