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It's OK To Not Be Backwards Compatible

CCC says: "Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have been revealed and, sadly, it looks like neither of them are going to be backwards compatible. Yes, this includes every digitally distributed title and every piece of DLC that you have. Sony has announced that you may, eventually, be able to play previous PlayStation titles via their new Gaikai streaming service, while Microsoft is still keeping tightlipped about how the Xbox One will handle previous Xbox titles. However, it looks like both consoles won’t come packaged with backwards compatibility right out the gate." (Culture)

PSVita  +   414d ago
I think it totally ok for the systems not to be BC. I mean I'd be nice but when I buy a next-gen machine I'm ready for some next-gen games.
darthv72  +   414d ago
as an advocate for BC
i know there has to come a time when the past needs to be let go of.

BC is just such a convenience that people became accustomed to with the PS2 supporting PS1 and then you had GBA supporting GB/GBC games.

You have to also think that having BC is a benefit at a new platforms release if the launch library is not as diverse or expansive. So having those previous gen games be playable really is a bonus to the consumer.

but i get it....you cant keep supporting the past forever. So just remember not to throw out that ps3 or 360. In the case of the wii-u...yeah that is a good thing it supports the wii games. It was like a direct replacement in my game center.
PSVita  +   414d ago
I agree but if everyone's playing there old games then why do they need take a chance and buy a new one. Games probably wouldn't sell too well in the beginning resulting in lack of confidence from devs.
kneon  +   414d ago
There is an alternative that could be implemented though. You could package up the core guts of a console, basically the motherboard minus drives and most if not all ports and make it an add on to the new console. You could then connect it via a high speed interface such as thunderbolt.

Prior-gen games would execute on the add on but make use of the storage, drives and ports on the new console. They could even potentially sell such a box to allow PC gamers to play old games on their PC. Such a device could be sold for under $100 and still be profitable.
chrismichaels04  +   414d ago
@PSVita - I totally agree with you. I never bought into all the "backward compatible" doom and gloom excuse some people used to bash Sony over the years.

Nov 2006 - "PS3 isnt backward compatible? Fail"

Feb 2013 - "PS4 isnt backward compatible? Fail"

May 2013 - "Xbox One isnt backward compatible? Its Ok"

anyone else notice a pattern?
PSVita  +   414d ago
Yeah it not so bad. It's a totally different system from the ps3s CELL so it's either, raise the price to include BC or let it go and keep the price reasonable. On another note I hope the ps4 has a bundle that doesn't come with all the extra like the camera and headset so people can have a cheaper option.
jc48573  +   414d ago
when nothing interests you what do you do, though? I tend to go back to old games of the past. Yes, I'm going backwards, but hey, those games kicked so much ass.
PSVita  +   414d ago
Totally with you there. Ill suck not being able to have my one system and all my game together but I'm hanging on to my ps3 until it dies so I'm not worried about it too much. Also if the ps4 could play ps3 games people would sell there ps3s right. So there would be a flood of trade ins which GS would turn around a try and sell again. Meaning no NEW ps3 sell or profit for Sony. Opposite of the ps2 situation where they barely stopped making them.
syphon32  +   414d ago
Not when there still releasing games for the current gen system, that are great. It's redundant.
PSVita  +   414d ago
However they did mention BC through Gaikai.
syphon32  +   414d ago
@Psvita, true, but thats Sonys bag even
if they're just blowing smoke, they considered the gamer somewhat. Whereas Ms just said,f#$k the gamer. Don't care if you just spent 60 bucks on destiny or AC 4 for the 360, which are also releasing on the X1.. Redundant
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jjb1981  +   414d ago
Me too, I don't mind holding onto my old systems
Theyellowflash30  +   414d ago
Bullshit....consoles should be backwards compatible. Stop damage controlling the situation. This system doesn't play used games, is always online, doesn't play Xbox 360 games, and is a glorified TV box that charges you $50 a year to play online games.

F*ck Microsoft, you suck balls
adorie  +   414d ago
Neither console is going to have BC. Honestly, I think it's better that way. Keep your old system and take care of it. PS4 will have BC via Gaikai,I'm hearing,so BC will be here in the form of streaming PS3 games, which I am hoping translates into streaming to Vita.
Theyellowflash30  +   414d ago
And you probably have to pay for Gaikai streaming. Why can't I just play my PS3 games on my PS4?

I can play Wii games on Wii U. I can play PS1 games on PS2, and I can play Gamecube games on Wii, I can play DS games on 3DS.

