X-Blades - 17 New Screens

SouthPeak Games announced it is bringing X-Blades, previously known as Oniblade, a third-person, anime-style action/adventure to North America. Your heroine wields two magical blades that can be used as swords or guns, and has magical abilities, all of which are upgradeable. Via WorthPlaying.

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poopface13919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

never heaard of it.

"The main heroine is a beautiful girl, hunting for treasures and artifacts which dower the possessor with destructive magic skills"

wooooow, im totaly renting this game.

WTF is "dower"

zainkis3918d ago

xD felt like squall' weapon :3, might...get it if i ever decide to get a 360 xD

GutZ313918d ago

Looks like a Heavenly Sword rip off, as well as a "sex sells" offering.

Two things that do not make me want to buy it.
That, and the fact that the graphics are reminiscent of last gen gaming, it seems a step back to the dark ages of gaming.
Then again, a great story, and flawless gameplay are what counts.
That is, if this can even handle the great story part.

TheWickedOne3918d ago

Sweet, nice find.

I'll probably pick it up used somewhere, whenever it comes out.