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Submitted by Jestrella24 988d ago | video

Killzone Shadow Fall & Call of Duty: Ghosts Video Comparison

DP:"The next generation is nearly upon us, the first two shooters to be previewed on next gen consoles are Killzone: Shadow Fall and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The two titles are part of long time series scheduled to make their PS4 (Killzone exclusive) and Xbox One debuts. In this video comparison I put early footage of both games in a side by side comparison that primarily showcases the environment, textures, and animations they tout." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4, Xbox One)

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Majin-vegeta  +   988d ago | Well said
Lol,not even a contest COD get's murdered in every aspect.
Abash  +   988d ago
I can play CoD: Ghosts on my PS3/360, Killzone: Shadow Fall is a reason to get the PS4 and experience a shooter built to be a true next gen experience
abzdine  +   988d ago
seriously there no room comparison! Killzone blows COD on every aspect just take a look at those colors.
COD looks good though, but just not as powerful as killzone which is exclusive and optimized

killzone > COD
4 > 1
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FATAL1TY  +   988d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall = Next gen

Cod Ghosts = Old Gen
Boody-Bandit  +   988d ago
And let's not forget we are comparing actual in-game graphics (Killzone) with cut scene graphics from COD:Ghost and Killzone still utterly smokes it.
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RevXM  +   988d ago
Well COD is sloppily molded still on top of that "augmented" id tech 3 engine from the 90's, it does also have to scale back and run on previous hardware... Buut however I don think Anyone working over at Activision is giving a rats ass about the graphics in COD and they pretty much said so themselfes in the latest interviews.

COD's non gameplay footage gets stomped by PRE ALPHA KZ SF live gameplay.

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papashango  +   988d ago
Ya it's kinda like how how last gen ps3 exclusives were being compared to Crysis

There's no comparison
Blankolf  +   988d ago
Killzone SF = Next Gen
COD Ghost = Woof Woof xP
Computersaysno  +   988d ago
Killzone is 1080p and 30FPS.

COD is probably 720p and 60FPS at least on Xbox one.
Boody-Bandit  +   988d ago
Considering Infinity Ward is using a modified Quake engine that is over 10 years old? You would think it would be 1080p @ 120fps. It doesn't look good at all and these are the cut scene graphics. The gameplay graphics will look worse.

Activision is going to continue with their spend as little as possible while raking in boat loads of money because of CODs popularity. Whether or not this will hold true next gen is yet to be seen. Personally I'm giving my money to companies that try their best to offer us the best they are capable of putting forth. Not rinse and repeat with a modified engine that's older than MS has been in the gaming industry.

COD fans, which I was one of them, deserve better. Yet some of these developers, Activision being one of them, want to do away with used sales and rentals. IMO they don't deserve that right if this is how they are going to treat us.
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ShinMaster  +   987d ago
COD has to cheat:
inveni0  +   987d ago
Shadow Fall gameplay vs. Ghosts Cinematic Trailer...

This is why MS needed to show gameplay. We have no idea what the system can do.

(Besides TV)
aceitman  +   988d ago
killowned > cod
elhebbo16  +   988d ago
best typo ever
Maddens Raiders  +   988d ago
It's like planet of the apes standing next to King Kong.


maniacmayhem  +   988d ago
Waller  +   988d ago
Are you really comparing the PS4 to the Xbox One by a comparison between an exclusive, first-party title and a cross-platform, third-party title?

Bathyj  +   988d ago
uh, no. He was comparing available footage of Killzone to available footage of CoD.
dale_denton  +   988d ago
COD GHOSTS: Sesame Street
KZ SHADOWFALL: Dave Chappelle's Sesame Street
FlameBaitGod  +   988d ago
People here are fking crazy, that dog looks fking stunning.

