1UP Previews Kenny vs. Spenny

1UP writes: "Kenny vs. Spenny, based on the live-action TV comedy with a minor cult following in Canada, lets you compete in three super-simple minigames to determine the victor of utterly useless and demeaning contests. It's all a bit lowbrow, and kind of gross, but it's supposed to be funny.

Similar to the TV show-turned-game Jackass, humiliation is a recurring theme in Kenny vs. Spenny. Losing (or winning) these challenges subjects you to an image of the characters shoving a rat in their underwear, or eating sushi off each other's behinds. The games themselves are based on episodes from the TV show. In a test of speed, you race rats by moving left and right, gathering cheese while avoiding mousetraps. For a contest of strength, you have to demolish a stack of wooden blocks using nothing more than your crotch. And in an endurance challenge, you must wear a dead octopus on your head, while health-impairing happy faces rain down from above. Don't expect these minigames to make a ton of sense unless you're a die-hard fan of the show, in which case you'll probably appreciate a few of the in-jokes".

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Breakfast3924d ago

Hahaha...Kenny vs Spenny is the best

Diselage3923d ago

I'm sure this will expand the industry. I shutter at the thought of this game.

toolhead4life3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

I like the Kenny vs. Spenny show, but this game just looks horrible.

I've been saying this for a while, but imagine a Trailer Park Boys (another Canadian comedy show, FYI) video game? They could pretty much make anything in there into a mission.

Stop the bottle kids,
Help protect the hashish driveway from Lahey,
Frame Cyrus to get him back in jail,
Clear out all of Ricky's dad's piss jugs from the park before the TV crew shows up to tape their show,
etc. etc. etc.

*Fair warning.. bad language in the video*

KidMakeshift3923d ago

Why on earth is this show getting a game

This looks almost as bad as the Napoleon Dynamite game