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Submitted by Sandmano 993d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One? More like Xbox None: MS blew the Xbox 720 reveal on every conceivable level

After watching Microsoft’s Xbox One unveil this afternoon, Extremetech came away with one overwhelming impression: Redmond doesn’t understand its audience anymore. If the company is going to fix this mess it’s just made for itself, it’s going to need the best damned E3 in the history of video gaming. The problem with the Xbox One launch isn’t that the features Microsoft announced are bad, it’s with the ocean of things Microsoft didn’t say. (Xbox One)

Sandmano  +   993d ago
I believe even though they redeem themselves by showing games at E3 it is too late, the damage has been done.
Maddens Raiders  +   993d ago
"Redmond doesn’t understand its audience anymore. If the company is going to fix this mess it’s just made for itself, it’s going to need the best damned E3 in the history of video gaming."

What do you think? Can they pull of the best damned E3 in the history of video gaming? That's one hell of a tall order.
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Sandmano  +   993d ago
I dont think so, because if you want the best E3 in the history of gaming your competitors have to have a really bad showing and Sony wont let that happen.
Skips  +   993d ago
If the past 3-4 E3's and first 30 minutes of their official reveal are anything to go by. It's not looking good...

We'll have to wait and see just what KIND of exclusives they'll show.


"and Sony wont let that happen."

combined with nothing but 3rd party praise and support, indies, Free to play, MMO devs etc. on board...

Damn straight...
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loulou  +   993d ago
this is getting silly now. i didn't see the part where they confirmed that it no longer played games..

i think you all have made sony proud with your determined attack on the xbox. but i do think that you should until e3 is over before you pop the bubbly..

if it is all kinect, and sony aren't involved in this drm business. then yes xbox will be in trouble. until then though, it is a little premature to celebrate
ape007  +   993d ago
that's your dream
dedicatedtogamers  +   993d ago
This was an event prepared (and even delayed by a month) by Microsoft. Every. Single. Word that was said during the conference was planned. Every. Single. Word that was NOT said during the conference was planned.

What offends me is Microsoft put all this planning in and PLANNED to not talk about games. I have been told "wait for E3" since 2009. I didn't fall for it then and I'm not buying it now.

The sad thing is this: this is all true. I believe Microsoft REALLY IS leveraging what remains of their core fanbase in order to compete with Google TV and Apple TV and other similar boxes. The natural reaction is "'s no WAY Microsoft could be doing this", but they are.
loulou  +   993d ago
come on. i aint defending microsoft, but ofcourse they planned it like that. they showed their extra features so they an concentrate on the games at e3. does sound like it could be possible or not?

why would they show all their games 2 weeks before the biggest game expo of the year? then have nothing new to bring?

as i said above, this is getting silly.
3sexty rulzzz  +   993d ago
This sad day for xbox loyalist like myself...
they used us, the gamers as an anchor to compete with google and apple, all while giving us the middle finger. no more will I be loyal to xbox because its not a gaming system but something microsoft is using to compete with companies other than sony and nintendo. In the end you get an inferior product because the other competing companies are focusing on games and ty and set-top-box for you entertainment.
tehpees3  +   993d ago
I don't care what they show at E3. No game will have me put up with used fees. When this flops the publishers on board will just backpedal to the other systems.
NextGen24Gamer  +   993d ago
What damage has been done? I'm confused at your way of thinking. LOL

Are you serious?

The sky is falling!

Who really believes that, except sony fanboys? And if any MS fanboys have decided to jump ship, E3 will most definately bring those guys back.

E3 doesn't need to be mind blowing to keep their core fans happy! Gamers just need to see games that they want to play and it's a wrap!

It's not that complicated. Only Sony Fanboys say it's too late and damage has been done. That's exremely hopefull thinking! LOL

All this nonesense spewed by fanboys reminds me of the ps3 and 360 launches. I swear it's the same BS.

All xbox fanboys need to see is that the games they love will be on the xbox one and that the games will look and play amazing! That's it!

Sony fanboys got to see games in the sony reveal...and they are excited and rightfully so!

MS will give the gamers what they want at E3 and all will be good!

I will buy both consoles as I always do and enjoy the games that I want to play!

It must suck to be broke and a blind fanboy! Games are meant to be played and enjoyed. Both companies have games that I want to play and I certainly don't want to be left out of one experience simply because I can't afford the other!
kneon  +   993d ago
They totally screwed up the reveal and that has damaged the brand.