Do I really need to add the /s ?
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HammadTheBeast  +   988d ago
Joey0801  +   988d ago
The_Infected  +   988d ago

Haha some idiots disagreed with you. That shows someone has serious eye trouble. Lol
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Lior  +   988d ago
The animator even said they built on the engine not a new engine.
ssj27  +   988d ago
COD fans mentality "cod has dog with a tattoo in his ear and because of that COD>KZSF" hahaha

ps.. PS4 had no bottlenecks know has ONE (at least :( multiplataform games) ... 4>1
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Action GO FIGURE  +   988d ago
What is this video really?

COD looked like it was a slideshow.
Gamer1982  +   987d ago
Agreed plus COD only showed like 4 seconds of actual gameplay at the conference unlike Killzone.. In fact it was the ONLY gameplay we saw at the conference.
Braid  +   987d ago
This is just merciless, throwing COD Ghosts in front of Killzone Shadow Fall like that. It's like Glass Joe stepping up against Mike Tyson, taking the iron fist right on the left eye, and getting knoced out at the first second.
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vigilante_man  +   987d ago
I am surprised Activision allowed MS to throw them to the wolves. It seems cruel.
faysal   988d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
majiebeast  +   988d ago
But does Killzone:SF have mocap dogs with ear tattoo's?

IW:Remember those MW3 dogs well they are gone, they were bad and shit dogs. We now have life like dogs you have never seen a dog like this. You thought the Fable 2 dog was awesome, wait for our dog its a million times better take that Molyneux! Cause ours is based on a mocap dog with a ear tattoo. The story is gonna be amazing around this dog you will cry when it dies after we blow it to pieces in a cutscene.
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Sandmano  +   988d ago
iR_phantasm  +   988d ago
Pintheshadows  +   988d ago
Still not as good as the Dog in Half Life 2.
Jsynn7  +   988d ago
I think Activsion went to Molyneux and asked how to make their story more emtionally gripping. To use a dog to bring emotion to the game is lame. Now, instead of the player being emtionally invested in a well-written story and thoughtfull characters with attractive personalities, they'll constantly worry about the defenseless animal being killed. Uncreative nonsense. Well said, though. +bub
karl  +   988d ago
haha i just logged in after like 4 months to lol at your comments cuz thats exactly what will happen to that poor dog
ltachiUchiha  +   988d ago
Not even a debate. Guerilla has always had better graphics in every killzone game compared to any call of duty game. It will be no different with these 2 games.
ronaldk   988d ago | Spam
Jek_Porkins  +   988d ago
Since this Killzone game looks so good, wonder which people are more likely to buy at launch? Probably COD like with this generation, I think some people might be soured on how Killzone 3 turned out. Even if COD isn't a graphical powerhouse, the games often are fun to play and have a thriving community for years.
thechosenone  +   988d ago
By the way did you see that Bungie is going to debut their amazing new game for the first time EVER at Sony's press conference at E3? Megaton!!!

edit: lol no PS4 version? You did say you were getting one correct?
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Jek_Porkins  +   988d ago
I did see the news for that and I'm very excited! I don't think it's a megaton because it's a multiplatform game that I already have pre-ordered for the Xbox One.
WeAreLegion  +   988d ago
You pre-ordered an Xbox One...

Is there a "He's obviously lying." option?
garos82  +   988d ago
I Respectfully disagree.if this is indeed true, bungee showing it first at Sony's conference which occurs after Microsoft's I might add, is a disastrous blow to their former masters.

this is news to me btw so if anyone has a link/source id appreciate it
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thechosenone  +   988d ago
"World Wide Gameplay Reveal Playstation E3 Press Conference"
MariaHelFutura  +   988d ago
Just because Mcdonalds sells more "food" than other places doesn't mean it's better.
Jek_Porkins  +   988d ago
I agree, I wasn't knocking Killzone as I enjoyed some of the games, just asking a question. Since the term "better" is purely opinion and subjective I guess I didn't expect to ruffle so many feathers.
thechosenone  +   988d ago

it's not that it's that you can sometimes be a bit of debbie downer. You should take a look at some of your previous comments and see how you tend to come off a little passive aggressive and a bit of a wet blanket but not every time you post, just mostly when it has to do with Sony or the PS4 and any of their games. So if you could modulate that just a smidgen that would be great.

