Xbox One: A collection of the best memes on the interwebs

This is a collection of the most hilarious Xbox One internet memes around.

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KillrateOmega1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Whenever someone screws up, you can always count on someone else to make a meme and rub salt in their wounds.

I love the internet :)

MariaHelFutura1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

This is the best one. It sums up everything perfectly in a few seconds.

Why o why1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Yeah, thats been one of the funniest ones. I saw an airport one... it was more like a movie than a gif or meme

darthv721853d ago

if i interpret it like it is shown...

xb1 is faster than the ps4 and both just pass up the wii-u. And to keep the ps4 from passing the xb1, xb1 intentionally jumps out to slow it down?

it is a funny clip though.

KillrateOmega1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )


Ah, yes, this one. This one is one of my favorites thus far XD

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Cam9771853d ago

Aah, the Internet. The place in which anybody can enjoy themselves. This isn't real. We're talking and seeing a code that isn't real.

Arai1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

That dog hahaha, oh god I get tears in my eyes every time I see it.

CoD: Ghosts got a dog, Destiny has space tigers haha

-GametimeUK-1853d ago

No matter if this console is successful or not, I am glad we have had an event that has allowed the people to come up with awesome memes. It is like Sony E3 2006 all over again.

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