Halo 3: Heroic Map Pack Trailer (Free on March 25th)

Bungie has just announced that the Heroic Map Pack will be free on Tuesday, March 25th. Along with the announcement a trailer for the map pack has been released.

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Delt43892d ago

i like how there is always personality in bungies videos.

Glad to be a gamer3892d ago

Have to say since playing halo 3 online i finally get what all the fuss was about. cracking game.

Breakfast3892d ago

ive never heard 'cracking' before to describe something. I guess its one of those new things like 'thats hot'

Im pissed they didnt show the last map today :( ...cmon lockout

HarryEtTubMan3892d ago

LOL no one is buying this...thats why its already free so fast

Delt43892d ago

or it could be that the new maps come out soon, not to mention the want theres free before COD4 puts theres out for a price

MasterChief28293892d ago

They stated even before they were released in December that they would be free in Spring 08. Stop talking out of your ass.

Cherchez La Ghost3892d ago

The reason why it's free is because their in competition with COD 4. You gotta love it!! Compete for the consumer!!!!

TrevorPhillips3892d ago

finally i cant wait to get my hands on these maps :)

TrevorPhillips3892d ago

even gears of war maps where free but microcock told them to make it for money f*kin microcock stop being so cheap. ohh and give me my faceplate back you stealers

FordGTGuy3892d ago

back to Microsoft when the sheet of paper clearly says to put your original faceplate on? That alone shows how demented you really are.

BTW Microsoft is the publisher of Gears of War and had full rights to their DLC pricing.

FirstknighT3892d ago

Great video! So much fun crammed in that lil disc. Griftball was a blast. Love them gametypes and maps created by Forge.

Breakfast3892d ago

play customs griftball...and instead of hammers use snipers or needlers...thats fun as hell

FirstknighT3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Actually one of my favorite gametypes is one I created myself. It's similiar to a level and gametype I used to play in Unreal 2004. Level Foundry. CTF. No shields. Battle Rifle unlimited ammo. Respawn time 3 seconds. Speed Maxed out. And Gravity lowerd all the way down.

PS. I can't believe somebody had the patience to created a house, a spaceship, and UNICRON using Forge. WOOOOW!

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The story is too old to be commented.