Related image(s)
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MariaHelFutura  +   988d ago
Better is only subjective with gameplay, technical aspects are not subjective. Art style is even subjective, again technical aspects are not.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   988d ago
You may fly under the mods radar with your little "stealth" trolling every chance you get, bubble boy.But everyone knows what you're about.

The shtick is getting old.
sway_z  +   988d ago

Loool In a weird sadistic way, I'm glad there are characters like you on N4G....I must be into mental torture but the way you justify anything MS does in the funniest way really makes me giggle :)
Bathyj  +   988d ago
How good the respective games look and play?
Thats what I care about.

How well they sell?
Not my concern.

PS. KZ3 turned out great, If you never played it with a sharpshooter you missed out on something unique. Amazing immersion.
garos82  +   988d ago
thank you someone with a bit of sense. in fact ill go a step further and recommend people to give a try to resistance,mag,killzone 3 with move controls. it really does enhance the experience. the only reason i preferred Killzone 3 to killzone 2 was cause of the move controls. and also the operation maps where alot of fun :)

ive heard move on infamous 2 is pretty decent too but i havent had the chance yet to give it a whirl
Bumpmapping  +   988d ago
I wonder how many people will buy Xbox One at launch? Probably Playstation like this generation.With the Sony havin 100% focus on gamers and AAAA exclusives there platforms have a thriving community for years.
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WeAreLegion   988d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Zefros  +   988d ago
Killzone is probably the best looking game right now, it looks better than bf4,crysis 3,uncharted and the list goes on, But the thing is, alle these games looks better than cod.
ABizzel1  +   988d ago
Y u wanna still my image ;(
ABizzel1  +   988d ago
steal :D
MasterCornholio  +   988d ago
Oh yeah but at least Call Of Duty has a revolutionary AI technology for fish.

Motorola RAZR i
Bathyj  +   988d ago
I know right. They swim away from you. Its like rocket science level stuff here.
animegamingnerd  +   988d ago
shadow fall looks like it has the GC quality pixar movie and its in game while ghosts looks exactly like cod 4
SlapHappyJesus  +   988d ago
There's really no competition here.
Killzone's visuals are far beyond what the new CoD has on offer.
Ghosts isn't much of a leap over past offerings.
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supremacy  +   988d ago
That's because they come out like every 8 months or so, with DLC exclusivity to the highest bidder which in this case its usually MS.

In this world i guess there are 3 things most people look forward to every year. hm why don't i let these people tell you instead.

And there are those who enjoy everything else...
jay2  +   988d ago
Erm. sorry but WHY would you compare a multi-platform old gen game that has to cater to ps3/360 to a next gen one? Wait till something that's multi-plat comes out and compare. In that subject why no WATCH_DOG's........ Oh wait, the more powerful console showed it off.
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garos82  +   988d ago
lol although i feel the malice and sneaky troll attempt at the competition you do have a point. i know the watch dog footage was showcased on a pc with "ps4 specs" but it still was shown on sony's side.

microsoft had the opportunity to smite the naysayers with the reveal and blew it.
merciless  +   988d ago
The sheep will buy cod but I'm a gamer, not a sheep. Ghosts is tied to a inferior machine with inferior graphics and capabilities.

Truth be told battlefields new next gen "Frostbite engine" made their 10min gameplay look way better than Ghosts pre rendered cinematics @ the ms reveal.

I hope and pray they stay tied to ms and ms sells next to nothing. Because then, Sony will step in with KZ and BF and knock the lackluster rinse and repeat COD off it's undeserved pedestal
#11 (Edited 988d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ame22  +   988d ago
No contest here, Ghosts for sure, I mean look at those dead eyes KZ:SF has got nothing on them. (/s)
TheRacingX  +   988d ago
.....and Killzone isnt even using the full RAM allotment in that demo/trailer....there is only 1/2 at work there
NateCole  +   988d ago
Yes KZ looks better but COD is still more smooth with 60FPS.