The new console implements some onerous restrictions and rather than being forthright about what you can and can't do with the games you've bought they've tried to divert questions and avoid giving a straight answer.

Even if they change course and fix all the issues they've shown their true intentions and have pissed off a lot of people. That's not going to be fixed by promising a few new games.
ronaldk   993d ago | Spam
rainslacker  +   993d ago
Here's how the real world works. These events take a massive amount of planning. They aren't thrown together a week beforehand. By now, all the people that will present at the show know they will present. They know what they'll say. They know what they'll show. They even have back-up plans in case something goes wrong at the show.

Now a few things could change here or there, but MS does not have the time to do a complete redesign of a show. They will show what they originally wanted to. The things that will change will be to address anything that may have come out from the reveal based on feedback from the community. Based on what's been seen so far, that would take quite a bit of time, so their option is to either ignore the feedback, or continue on their original course of being focused on games.

Unless MS already had an amazingly awesome show prior to their reveal, their E3 isn't going to be that spectacular. The games may be awesome, but at the moment, people aren't even focusing on the games. They want to know about the other stuff. MS has in effect completely done the opposite of what they hoped to achieve with the reveal. They wanted people to focus on the new features and discuss them. They wanted people to be waiting to see what awesome games they would be announcing. None of that is happening right now.
BlindGuardian  +   993d ago
I really don't have any bias, but if it were posible I would love to have a single console that would cover most of my gaming needs

this gen Ps3 came close but games like Witcher 2, Alan Wake, Gears trilogy, Halo 4 and Left 4 Dead made getting a second console necessary, and I though that that will be the case next gen so I already had a 1000 bucks put aside to buy both new consoles this holiday

but now it really seems that the PS4 is all I'll need, I have absolutely zero interest in anything that's not gaming related in consoles, except blu ray movies playback but the PS3 already does that

it's possible that I might end up getting the Xbox one maybe in a few years when there will be maybe 4 or 5 exclusives that I would like to play and after a price drop, but it will probably be just to scracht an itch, in reality PS4 is all I'll need
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Relientk77  +   993d ago
I agree with this, especially because the only exclusive they showed us so far was Quantum Break, which looks like Beyond: Two Souls on PS3, which is coming out later this year.
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Sandmano  +   993d ago
The xbox ones showing was a success if you love watching TV. It left gamers wanting, the question is if the market they are targeting will buy into it.
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warewolfSS  +   993d ago
ha ha dude. it was a HARDWARE preview. relax. E3 is in 2 weeks, you think people arent gong to buy a new xbox?
Kayant  +   993d ago

But I saw some games (well cgi trailers) so....
PurpHerbison  +   993d ago
"Xbox One? More like Xbox None"

Come on now, step up your creativity. That one is already soooo washed up. I personally like the whole, "Microsoft failed to take ONE step outside of the BOX." Cause well... that is exactly what they failed to do.
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Bumpmapping  +   993d ago
The damage is done what ever chance they had to compete with the PS4 is gone.
Majin-vegeta  +   993d ago
Honestly I think Sony really did catch them off guard.HOW DO YOU F*CK UP YOUR PRESENTATION THIS BADLY??

I swear M$ you're more retarded than when peter forgets how to sit down.
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M-M  +   993d ago
The fact that they had to push it back a month makes it even worse.
maniacmayhem  +   993d ago
I think they can pull off the best E3. Lets face it, everyone's (mostly) hopes are low and dashed to the rocks. There's no where to go but up and if MS can show off some very good new games then yes they might have a chance.

The only way they can blow E3 is if every game they show is Kinect Zumba fitness. And that is highly, highly doubtful.

Give me a Crackdown 3, Perfect Dark and a 3D/2D Conker platform game and i'll be impressed.
PurpHerbison  +   993d ago
They will definitely have something for E3, that is for sure.
Foxgod  +   993d ago
I think its still appealing, because of Remedy, Rare, Lionhead and Turn10.
I am getting an X1 for the games, unless E3 changes my mind.
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warewolfSS  +   993d ago
foxgod, still lurking on this website huh..

nice to see some voice of reason still on this site.
Foxgod  +   993d ago
Current gen got a bit stale to me, so i lost my appetizer to discuss it.
Having the Next gen on the horizon put me in the mood again.
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warewolfSS  +   993d ago
yeah i was on here years ago and got sick of the fanboy shit.
Skynetone  +   993d ago
ms forgot to mention, there is no silver account and if your not paying for live, the Blu-ray player wont work for movies and your games wont play until your a live member
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porter470  +   993d ago
where have they said that? that's right they haven't.
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sway_z  +   993d ago

MS are doing bad enough with the PR, so there really is no need to make up silly immature lies dude.