BC is a big issue, The Xbox One is a piece of shit, and is a glorified TV box, will they have games? Yes, but all the other stuff could have went into more games, instead it's going into football and other junk.
Why o why  +   414d ago
Im more concerned that the ps4 I will be getting won't be bc. I've been given reasons why, which had something to do with the different architecture, but theres no way I'm purchasing an ugly super slim ps if my current station dies. Ill be left with no choice but to repair it but that still doesn't change the fact I didn't want to have both the ps3 and 4 plus my other devices under my tv. Its too crowded. I dont fancy having to repurchase the cloud versions of the games I've already purchased either. Vex
Chapter11  +   414d ago
Its okay with me too, seeing as how I'm very much leaning towards skipping next generation entirely so far.
Cam977  +   414d ago
Why would you do that? Life is too short to miss out on ~10 years of gaming.
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tehpees3  +   414d ago
Its not that big a deal but there are some who wouldn't upgrade so quickly if they don't have access to their older games. Playing 360 games wouldn't only mean you can play your entire collection but it also means any 360 games Xbox One won't get next year are playable. Since it can't play them XBOne won't have access to some games that won't get on the console next year.
Jek_Porkins  +   414d ago
Wonder if Nintendo will follow suit? They have an entire original Wii inside the Wii U, maybe it would cut the cost? Something to think about.
turnerdc  +   414d ago
I would love to have BC...but it's not a deal breaker.
maniacmayhem  +   414d ago
It's not ok, both systems are selling for dirt cheap. Both companies have said (or hinted) that manufacturing these consoles is next to nothing. How much would it really cost to put in a chip or two in their next gen cases to just play an older game?

Especially for 360 which was easy to develop for and closer to PC tech than the PS3 was.
McScroggz  +   414d ago
To put in backwards compatibility for the Xbox One they would have to install a separate internal HD for the Xbox 360's OS to run off of. Does the XBO really need 4 OSes???

And the PS3's Cell architecture is way different than x86 AND the PSOne and PS2's architecture. It's just way too complicated, time consuming, resource draining and expensive for no gain. If anything backwards compatibility can hurt initial sales. If somebody buys a PS4 but it has BC then they might only get the one game they really want and just play older games for a while.
maniacmayhem  +   414d ago
Yes it does need 4 OS especially since I haven't played nearly as many of the games this gen that I wanted too and still will. And yes I could keep my old system but where is the convenience in that. And trying to have shelf space for my 360 and the One under my TV??
And who knows how big the ps4 will be next to my 60 gig Fat.

How would BC hurt initial sales when the company is supporting both systems? I never believed the whole cannibalism term a lot of these companies throw out there.

I agree with the time and resource draining but expensive? I doubt it would be that big of hit (if any) hit that they couldn't recover from easily. And especially if games for the older system are still being released to retail along side their newer BC system? Eventually the older games will faze out as the newer games start to trickle in more and more. The games for the launch system won't be too many anyways to set the next gen on fire at launch so why not take advantage of early adoption for these new system while keeping the old systems eco system going?
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Why o why  +   414d ago
Wow maniac, you've said something I agree with today..mind blow

@mc scroggz... better for them, not us. Nothing wrong with playing old games....you may as well condone them dropping support for their old system just so they can sell the new one quicker like microsoft did with the xbox to 360. If they carged an extra 50 quid I'd still buy it. The original ps3 had bc then they took it out. Maybe they could do something similar and take the hit if even for a shorter period so those who really really want bc have a greater incentive to be an early adopter. Still anti consumerish but I'd take that....I've already taken worse.
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maniacmayhem  +   414d ago
You didn't agree with anything I said from today until now?? What about yesterday? I know you had to of agreed with me then right?

McScroggz  +   414d ago
I get what you are saying, I'd love backwards compatibility for the convenience. But pricing is very important, it's one of the main reasons the PS3 struggled early. To a lot of people an extra 50 quid might make them want to wait - just like the PS3. And if they included it without upping the price that can cause a huge reduction in profits. Sony tried including BC, and while there were problems that overshadowed the launch it didn't seem to result in more sales, so why take the loss in potential revenue?
McScroggz  +   414d ago
Honestly I don't have a problem at all with no backwards compatibility. I don't trade in consoles. The only thing I'm worried about is my 60GB PS3 can't begin to hold all my digital content, but I really don't need 250GB of PS3 stuff on my PS4 :/
oof46  +   414d ago
I've owned an NES, SNES, Playstation, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360. Only the PS2 was backwards compatible and I played maybe a total of 10 minutes of ps1 games on it.

No BC is not a deal breaker, but Mattrick should not have said what he said. It sounded so...condescending.
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memots  +   414d ago
i remember this being a big deal last gen ... oh how the table have turned. My pc still plays the game i bough in 1994 for crying out loud.
McScroggz  +   414d ago
With mods and potential issues :P

Oh those mods that erase your system :D
hiptanaka  +   414d ago
Let the individual user decide if a lack of backwards compatibility is ok or not, ok pal?
Mr_Nuts  +   414d ago
The only reason I've accepted Sony with the PS4 is because we all know the architecture in the PS3 is totally different from the PS4. I mean the PS3's architecture was alien to most developers at first so not being able to play games based around that kind of stuff on the PS4 which has totally different insides is understandable in a way

It was either BC but having a hard to develop for console like the PS3 or have the PS4 as what we have now.
InTheLab  +   414d ago
Interesting....because it was criminal up until Tuesday of this week...
dcbronco  +   414d ago
Lack of backwards compatibility is one of the dumbest things a console maker can do. With BC the older console may be given to a younger sibling or relative. That means the potential for selling a game twice. They forgo adding a ten dollar chip that would be made up on any one title.

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