I am disappointed that they have not managed to get KZSF up to 60fps. Hopefully they will get it there someday.

I guess i am just use to PC gaming. No question though CODG graphics looks current gen.
Sevir  +   988d ago
COD runs at 60 frames on current gen. it isnt saying much. Thats why NO One was impressed with COD:Ghost.

The franchise is as stale as ever, the engine while upgraded already looks dated when you look at Both Battlefield 4 and KZ:Shadow Fall. and we havent even seen what Battlefield 4 looks like on the PS4 and Xbox One, My guess is that KZ:Shadow Fall beats the panties of both of those on the console space.
PCfan4life  +   986d ago
battlefield 4s graphics and all frostbite 3 engine graphics are overrated they aim for photorealism for graphics they are garbage
MaximusPrime_  +   988d ago
People please.. COD got dogs!! With animals, it must be better than Killzone!

jk :P
Taker_129  +   988d ago
Killzone definitely looks fantastic and i will most likely be picking it up with my ps4. Ghost on the other hand is pretty, but generic looking. I'll probably pick up Ghost when it's $29.99.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   988d ago
Ouch!!!!!!!!! KILLZONE 'Shadow Fall' wipes the floor with Cod Ghost LMFAO!!!!!!
Yodagamer  +   988d ago
I'm not surprised kill zone looked better, cod ghost reminded me of nothing more than the best 30 fps game on current gen but at 60 fps albeit with some upgrades
InTheLab  +   988d ago
When has CoD ever looked better than any Killzone? Next gen will be no different...

50% more powerful indeed..
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Prcko  +   988d ago
Killzone wins bigtime,PS4!!!
sourav93  +   988d ago
Forget Killzone:Shadowfall, from the Ghosts footage shown, it looks like even Killzone 2/3 look better than the new CoD.
younglj01  +   988d ago
Wow great comparison too think an "next-gen" title couldn't surpass an last-gen "exclusive" title.
kneon  +   988d ago
That's no surprise. When they were explaining the new features during the x1 reveal it seemed like they were listing off stuff that we already saw in kz2.
younglj01  +   988d ago
Lol the fact that an dog and moving fish is all I see people talking about online means this comparison was already won by default?
Blankolf  +   988d ago
It's not even far killzone to cod, it's like 4>1, besides cod not being a xbox exclusive there's that also, but even being on PS, not worth the purchase... Woof Woof ehheh
KillrateOmega  +   988d ago
From a technical standpoint, it's pretty obvious that CoD is the less impressive of the two considering that current-gen systems can handle it. On the other hand, Killzone SF is exclusive and optimized for the PS4, which is next-gen.
ghostrider32  +   988d ago
-_- Comparing a 3rd party to a 1st party. Just stop it.
ShadowL9  +   988d ago
You can compare a first party KZ and a third party Battlefield 4 and you get a much closer competition in graphics. CoD Ghosts can't compete with either in the graphics department.
KingKevo  +   988d ago
Just the two videos playing right next to each other...

See I do not have a problem with comparisons, but they should be done better, for example paying attention to certain things like lighting, faces, physics, shaders, distance textures, etc.. But this is just a video with both games next to each other focusing on NOTHING. Bad video that makes no sense to me. Definately a WTF? rating.
xtreampro  +   988d ago
There is no possible way that COD:G is a next-gen game, since the reveal I've been wondering whether it's a current-gen game because it looks worse than the Alpha version of BF4 and looks like a slight upgrade from Black Ops 2.

How Activison can get away with this is beyond me.
sashimi  +   988d ago
Call of duty can't even look better than KZ 2 and its worthy enough to be compared to KZ:SF? lol gtfo
LOL_WUT  +   988d ago
This comparison is a facepalm
turgore  +   988d ago
COD ghost looks NASTY
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