Provide a link or STFU.....
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InSpectre  +   993d ago
Good point. I wonder how much this device will be restricted if you don't have a live subscription.
sway_z  +   993d ago
It's not MS I feel sorry for, it's the fan base who committed.

I'm happy they have other options though...PS4, Wii U, PC....heck even a PS3 is still worth getting at this point.
KillrateOmega  +   993d ago
It Still Boggles My Mind How Stupid MS's Plans Are
Why would you not show off all your games at your reveal, a time when you'll the media's full attention? Why wait until E3 where you'll have to directly compete with Sony and Nintendo for the attention of the attending audience?

Honestly, were TV, sports, celebrity advertising, Skype, and other entertainment apps so very important that you had waste 75% of your reveal event on them?

Now they've basically forced themselves to have to completely dominate E3 in order to really win back the gamers.

I'm 19 yo and I could've put together a better plan than them...
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loulou  +   993d ago
and then what? shoot your load quickly like a 19yr old, and have nothing for e3
Rageanitus  +   993d ago
The xbox is a gaming machine at its core... as a consumer I am buying a console for gaming.

All the other features are "nice" and all but it just ain't a selling point for most console buyers.

Spending a great deal of the presentation on these features just shows that they are swaying away from the core purpose of the Xbox! I admit I prefer the PS3 over the Xbox, but it was not too long ago wher ethe Xbox fanboys emphasized xbox was gaming this and gaming that.

What happened now! If i were an xbox fan i would be actually furious, but hey they have been pushing Kinect for the past 2 years down ppl's throat.
KillrateOmega  +   993d ago
Yup. Because by showing their games off a bit, they would have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show at E3. Everything about the games, including live gameplay demonstrations would be out of the picture. Because everything must be in absolutes with no middle ground.


By your logic, Sony therefore must have already shot their load and now has little to show at E3.
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amiga-man  +   993d ago
They would have to reverse every stupid decision they have just announced and announce a hatfull of amazing games for me to even care, since the stupid decisions will remain the games are irrelevant .

Also charging for online would also have to change which of course will never happen.
smashcrashbash  +   993d ago
What I am amazed about is after Microsoft planned and delayed their reveal for so long how bad it was.And people had the nerve to say Sony's own was bad.And now that it stunk suddenly its 'It's okay they will have more at E3' Where was that kind of understanding when people were running around screaming how Sony was unprepared and had an invisible console and how their console must be dull looking and ugly? Microsoft steps up with one of the worst console reveals in history with a dull and ugly looking console and people still jump to their defense. Of course they will do better at E3. They will have to.Once you do your worst it is easy to get better.They CAN'T do any worst.How many times do we say who cares about the reveal it was all about the games only to be told we are on full damage control? It's amazing how the two faced people have each other's back when they are ready.And the next step is for them to deny they ever said anything about the PS4's reveal. First comes excuses, then defense, then denial.Par for the course.
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ronaldk   993d ago | Spam
Rageanitus  +   993d ago
The only thing I found great was teh Gestures.... other than that it was pretty much myeh.
PirateThom  +   993d ago
Again, my confusion at people's annoyance now sticks. Why have people not been annoyed at Microsoft for the past 3 or 4 years?

The disappointment and annoyance and confusion people are feeling now is definitely warranted but, look at it properly.

Microsoft have already abandoned games, the 360 is little more than a glorified media box with games being supplied by third parties. Once they got rid of the blades and towards the NXE, they moved their entire focus. Media content has been a higher priority than games, social interaction has been a higher priority than games, Kinect has been a higher priority than games.

Slowly, but surely.

The 360 was never more successful than when they went full Kinect/casual/media and people kept buying it and they kept paying for live and they kept accepting the Halo/Gears/Forza/Fable cycle of releases.

If you complain about the XBone and didn't complain about the 360's lacklustre performance over the past few years or you touted sales instead of games or you defended these choices, you are the reason the XBone exists.
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BitbyDeath  +   993d ago
Online fees were bad enough now with extra gaming fees, requiring an online connection and the ability to spy on you 24/7 I think the ACCC should get involved and not let it be put on shelves.
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Morgue  +   993d ago
I didn't care for the reveal that much and they didn't say anything that I really wanted to know. With all these new fangled services, what is the cost of Xbox Live going to be?
mochachino  +   993d ago
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