Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on PS Vita is PSN Exclusive, Costs $35.99

Making sure that the PlayStation Vita has a double dose of re-releases on the same day, Sony has announced that Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on Vita will be releasing on June 18th. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1642d ago

Weird decision. I hope they change their minds before launch.

sinncross1642d ago

I think $29.99 would have been a better price point to launch at as. As for digital only in US, I guess you could always import the EU version though it is too bad that it is digital only. That said, digital seems to be doing well for Sony (Yoshida said so, a couple indie devs have said so) so I guess they don't view this as a problem.

dbjj120881642d ago

uhhhh OK. I'll wait for a sale though.

ftwrthtx1642d ago

I think I'd prefer a physical copy. My memory cards are getting wore out.

Jake_the_Dog1642d ago

We need a 64gb card stat!

Minato-Namikaze1642d ago

128 hell lemme get a 256 while they are at it. I need more space dammit, lol

knifefight1642d ago

Jeez, that seems pricey for PSN-only. =/

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